DNC Wanted To ‘Out’ Bernie Sanders As An Atheist To Help Hillary

DNC Wanted To ‘Out’ Bernie Sanders As An Atheist To Help Hillary

Among the nearly 20,000 internal emails from the Democratic National Committee, released Friday by Wikileaks and presumably provided by the hacker “Guccifer 2.0,” is a May 2016 message from DNC CFO Brad Marshall. In it, he suggested that the party should “get someone to ask” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders about his religious beliefs…

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Frank Hobbs says:

I don't understand why so many americans are against an atheist president anyways. An atheist president would view and represent all religions and sub religions EQUALLY. If, say, we had a mormon president, then that person would be more likely to give a preferential bias to HIS/HER religion. Conversely, if we had a jewish president, then they would be more likely to give bias to Judaism. Fucking Thomas Jefferson believed in a seperation of church and state, and it's also alluded to in the FIRST AMENDMENT. The best political figure to have, to fulfill that requirement, would be an atheist president.

Blank Blanky says:

in the long run an atheist president would be a good thing.

JosephM1750 says:

Kyle, you're an idiot. The DNC is NOT Hillary's campaign and the DNC staffer was merely considering a strategy that might impact Dem voters in some states. The DNC staffer was not thinking about lying or making false claims against Bernie.

On the other hand, Bernie is lying when he claims to be a theist. Funny how you defend someone who is ashamed of being an atheist. HYPOCRITE!

DarkReflections86 says:

As an atheist and a Bernie supporter, I can say that I will never vote for another Democrat in my life. These people call themselves liberal? They use atheism to smear Bernie Sanders. Atheism. How many atheists vote for the Christian conservatives? Little to none. How many atheists have supported so called "liberal" Democrats? I can't even keep count anymore. Atheists have predominantly voted Democrat. And after this, the Democratic party expects us to vote for them? I would've expected Democrats to be the last people to use "atheism" as a smear word and speak about it in a derogatory fashion against a candidate. Fuck the Democratic party. I hope all freethinker and atheist societies come out against the Democrats now. This is disgusting. WE ARE FUCKING AMERICANS TOO YOU ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

renegado100 says:

If you like your Hillary you can keep her !!

Soma Arikado says:

I'm no longer voting because of this fuck the dnc and fuck trump none of them ain't getting my vote ever

Troy Sims (Saruish) says:

doesn't this violate the first amendment.

Scarabola says:

If God existed, he would be atheist.

DarthCipient says:

Only in America could a western politician be "outed" as not believing in Bronze Age horseshit.

NoNo Bossie says:

Well said brother.

Wayne Yanda says:

The religion question was a dick move out of the Karl Rove playbook.

Mario Quade says:

I was really disappointed when the crew of The Majority Report tried to excuse this at least in parts.

Minoltalphafan says:

Why did Wikileaks not have this before California primary?

Voi Elämä says:

"The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave"… More like land of the theocracy and home of suppression of critical thinking.

USA is the most progressive county on Earth… said nobody.

Other countries had their first female presidents already. Sure we haven't had black presidents but that's partly due to the fact we have like 0.03% of population as black compared to American 13%. Blacks have still been voted as Mayors and other offices about 60 years before America even allowed blacks to vote.

We don't even discuss religion when we vote people in offices, and they rarely play an active role on deciding who's getting voted in. In most counties you actually do far better as secular or even atheist (Northern and Western Europe).

The Duke says:

and still we have to vote for hillary? its like one scandal after the other with her….

Robbie Birkett says:

the accusations against Clinton's use of private email server and sending confidential US material unsecured while Secretary of State was a right wing conspiracy. Wrong, thanks to the FBI and State dept investigations, we know it was not a conspiracy, it was true.  The accusations against the DNC manipulating the primaries to help Clinton was a conspiracy. Wrong, thanks to the Wikileaks published first hand documents, we know that it was not a conspiracy. it was true.  It is time Hillary supporters just be quiet about conspiracy theories and accept, the only good reason to vote for this corrupt politician is that she is not Trump.

Joseph Hinojosa says:

Fuck crooked Hillary and the DNC vote Trump or 3rd party

Pikapetey Animations says:

I am a beautiful person. I am

Mk Injustice says:

i am willing to bet my asshole Hillary is an atheist

Spheric says:

The Democratic base are getting fucked by e-mails.

Jonathan C. says:

Do some research about how Jews have totally manipulated the minds of Americans. You are right, it is a total double standard. This all started in 1913. And the plan is now coming to fruition. Bumpy times ahead… Can yo imagine how fake the DNC is going to be? The coronation of a corrupt pre-selected Al Capone is a skirt? Likely Hilary will get a convention un-bump in the polls. It is all so in our faces. Amazing.

Ned Thumberland says:

Only in this "land of the free," among developed countries, would atheism damage a person's chance to run for public office. Freedom from religion isn't a freedom in this country, I guess.

redstarr9roman says:

As a Jew and an agnostic I have to say your observation was spot on! It is a terrible tactic to shame atheists from what is "supposed to be" a progressive party to come out and pander to people who would NEVER be inclined to be a fundamentalist religious party in order to get vote more votes. I know Hillary is the lesser of two evils because trump is such a proto-fascist but my god, this is the alternative?! So we have to choose between a smart neoliberal and a stupid one? The DNC and the RNC is such a mockery it's laughably if it was not so overtly corrupt. Vote for Jill or vote for Gary, both parties are so bought off that anyone with a shred of decency and intelligence should not vote for them, even in swing states. Our democracy is at stake when we give up on the prospect of any real representation. The parties are the parties of corporate donors and lackeys, they do not represent the American people and will skate by with such a low turn out to even say they are legitimate.

Sherry Angelucci says:

Kyle,I really appreciate your observations and information. Grazie.

Seniors Penname says:

OMG! I can’t believe the DNC party and all of their redundant controlled political puppets. They’ve got the elephant walk down to perfection. They must be a combination of stupid and arrogant. This army of corrupt wealthy elitists just gave TRUMP a hundred million in free media coverage and at the same time displayed their own failures for all to see. They are totally responsible for everything that is happening to and in America today. Their DNC theme song should be SORRY! Now they’re even blaming RUSSIA for their own corruption. They have desperately surrounded their wagons and are shooting inwards. You can smell their desperation. TRUMP didn’t create this mess. Corrupt Elitists and their controlled politicians did. Count the number of times they say TRUMP! With this kind of support TRUMP can just sit back and let them campaign for him. KEYSTONE COPS! Too funny!!

cyber151 says:

Sanders as an atheist would be cool. Ummm so Clinton and Trump are Christians???
Up in the heavens…
Jesus: First bush now them? O_o oh hell no. Hey Zeus can i borrow some bolts?!

BluesyBluesGuy says:

Bernie did not come out as an atheist because he's openly supporting Hillary against Trump. It's no longer his job to attack her.

Bowerick Wowbagger says:

Why is it not possible to start a civil law suit against the dnc?

Ivan Williamson says:

this honestly is pretty unfair but honestly I'm not mad, I'm just dissapointed

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