Fox Guest: It’s ‘Hard To Trust’ Atheist Politicians

Fox Guest: It’s ‘Hard To Trust’ Atheist Politicians

Catholic priest and Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris argued over the weekend that atheists were not suitable candidates for president because it was “hard to trust” someone who…



Jesus Christ says:

I’m gonna have to have a looooong talk with Father Jonathan…

randomflashbacks says:

How to control the masses in America: Talk about how great God and Jesus
are. 50% of the people listening will ejaculate immediately.

xbubbahotep says:

15 more years and i am predicting a huge shift

Alex M says:

Not only are Atheists not immoral, we are on average the most moral. I
can’t speak for all atheists but I would say most, support LGBT rights and
marriage equality, support gender equality, support Sex-education for
youth, support anti-bullying campaigns that discourage racism and
homophobia, support the freedom to have pre-marital sex and use
condoms/birth control, support the right of every women to have an abortion
until 20 weeks, support ending the endless wars and invasions of the middle
east, support teaching science and history to our students, support ending
the war on drugs and legalizing cannabis, support the right of
terminally-ill patients to die with dignity when in extreme pain
and suffering, support ending poverty in our own countries and globally,
support research into life-saving cures and don’t block them stem-cell

It’s the opposite, I don’t trust fundamentalists in power who get their
morals from 2,000 year old religious texts made by bronze-age tribes in
ancient Palestine who thought eating lobster would land you in eternal hell
and would sacrifice a goat to forgive the sins of the tribe. I don’t trust
someone who gets their morals from a book preaching end times prophecies
and celebrating the coming destruction.

Dogma Disputant says:

Why is the practice of proselytizing superstitious absurdities by
unscrupulous myth merchants, considered a legitimate and respectable
occupation for the habitual liar in our culture?

Ryan Swanson says:

A Catholic priest talking about how atheists are untrustworthy?

nemobad says:

Catholic priests are also hard to trust, around little boys.

46619TAB says:

“I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians, they are so unlike your

Dogma Disputant says:

What could possibly be any easier to fake than being religious? The very
concept itself is make-believe.

Adam Langfelder says:

When someone says “I am a person of faith,” what they’re really saying is:
“I am someone who’ll believe anything without any evidence to back it up.”
I don’t know what’s going to happen when I die, and frankly, I don’t give a

valhala56 says:

I have been on this looney bin populated by Religious wackjobs for 59 years
and just a note to you young folks, the Religious nuttery has actually
gotten worse in the last 15 years.

Zidneya says:

Catholic priest lecture us about atheists? What’s next? A porn actor talks
about abstinence?

Frank Lithiumz says:

How many of these fuckers would vote for a Muslim ― also a person of faith.

Allow Assisted Suicide says:

I have a much harder time trusting religious politicians, since America was
founded as secular… but you wouldn’t know that from the lying religious

Nicholas Frechen says:

I wanted to thank you kyle. You are my favorite political commentator ever.
You are extremely good at explaining complex things in a simple way, always
rational, and i hope you end up with millions of followers because we need
people like you informing americans. lol you also crack me up sometimes
with that laugh! Like if you agree so he can see we appreciate the effort!

Fa1c0 says:

I agree. Atheist politicians cannot be trusted, but not because they’re

DarkSoulsSauron says:

right back at you, asshole. i generally don’t think adults who think magic
is real is psychologically normal, nor does it deserve respect.

Socratic Mirrors says:

When religious people are afraid and distrusting of whom they perceive as
Atheists, they do so based on fear of the unknown or fear of the truth.
Some religious people feel doubts about their faith in “God”, in
themselves, and it is just thinking about the existence of Atheists, let
alone their observable presence that can make them panicky and twist at
their organs.

FreedomForceUSA says:

When they are Religious zealots it IS easier to know what crap they will
spew though.

Katie Anderson says:

To be fair, people of faith who believe there is a paradise awaiting after
death, believe life is their test and they need to score high; i.e. show
moral character. On the other hand, most religions offer the out-clause
that states that repentance is all that is required to wipe away sins.
Atheist go through life without the deity safety net. Theists go through
life without the deity safety net too, though they’re convinced they see

Celtic Fyre says:

“You can’t fake religion”. Excuse me? lol

The Urban Wolf says:

Well, Considering that most atheists are Leftists, who support things I
disagree with, I find it hard to trust atheist politicians, usually .

BramSLI1 says:

You’ve got to be fucking kidding! So a fundumbentalist wacko is a better
choice? This would be funny if people didn’t believe this shit. I’m a
Christian and I would greatly prefer to have a scientist like Neil deGrasse
Tyson in office than just about anyone else, regardless of their religious

lindinle says:

um i find it hard to trust any politician. religious affiliation or lack
there of be damned.

Gales99 says:

A catholic priest talking about trust……yeah about that…

Джефф says:

Ah yes, the most objective guest we could possibly have on the show to talk
about religion, a priest.

Kevin Breen says:

He gets his morality from God, so where does God get his morality from?

Abnormal Wrench says:

I’d trust an atheist around my kids a lot more than Father Morris any day.

supervegeta101 says:

What atheist politicians?!

Leon Kisaragi says:

Didn’t have to scroll to find a pedophilia joke about Catholic priests. I’m
so proud of you guys.

alienslovepeanuts says:

yeah nobody can trust atheist politicians because they don’t lie on
impulse… atheists will go behind your back and tell the truth how scary

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