Debate: Atheist vs Christian (Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal George Pell)

Debate: Atheist vs Christian (Richard Dawkins vs Cardinal George Pell)

01:07 Question 1 – 01:45 Richard Dawkins – 03:34 George Pell 05:22 Question 2 – 5:50 Richard Dawkins 07:10 Question 4 – 7:25 Richard Dawkins – 8:10 George Pe…



VeganAtheist says:
Jesse Rudolph says:

For someone to even approach the question of existence, they must consider
the ‘domain of existence’. I can write a proof for the existence of objects
less than 10 in the domain of ‘natural numbers’. I can show you proof of
the existence of sasquatch in the domain of ‘grainy old photos’. Mostly
because I understand something of the domain of their existence. Sasquatch
exists in one domain, and n < 10 exist in a wholly different sort of domain. So before we even BOTHER with asking about existence directly, we must first decide on where a good place is to look. If atheists are looking around under rocks and in telescopes, and christians are looking in some spiritual symbolism (god is the word... etc), then they are not even talking about the same kinds of object, much less the same object. If you do not think things from different domains of existence'(like numbers and celestial bodies) interact, then you are essentially saying that things like mathematics have no bearing on reality. Existence is not a single unambiguous concept.

jon Bourgeois says:

0:40:29 swing and a miss

HackersSun says:

yo aethiets COME AND GET MEH.

well more to say…

what conclusions did you come to that made you decide there was no god? ._.
or.. actions of the the religious?

David Wang says:

dumb christian doesn”t know what he is talking about, he probably searched
up “fancy scientific words that Richard Dawkins doesn’t understand” and i
can explain how you can get everything we know of from nothing Christians,
clam down, search up on youtube “Soap Bubbles and free universes” and click
the first result

Zigi Samblak says:

What I get from this is that people that feel a need to hang on to religion
even when there are better explanations for why the world exists that are
actually supported by evidence is they feel a deep insecurity in the reason
for their being and in their fellow humans. “If we don’t believe in God, we
could be killing each other.”. I’m glad humans are starting to have enough
confidence in themselves to escape the harmful grasp of religion.

walterygor says:

12:18 “why” is a silly question??? come on!!!!!!! that is the question
EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING has asked themselves since the beginning of time.
It seems very “convenient” for a scientist to deem as silly the very
question science has not been able to answer. This debate goes to the
Cardinal. Case closed.

Twitche says:

0:06:55 “I get my morals from “Game Of Thrones”
0:18:31 “Did a man whoe believes in a magic sky fairy just accuse another
man of hallucinating??”
0:47:48 Hahah.. Damn.
0:56:17 to 0:58:31 Me too Richard. Mr. Pell contradicted himself hardcore.
That face.. Either he came to a realization, or he was like oh sh*, whoops.

Karim Sofian says:

when someone said “”oh why can’t everybody be good to one another”” I
think that he lacks affection and needs some assistant from a doctor
because we can find people that have no faith that do wrongs and injustice
so what’s the problem with that ??

JAck Sprat says:

Well, it seems like the Vatican is a place that issues their highest job
titles to complete ignoramuses.

brett smith says:

I got here just because I said im an atheist in a comment section IM GLAD I

Johnny Oldtimer says:

I have noticed that there is nothing but negative comments about Chopra
suggesting an orchestrated efforts by atheists to discredit him. The 95 %
who are spiritual appear to be bored, and the 5% of atheists who are
following a false messiah cant accept that they are on a road going

Tide Vang says:

And of course religions dose not make the world a better place, in fact
religions never did any good deeds. Religions is all about slavery and
empower. Religions is no more than a fairytales. 

Colin Clarke says:

The text at the bottom at 10:28 is ridiculous

WannaHaveABetterLife says:

Religion is about Belief , not Faqs . that is the job of Science

Titan Rem says:

waste of time……….

Napsın Gariban says:

Deizm and Atheizm are the best for Humanity

james fenton says:

love how the priest said Christianity changed room into not having slaves
and treating women better even though slavery was huge not just in
american,which in the time most slave owners believed in god and btw the
bible does say slaves are ok 

Mike Bethany says:

I love that the bishop states a bunch of things we know are wrong:
inequality, slavery, genocide. And yet the Bible not only supports those
things but explicitly demands they be done and gives instructions on how to
perpetuate the evil.

Why not ask WHY the Bible supports such evil before believing in it?

Prudence Leung says:

I think religion and science are two different domains of human endeavors.
One does not necessarily contradict the other. I believe they can coexist
and even contribute to each other. Google “Non-Overlapping Magisteria”. 

Sam Hill says:

I came into this debate un-biased and open minded accepting their opinions
only by their reasoning and quite frankly George Pell embarrassed himself
here, he quite clearly didn’t fully grasp what dawkins was saying sometimes
and it’s quite frustrating to watch

Gary B says:

funny, they loaded up the audience w catholics but still lost by a
landslide in the ending poll.

jwilham says:

i felt it was a bit bias. Richard got a lot of shit over little logical
topics in trying to specify what the questions and topics actually meant..
while the cardinal just attracted personal beliefs rather than the topics.
and i think the host was way to subjective also

Jorge Garcia says:

Lol poor Cardinal xD he looks like a nice old man

Simon Jensen says:

Can someone explain to me what “god” is? 

rey2best says:

what’s up with the ignorant audience 

PresidentChristopher says:

Matter and antimatter DO NOR PRODUCE NOTHING when they interact!!! They
become ENERGY!

Ura Frikinbtch says:

Bringing the example of the big bang and rejecting it. Ask this to yourself
“if God created the universe then why it took so long to Jesus come to
Other questions that I would really appreciate getting an answer for:
Why is your God the real one?
Why God choose himself only to be the creator of this matter?
Have you ever wondered that God could be brainwashing?
Have you ever thought that God is created by humans?
Do you think that God is fair?
Do you think it would be a great idea if God(Jesus) comes to earth again
and prove himself?
Why humans have an afterlife yet other species who live in our same planet
What does the word SOUL mean to you?
Does your religion have any misconceptions?
What is your ultimate point in life?

wikitiki10 says:

This audience is fucking stupid. Borderline immoral. Scary.

jeison5antiago says:

amazing job mate!

aejohansson says:

1:12 “invoke the name of goat” xD

Truls bh says:

Spoiler: Jesus dies

Tesseract says:

Unlike most Christians, scientists are actually trying to figure out how
this universe started, saying God created the universe just moves the
question to “What caused God to exist?”

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