Fox Priest: Can’t Trust Atheist President Because They Don’t Fear Hell

Fox Priest: Can’t Trust Atheist President Because They Don’t Fear Hell

Father Jonathan Morris, a Catholic priest and Fox News contributor, tells the audience that it is hard to trust an atheist because they don’t fear hell…



David Pakman Show says:

Fox News priest says you can’t trust an atheist President because they
wouldn’t act based on fearing eternity in hell

UnordinaryLife says:

Some people are just moral and don’t need the threat of hell to be a good

TheCraigy111 says:

So this guy trusts people that think that fairy tales are real over people
that use logic an rationality. Yup he’s a moron.

Nib Blo says:

So if they didn’t fear hell all those Christians would be a raping and a
murdering like there’s no tomorrow? Lucky hell has a leash on all those
despicable urgings.
Charming lot.

ImStayGold42 says:

If we invert this story, I wonder how Atheists feel about trusting Theists.
I imagine the percentages are extremely low subjectively but especially
low in politics. The more presidential candidates reveal their religious
convictions the more coo coo I perceive them to be.

Ian Lusky says:

Atheists don’t fear Hell, but most fear OBLIVION! 

Martin Rayner says:

By contrast, in the U.K. Tony Blair had to fake NOT being religious.

Summers Time Entertainment says:

How would he feel about a president that supports an organization that
shelters and defends child molesters?

EriolTolkien says:

Fear punishment. Follow Rules. That’s pretty much the theism in a nutshell

Phil Hmp says:

Can’t fake religion? WTF?
Religions by their very nature are based on “FAKE”, make believe, unproven
presuppositions reliant on “Faith”. Faith alone being the worse reason to
believe anything.

runawayuniverse says:

I have no fear of imaginary things.

Dogma Disputant says:

Why is the practice of proselytizing superstitious absurdities by
unscrupulous myth merchants, considered a legitimate and respectable
occupation for the habitual liar in our culture?

The mythological concepts of Heaven and Hell were taken directly from Greek
religion by early Christians. They plagiarized them. Heaven and Hell are
first revealed to us in the Odyssey and the Iliad. Not the Bible. Along
with the Odyssey, the Iliad is among the oldest extant works of Western
literature, and its written version is usually dated to around the eighth
century BC. Two thirds of the Bible (the Old Testament) does not mention
Hell at all. (“Sheol,” the Old Testament word that is sometimes translated
as Hell, only means “grave” by definition, and it is where everyone in the
Old Testament went when they died–good or evil, Jew or Gentile). Thus the
Old Testament does not contain the concept of Hell!

As for Heaven, The OT does not say anything about an eternal life, or
“being saved”. With all the laws, decrees, and commandments mentioned, it
talks about how the Israelites would be blessed in this life if they obeyed
God. Heaven and Hell are not mentioned until the New Testament. The gospels
weren’t written until the year A.D. 70. That’s 870 years after the Greek
Heaven and Hell concepts were already theologically established.

john nguyen says:

Apparently Christians believe at Atheists have no common sense and personal
morals… which also says that Christians would do anything morally wrong,
if there was no consequences… It says alot..

leerman22 says:

That’s like saying you can’t trust jews if they don’t fear Hitler.

Herr Fenchel says:

Tja, wo er recht hat, hat er recht.

sethecx says:

Theists cant be trusted because they will claim some god commanded them to
slay you, your children and themselves for goodness. They wanna die so they
can go to heaven. how sick is that? theist countries are so often
backwards, uneducated shitholes, with discrimination, poverty and injustice.

and who says being a theist means believeing in hell anyway? he’s out to
discriminate against atheists.. he says nothing about theists who dont
believe what he does.

Tom TheNorsman says:

Actually, I wouldn’t trust a president that did fear hell. lol

Redpilldown says:

If there was a god called jebus and he came back to earth he would kick
this priest in the nuts, rip his pedo collar off and send him straight to
hell. As for the fox crew jebus could finish them by putting a truth spell
on them.

ETericET says:

Oh really Jonathan …. Fear of hell doesn`t seem to stop priests and
pastors from raping kids ….. Didn’t`t stop the old pope from covering up
and aiding the criminals.
So what were you saying Morris …..

fredmugs1963 says:

I wonder how many parents won’t let their kids be alter boys.

Derek C says:

“You can’t fake religion.” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

rictus gate says:

What an ignorant cunt . . . lucky for us, that he has his own version of
The Code of Harry to live by . . . fucking sociopath in a clerical collar .
. . a person of faith is the very last thing I would put any confidence in
to do anything useful.

