Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas? As an atheist I get asked this question every year. ugh
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Katie Martin says:

I legitimately poured myself some wine, mixed it with some soda (call me a pussy, I hate alcohol, man), and am drinking with you as I watch this, Jaclyn. Ever since I became an atheist a few years ago I always felt weird about holidays despite knowing it was never meant as a Christian thing, you know? Losing my religion was hard at first. It was part of who I was. But you (and this wine) have made me feel so much better. I've invited my father for Christmas at MY place with my SO, I'm making dinner, all of it. Fuck anyone who says atheists can't celebrate Christmas. I'll just say Happy Birthday to Isaac Newton!

Moi says:

I'm an Atheist and I loooove Christmas, it is definitely my favorite time of the year. I finally have a lot of time for my family and the city is so pretty, all the snow and decorations.

noble7277 says:

God the being of all our lives and lives…It god will kill you with ice. Cold weather will kill thousands on Dec 25th through Feb 31st

noble7277 says:

Christmas was Lutheran German manifest. Everyone changes the Bible..Discern is changing the meaning of writings. My child knows it's just a weird German celebration. Nuremberg German festival 1983! That's why I love christmas..Jesus is fake news.

Roy D Mercer says:

You are not alone

paul chisholm says:

I love how wanna bee city dwelling trolls pretend to understand social justice when you stupid weak atheist never lived near blacks.

paul chisholm says:

JESUS RULES. Death and hell awaits anyone who rejects Christ. Atheist are nothing special to eternity in scorching burning sulphur.

asten says:


goku black says:

Saturnalia is the reason for the season!

goku black says:

i’m atheist and love Christmas because its the best wonderful time of da year!

Berry Burns Red says:

I'm an Atheist and celebrate Christmas

Chayce Hughes says:

9:12. Yes ma'am

andromeda thomas says:

keep the yule in yuletide

Jazz The Utuber says:

im pretty sure if your an atheist and you celebrate christmas…Your full of shit.
if you dont belive is jesus or god.How the fuck do you celebrate their birthday?its like if a close friend moves away or sadly dies.
You can really celebrate their birthday can you?

CJ Loveday says:

This man from the south celebrates family and whiskey!

Sophia Christina Botha says:

I'm an atheist & love Christmas & there's plenty to Christmas atheists can enjoy, err no mention of Christmas Trees & mince pies in the bible etc

Koh'rezak Foundation says:

CATS . . .

1. Cats are curious about what you do in your bedroom, but they don't try to legislate away your freedom to do it.

2. Cats may take away your cushion, but they'll give it back to you with a gentle push.

3. Cats give you attention and sympathy when you're sick.

4. Females are treated with importance in the cat world.

5. Cats make use of solar power, often all day long.

6. Cats lick their own problems and take care of other cats too.

7. Cats don't blame black and brown cats for their troubles.

8. Cats know how to ration their resources.

9. Fat cats are not at the top of the cat hierarchy, are not cat role models, and have more trouble surviving and thriving, not less.

10. While Republicans blindly follow authority, it is said that getting Democrats to act in unison is like herding cats.

11. Cats don't foul their own nest.

12. Cats are popular and well liked on the Internet and elsewhere.

13. Cats don't know christmas or god.

14. You are not their best friend, food is. If you don't feed them they will want to eat you. At the very least, leave you. It's nature.

I like cats but they do have their dark side. So do humans.

Have a beautiful christmas anyway. We all love you here. RAW @ KF

Jhoanna Agudelo says:

First of all, you are not alone, I AM WITH YOU!!!! I understand you girl. You can spend your entire life explaining about the winter solstice, and the pagan holidays being hijacked by Christians, and they will never understand. Just remember that the best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows he's in prison.

D T says:

I'm an atheist. I love Christmas because I enjoy giving creative gifts. It's got nothing to do with religion.

Logan Marie says:

Hey Jaclyn, fellow former Catholic here.
I was raised from age 3 to 19 to be Roman Catholic but because I'm a 24 year old millennial struggling financially, I still live with my catholic parents. To be respectful to them I attend midnight mass and pray with them at Christmas. I watched your video "Athiest vs Preacher" and related to your mentality of cherry picking beliefs while catholic, just going through the motions etc. That's why ultimately I became an atheist. I have never looked forward to religious holidays for the same reasons as my peers and as a former catholic I still really enjoy the holiday but for vastly different reasons than my parents.
I really wish I had the balls to come out on the internet and speak about my atheist beliefs but to preserve my living situation, while taking courses in technical school and not having the money to live on my own, I have to often filter what I say/like/comment on Facebook etc. I'm also really hoping my parents won't somehow see this comment… I love them and really don't want to offend them. Personally I think it's more offensive for someone to pretend to be religious when in actuality they aren't so.
Keep doing you girl, I think I just became a life long fan xoxo 😘💕✌🏻

Illuminated says:

Christmas for me is about the giftssss !

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