Doug Stanhope’s Podcast – Episode 23 – Rebecca Vitsmun, Atheist Oklahoma Tornado Survivor

Doug Stanhope’s Podcast – Episode 23 – Rebecca Vitsmun, Atheist Oklahoma Tornado Survivor

Doug finally sits down with the atheist tornado survivor, Rebecca Vitsmun. Rebecca gives the low down on surviving the tornado, CNN interview going viral and…



hugelawn says:

Should be hope radio not hope tv.

davidenespana says:

Doug’s right. I’m a Brit and atheism (I’m one) is just not an issue in the
UK. I’ve never been asked about religious affiliation either in private
conversation (except with those doorstep evangelist crazies) or during a
job interview. If I think about the last place I worked I have no idea
about any of my colleagues except one woman who I knew to be a
non-practicing Jew. Polite conversation does not include earned income,
sex or religion.

Springfeeeel says:

I’m an atheist in Washington state. We don’t have Tornados, but I haven’t
been laid in 2 and a half years and my dicks got blisters. A fundraiser for
some pussy or a shotgun will do

2001lextalionis says:

this interview kicks ass

stanhopetv says:
john robinson says:

that Rebecca has such a lovely voice

Red Banana says:

She’s so funny and nice. I like her.

JollyFlowFuck says:

this podcast is one of the best!

Alessandro Morelli says:

Nice One!

shaun guy says:

an ex of mine talked and giggled just like her once , she was a sweetheart 

Jeremy Dreger says:

Props for mentioning Laura Dern, a criminally over-looked
and unappreciated actress.

Charles McClellan says:

Doug is amazing, went to the show in Erie last year, he had no set just a
pad with jokes, and he killed it all night.

roscoenick says:

She’s really funny, this was great. What a champ

“I’m a stay at home mom and my house is gone…”

R1ch4rd83 says:

Rebecca has the hottest voice.. not sure if she’s all amorous for
Doug&Bingo… is there a three way about to happen?

Stinky Weasel says:

tips fedora

ITR862 says:

I usually don’t listen to this, or any, podcast because I don’t have that
long of an attention span, but this was a good one. I was also impressed by
the fact that even with her newfound “celebrity” status she has no personal
agenda and is real and honest (unlike The Thinking Atheist). I’ve read and
listened to Rebecca’s story on various outlets since all this happened and
I don’t think I’ve heard your name mentioned once, except for on The Young
Turks. I know your fine with getting no credit for helping change Rebecca’s
life, and I don’t think I would want it either, but it would piss me off to
hear about somebody else stealing it. 

omegaweaponredux says:

i would sign up to the mailing list but i doubt your going to do a out of
nowhere gig in new zealand for shits and giggles.

Anthropo media says:

Excellent interview! I’m 2/3 (.666) of the way through it, still haven’t
got to the part where you expose Rebecca and Wolf Blitzer as agents of
the Ted Turner’s atheistic anti-Christ agenda.

sirosaur says:

Second view! Finally signed up for the mailing list, you persistent prick.

Doug Stanhope > Silence. Keep ’em coming man.


I’m glad I live in Britain. These Christians you speak of are a lot more
rare over here. I couldn’t live in your southern united states. I view the
terms Christianity and stupidity as synonyms.

Hayden Grayson says:

Come to Melbourne, Australia cunt. Idc if you die in flight.

Miguel Castro says:

What a cute laugh she has

ForgedInAStar says:

It’s nice to hear an hour long conversation with a disaster victim, and
only have god mentioned in mocking tones.

SSCFPA says:

I think, as Doug mentioned, that those of us in the UK who saw Doug’s
segment on this, on Charlie Brooker’s show, were shocked that a TV reporter
(from CNN?) would ask such a question. FOX you’d expect it from.
So nice to to see the aftermath of this story, Rebecca sounds so sweet too.

dixon97a says:

Get a camera into the podcast, how can i be expected to plan my summer
wardrobe if i cant see what Stanhope is wearing, the style kings of
Wolverhampton are waiting Doug. . . 

Bean Mosheen says:

Good podcast. Thanks for coming out to Raleigh. You guys were awesome! Hope
your notes were still readable. 

Robert Porter says:

Months ago, after viewing “The Thinking Atheist’s” video about Rebecca, I
was pissed off that Shanhope’s involvement was “cleansed” from the story
(despite Stanhope’s integral role). I made comments on the video to this
effect and I sent quite a profane private message to Seth Andrews calling
him out as a traitor to Atheists for trying to whitewash Atheism with the
same self-righteous piousness of his former theistic dogma. Seth exploits
Rebecca for his agenda. Stanhope claims to have done this just for shits
and giggles because otherwise, this shit ain’t funny. But, ask yourself,
who stood up and f*cking did something helpful?

To me, truth matters. The good, the bad and the ugly. Yet, Stanhope,
stood up to help, while “The Thinking Atheist” carefully crafted a
narrative to further his agenda. I have a problem with Seth (The Thinking
Atheist) cutting out the truth if it doesn’t fit his self-righteous

MercHyrule Melbourne says:

Even the lowest of us can be good people. Thanks, Doug.

John Klein says:

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