Eric Hovind stands on Atheist Monument to preach the Gospel (OFFICIAL)!!!

Eric Hovind stands on Atheist Monument to preach the Gospel (OFFICIAL)!!!



ChrisIzAwezome says:


AlexanderEsa says:

“Where’s the romans when you need ’em?” Kudos to that guy, had me laughing.

HowDoICloseMyAccount says:

What makes you say that? And what religion are you talking about?

Robert Messerschmitt says:

It’s true because allah or some spider man says so, same here ‘it’s the truth becaue some stone age bible says so’ This so called God says ” You have offended me people so here have my son kill him so I can can forgive you” Is this normal? Drink my blood and eat my body? This is insane stone age thinking, barbarious etc. Christianity is seriously dangerous cult.

migraine516 says:

Atheism is a religion like “off” is a TV channel.

migraine516 says:

Yeah but I don’t believe in any “god” or “gods”. So this means nothing to me.

green power says:

but we are justified only by faith alone

TheA7770 says:

It is faith alone that saves us, not works, it is the gift of God lest any one should boast of their own righteousness(as do most religious people), we do nothing for that gift except believe and accept it. True repentance and true salvation is then evidenced in good works as the fruit of salvation, AFTER not before salvation.

RazorAgent007 says:

we’re not justified by faith alone.

ivlfounder says:

Sounds like you’ve got faith in their religion.

ivlfounder says:

That O’Hairs son recalls his mother chasing his grandfather with a butcher knife is established fact.

As for atheist beliefs who are you to say no where in this world is there an atheist who would would like to see a church built?

TheA7770 says:

It’s the truth, what’s more your conscience tells you it’s the truth.

WishingForSerenity says:

And you believe this crap?

bernygagne says:

What a dick.

TheA7770 says:

(cont)..that is why He sent His Son to the cross, to take all our sin onto Himself and to suffer God’s wrath on Himself in our place, all we need do is repent of our sinful nature, trust in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and ask Him into our hearts, if we trust with all our heart and ask Him to make us new, He will, God can be trusted, you just have to be willing to let go of your sin, trust God today, He has made it that easy for you, we only ever have today, we don’t know what tomorrow brings.

TheA7770 says:

This life is just a blink of an eye in eternity, it should concern you where you’re going after you die, the 10 commandments are Gods standard to show us how we are not righteous in His eyes, not one of us, we’re all guilty, if even 1 is broken by us then they all are broken. God is not willing that any should perish in Hell, that’s why He has warned us of our sinful condition and of the reality of where we’re going if we die in it, God is just and holy and must abide by His holy standard…

TheA7770 says:

I wouldn’t cry about it like so many hypocritical blubbering atheists have been doing, that’s for sure, i’d use it as a God given opportunity to evangelise to you.

TheA7770 says:

Great! More and more opportunities to evangelise the lost. Keep em coming!

Robert Messerschmitt says:

Bible babble and his father is a fraud. Scream all you can Eric ! Scream Loud so everybody can hear ya !!

JaysLogic says:

I looked it up, guess what? It’s not true. Go figure.

Atheists don’t believe in a personal god because there is zero evidence for one’s existence. That’s not insanity. Insanity is believing in something for which there is zero evidence for and a mountain of evidence against. In less than an hour of research, anyone can completely debunk the Christian Bible, along with its accompanying God. So, you have it reversed. Christians are insane, not atheists. The info is out there, look it up.

HowDoICloseMyAccount says:

That’s why the American Atheists are going to place atheist monuments next to christian ones everywhere in the United States. Freedom…got to love it. 🙂

HowDoICloseMyAccount says:

“Thank$ again brother,”

You’re a christian and I’m a non-believer. Who you trying to fool?

“your donation will go straight to good works (Leather vibrating armchair with cup holders),”

Since you’re a follower of jeebus, I doubt you know where it’s going. I do. It’s going to build more monuments next to other religious monuments.

“keep evolving.”

I am going to donate another $100 to American Atheists. Now you have inspired me. 🙂

Ernst Hot says:

And obviously you’d feel the same way if I interrupted the celebration of a christian monument on public ground, right? (Which BTW I would never do, because I’m not a douchebag)

Yvette Backasch says:

not sure if this guy is hella stupid or pure sarcasm

dvdschnck says:

It has been three whole days since the public dedication. What is taking you guys so long to vandalize the crap out of this thing. huh? Come on!

Some good christian (you know who you are) just needs sneak up in the dead of night to share your God’s love and apply the Holy Spray Paint. The Atheists are promoting something you don’t understand! Act now and share the abiding love that your Lord has for all mankind. It’s what Jesus would want you to do.

TheA7770 says:

Public ground and freedom of speech, don’t like it? Go to China.

Ernst Hot says:

Nice move douchebag. How’s your dad?

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