Ever been to Daman? If not then it is the right time

Ever been to Daman? If not then it is the right time

When it comes to choosing a place for spending holidays, then there are lot of options to choose from. Some of them are good for spiritual renewing, some are good for finding out the history, some are good for admiring the beauty of nature, and some are good for simply taking a break. Among these many options for spending your holidays is one another destination known as Daman. Though it is not as famous as the other popular tourist destinations in India, but that doesn’t makes the city less in any aspect. In fact, the city actually has to a lot to offer that any one going on the trip to the city actually will have a good time.

Exploring Daman tourism

As a tourist destination, Daman is certainly a good place to spend the vacation. The city is basically well-known for its pleasant lifestyle and its multi-faced culture. It is believed that several years ago the Portuguese arrived by chance and got settled in the city. It was in the December of 1961, when the city was incorporated into the Republic of India. Now, the city falls under the union territory of Daman & Deu.

Daman is basically the economical, cultural, educational, and administrative centre of the region. There are several small villages in the vicinity of the city, with Varkund being the biggest village. This village has superstructure called ‘Deltin’ that offers the ultimate entertainment experience and signifies the country’s lifestyle in true sense. One can find exceptional range of five-star resorts, spa, member’s club, nightclub, and places to dine etc.

The climate here, is of subtropical nature making the weather ideal for all seasons. But many of the travellers prefer visiting the city during winters.

Tourism is very big in the city. The one big reason that makes the city popular among tourist who already have been to the city is, there is no restriction on drinking liquor. The city attracts many visitor from surrounding areas, namely: Valsad, Surat, Vapi, and Baroda. Two popular beaches: Daman and Devka, are among the top favourite places to visit in Daman. The other major attraction of the city include: Moti Daman, Church of Bom Jesus, Somnath Mahadev Temple, Nani Daman, Satya Sagar Udyan, and Mirasol Water Park etc.

The city lifestyle is pretty much modernized and its influence can easily be seen everywhere in the city. The nightlife is also hot thing in the city. At night time, many nightclubs, bars, and discos becomes the major attraction of the city.

Arriving in Daman and accommodations

Due to its location, the city is very well connected to all major states in India. The closest airport to the city is in Surat, besides that, the Veraval and Vapi railway stations are the most close stations to the city. The roadways is another medium to reach the city. There are national highways running through the city and connecting it to Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
Once you are there in the city, there are excellent top rated resorts and hotels in Daman. The budget hotels will provide you the best comfort for the value, whereas the luxury hotels are best known for providing the finest of all services and amenities.



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