Fox News Hannity Bitchslapped by Atheist

Fox News Hannity Bitchslapped by Atheist

Fox News Hannity gets owned by an Atheist.



Ryooken says:

Hannity is not a Christian.

Nisa Hilmi says:

for those who are atheists im just wondering, is it your duty to convert people out of their religion? im rlly curious

Black_Cat_Girl says:

I agree with the atheist. I am an atheist who around my family has to act like a catholic. My grandpa is a deacon and my grandmother is just as religious as him. Each summer I have to go to religious worship and education. Every Sunday is the same deal. They also make me go to this catholic summer camp to brainwash kids and teens. I liked it when I was Christian but I hate it now. I can't come put as atheist to them not because I am "weak" or "doesn't have enough faith in atheism" but that I will be rejected and will be the outcast of my family who I care for.

Ono T says:

Hannity should be looking into a hand mirror when he goes on the attack.

Far West says:

My word Silverman was ruthless. Hannity is so triggered by David's mere presence he spends the whole interview whining. Absolutely pathetic "journalism".

Lee Napier says:

I hope Sean dies of cancer.

toby buckwyler says:

I'm an Atheist and proud that I was not indoctrinated by a belief of total bullshit.

tchevrier says:

Hannity and other people like him get so upset at atheists, or other religious beliefs, because they view their entire self purpose around that belief, and therefore a criticism of their religion is viewed as a criticism of them.

miturbinizdurdy says:

I'd love to repeatedly smash Sean Hannity in his smug, shitty face with a shovel. Seriously…Fuck this douche bag up his asshole with a large cactus. Sean, go read a book and stop pandering to your zealot audience. You are perpetuating ignorance and slowing down human progress.

Rosely Shamsudin says:

Sean think of himself as God fearing but he pray to a human called Jesus. This is Paganism.

Vegan Rocker says:

Life is a test. If you wish to avoid spending eternity with Hannity in heaven… you will naturally and willingly find atheism.

TheBestMovieAlive says:

Lord Buddha created all of this. Praise Buddha.

TheBestMovieAlive says:

Lord Buddha created all of this. Praise Buddha.

Orion Riedel says:

Why are religious people so angry and try to blame everyone else for their problems??

Orion Riedel says:

This hannity dude is a total retard..

Fleaflicker 34 (Fleaflicker34) says:

Haha Mrs Hannity said atheist believe nothing came from nothing it would be different he he believed his own shit but he's totally acting, fox news is funny

Max R says:

Get Stephen Fry on his show and he will be owned.

Jon He says:

Holy shit this went from 0 to 100 in passive aggressivness real fast. :O

James Connell says:

hannity what a prick

Never Judge says:

"Happy Holidays sean." DAMN!!!! Hit him where it hurts….

Never Judge says:

please don't consider Hannity a Christian. he's a self loving maniac

Alex 6567890 says:

How religion can even exist in today's society given the tools, capabilities and the wealth of knowledge available hurts my brain tremendously.

Chrystal Jennings says:

Czech mate? I'm pretty sure you don't win a game of chess by telling your opponent to stop. And, constantly interrupting them when they try to make a move. A different game would be more fitting. Candy land maybe? Or that new game called, get a Clue.

The Frogo Show says:

Happy holidays john

anmol kodgire says:

instead of forced religion if their was forced child labouring, would he told the same answer ..they are weak….idiot hannity

WizardPig says:

"You believe nothing out of nothing" dude the smile on his face is so large after that hahahaha

Marmite Moringa says:

'happy holidays Sean' lol finished him off good n proper 👍

Redacted says:

"I don't care what your views are." Journalism at it's finest! He's so full of hatred!

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