Faith In God’s Provision

Faith In God’s Provision

Does God really promise to take care of us? How can we find freedom from the constant pressure of the basic worries of life? Why did Jesus say that you will either hate money (Mammon), or you…



Monica Dennington says:

The Sunday Morning Special!

Jaxon Holden says:

With every video my eyes are opened a little wider. “The impurities rise to
the surface when we’re squeezed”. Very insightful, and very true. I’m going
to keep this in mind the next time God allows me to be tested- I’m going to
remember these words. Looking back, I realize now the times God put me to
the test, usually following a major decision to repent or reform my faith.
I’ve passed some tests, others, not so much. I hope and pray God will find
me worthy enough to prove my loyalty again.

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