Adam Borison says:

I mean, that really says we shouldn’t trust theists. If they only do good
things because there holy book says to, what happens when we get to a topic
that their holy book doesn’t discuss because it’s too old. So why should
we trust you because you’re saying you don’t have a moral compass you just
naturally have. You’re saying you’re a sociopath.

apextroll says:

The scary thing is, the concept of burning in hell may be the only thing
stopping them from being immoral monsters.

highdough says:

To me, if you not only believe something without conclusive evidence, but
base your entire worldview on it, then you’re less likely to make rational

bisquitnspanky says:

Louis! If anyone asks you your favorite Bible verse, say Matthew 6:5 and

Lannister Power says:

Next David Fuckman with the punchable face will talk about the Muslim
extremist who did the suicide bombing (you know it happened somewhere)-oh
wait I forgot. David Fuckman only talks about Christian extremists.


2xkiller says:

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And reckon it shows moral or intellectual paucity
Then fuck you, motherfucker, this is language one employs
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And I don’t give a fuck if calling the Pope a motherfucker
Means you unthinkingly brand me an unthinking apostate
This has nowt to do with other fucking godly motherfuckers
I’m not interested right now in theological debate
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I’ll be a religious apologist on other fucking days
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I’ve no problem with the spiritual beliefs of other fuckers
While those beliefs don’t impact on the happiness of others
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And if you look into your motherfucking heart and tell me true
If this motherfucking stupid fucking song offended you
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If it made you feel angry, go ahead and write a letter
But if you find me more offensive than the possibility
The Pope protected priests when they were getting fucking fiddly
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Power-hungry, self-aggrandized bigot in the stupid fucking hat

Tim Minchin “The Pope Song”

InternetReviewerGuy says:

You can’t trust theists as president because you never know when their
imaginary friend is going to start telling them they need to blow up the
world and achieve biblical end times.

Ryan Hartwell says:

Fox Priest: Can’t Trust Atheist President Because They Don’t Fear Hell.

Anthony Barcellos says:

I’m sure Fr. Morris would say that we can trust Catholics priests …

Zeldagigafan says:

Christianity is based on tyranny, as the people fear their leader, when it
should be other way around. They tout “god-fearing” as though it is a
compliment, when in reality, it just goes to show how deluded they are.
It’s like saying “I am raped whenever my mother calls someone else’s
daughter a slut”. I assume many of these asshats are using the words the
wrong way, but if they are not, then they have some serious mental issues.
Because if it is something like the *invisible guy behind me ready to stab
me in the back at any time*, they are treated as schizophrenics, why is it
any different with a deity?

August Eightysix says:

That’s preist goin’ to hell, man…that mother fuckin’ LIAR! lol.

RiggsBF says:

Faux news is about as relible as a Ford Pinto.

mister tweed says:

Hate to tell this moron something, we’ve had atheist president’s before.
And we’ve certainly had presidents no catholic or baptist would call

We’ve probably had gay presidents too.

Stephen Waddock says:

I love his comment! It lets me know, I am a much better person than he
because I don’t need the belief in a mythical sky fairy to live my life
morally. He does.

Kris Metall says:

“You can’t fake a religion…”

Oh how I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed…. and laughed..

Anna Bell says:

Pastor seems gay to me, my gaydar went off as soon as I heard his lispy

Tommy Shanks says:

Separation of church and state…Remember!

Steven Bee says:

Absolutely. Christians *Always* act in a way which would keep them from
being cast into hell. Just look at Ted Haggard.

dontmind me says:

its not just other religions that dont have a hell story, its other
denominations of christianity. so this guy not only wants just christians
as president, but also only a specific version of christianity

SLRok says:

Van Jones hung up on you because you were trying to interject bullshit
(atheism as it relates to your electability to a political office) in a
discussion about people who are right now being fucked over in their lives
due to a judicial system imposes draconian punishments on people (who are
mostly black and brown) for no reason at all. If any atheist pretend to be
a christian then you have to problem, you can’t pretend to not be poor or
to not be black or brown to avoid the kinds of shit Van Jones was talking

Jc Longaire says:

You can’t trust atheists because they don’t believe in a man in the sky,
whose only concern is who you have sex with. Well it must be true cause the
pedophile says so!

Wordavee1 says:

He MUST be a true Christian, he didn’t look at that woman’s thighs once,
unless there is another reason…..

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