Fox’s John Stossel Is An Atheist (clips)

Fox’s John Stossel Is An Atheist (clips)

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Charles Darwin says:


John Tremblay says:

What an ignorant woman. damn

david Brand says:

Most Astounding Fact – Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Science can be very spiritual – but are able to prove the connection. This is real uplifting.

If you don’t know how to use the link i posted, cut and paste the /watch? right after the bit.


david Brand says:

I choose to believe in the Avatar, and the Avatar cycle
Because I saw a documentary called, Avatar: The Legend of Aang

TheWatchernator says:

Correction: you HOPE god is real because you have no evidence.

Brandon Dierker says:

2-3 billion christians in the world? LMAO! Bullshit. More like 1-1.5 billion… Check ur facts, dinesh…

Emmett Berktold says:

“…I tried, I just can’t-”

“Why not?”

“Because I want evidence!”

God is probably insulted at people’s blind obsession with “faith”. He gave us a beautiful mind, we should use it to discover the universe and all of it’s glory.

Amaru Shakur says:

Jesus is God.

Amaru Shakur says:

God is real.

pickledlovesnovas says:

@Back7sword here here. she pissed me off.

ALFTUBE50 says:

Of course is only crap

Kelly L says:

those are not research articles.

InGodIGame says:

Here, I even did the fucking research for ya:

InGodIGame says:


TheWatchernator says:

She gave the fucking answer herself!! There are no facts. Only faith.
So she herself says religion is a fairy tale, it’s fake. 

rohobian says:

One comment of hers kind of stood out for me. It was about confirmation and how kids make their own decision at confirmation. Unfortunately, it’s not until 15-17 when kids start to have questions and doubts. Confirmation happens (or at least it did at my school) in grade 8, which is age 13-14. Conveniently JUST before most kids start to ask questions about their faith. Indoctrination at it’s best!

Saintjackoftrades says:

blonde anchor is a moron

shapeshfters says:

2:18 and he, like Jeff Goldblum, watches you while you poop.

Jack194343 says:

The all powerful, all loving, all knowing, all just God saw his children committing sins & He was deeply offended.He thought, If I don’t forgive them, I will burn my children–whom I love–in hell for everlasting.He didn’t want to do that, so He concocted a plan to circumvent His own wrath.He sent his only son, Himself, down to be sacrificed to Himself. But before He could forgive his children for offending Him, they had to beat, insulted, maim, spit upon & crucified Him.OK, I can believe that.

Jack194343 says:

Yeah, right!

Lewis Saunders says:

I stopped watching as soon as the blonde woman opened her mouth. Sorry, but how could you employ someone so dense?

eventhisidistaken says:

I’ve watched Shermer debate D’Souza several times, and D’Souza is a better debater – he has a comeback to everything, and his thoughts are better organized. That said, Shermer’s arguments are nevertheless more reasonable after careful consideration. Stossel is me (not literally).  I’ve watched him over the years refine his position, gradually embracing both atheism and libertarianism at the same time. When you finally conclude their are no gods, it affects your politics too.

Henry Mound says:

10:36 ish..

I just watched the Science Channel do a show on the Speed of Light… turns out different photons of light travel at different speeds of light depending on the energy that propels the given photon….. Lawrence’s argument can be retracted.

Henry Mound says:

Stossel on ABC’s “What Would You Do” is largely responsible for my skepticism of our society. He is also, in part, responsible for my political heretic-‘ness’.

Taylor Schon says:

And d’douchebag is the most aggravating prod odiously pompous speaker, I wish ppl could put someone better on tv but he’s the best they got. To think his anti Obama movie was the best they could do. Still waiting for a worthy adversary to Dawkins, or an anti Hitchens. Won’t happen.

Taylor Schon says:

Da fuck! That first woman “and that’s called confirmation!” —- hmmm pressured much?!

Spore4006 says:

I don’t like how people say “blank is AN athiest”. that’s sort of implying they practice some sort of alternative faith belief system. The more correct or proper way to say it would be “blank is atheist”. Athiest literally means, without a god.

Jerry Johansson says:

go back creatin thoose bombs u fckin nutcase

GeologistRob says:

D’souza says nothing of value. Does anyone pay this guy? Hes an idiot.

khalid Glory says:

God is real and Islam is the true religion of God.


D’Souza sucks. Magic tricks and plays on words. You’ll believe him if you want to, but if you’re even remotely interested in deeper research, it doesn’t take long to find that he’s just talking nonsense and absolutely closed to the idea that he could be wrong.

Tapajara says:

If John Stossel is jewish and married a jew and let his wife bring his children up jewish, don’t you think that this requires some level of faith? Or do you think he married a jew just to keep peace with his mother?

Johnny Multiverse says:

its true religion and facts dont mix well

Joe Charogoff says:

The way you wrote that comes off as outstandingly racist.. “This brown guy…”

Joe Charogoff says:

LOL the christian proved that he is wrong from his first statement. ‘They can’t see what’s at the top of the mountain, they just guess.’ Scientists don’t just guess about it chief, they think fairly and try and figure it out.

Joe Charogoff says:

The answer to all her questions are ‘you’re clearly trying to justify something that you want to be true but you know it isn’t.’

Franc Flash says:

this brown guy is annoying and do not make any sense at all! it is a waste of time to listen to him and i hope he don’t get to come on stage just for the sake of our time.

elgar104 says:

All christians are atheist with regard to the 3-4000 other religions currently out there. (In all history - its 10s of thousands) The fact that so many other religions exist should at least make an intelligent person suspect that religion is part of the human condition – not some revealed truth.

With so many religions being exclusive, what is the likelihood you’ve picked the winner (if winner there is?!) out of so many?

TreeroyJ says:


blahdob says:

You do not believe in religion? Really?

SuomiBroadcast says:

I just wanted to smack her with a rock…..

WikingPainTBaller says:

Wow, and the second panel, were the guy says religion has evolved from Polytheism to Monotheism, he just totally dismisses all of the Hindus and the myriad of other religions across the planet who still have pantheon’s of gods…….. ARGGHH!!! No research of information before stating facts is SO the reason why we atheists and even normal faithfull people totally face slap ourselves on the critics and fanatics of religion!

WikingPainTBaller says:

Faith…. hum…. if we were around in Abrahams time, faith wasnt needed, cause GOD WAS THERE or so it is written in that old book re-written maybe 500 times. But now that god is unprovable, and such a scientific based society, I just can’t understand the creationists pushing all this blindly without even listening to the FACTS!! I totally agree that religion can be good, like it can be bad, just like anything else in the world. Cell phones can be good, but used as terror attacks detenators bad!

The5x5Slayer says:

Bill Nye kind of looks like Spock

Back7sword says:

That blond is absolutely disgusting

TheDrinkingFood says:

I kinda like John Stossel. A lot of christians find atheists to be arrogant, which although untrue, and irrelevant even if it was, it puts them off from reasonable discussion. John Stossel, on the other hand, is the kind of atheist who doesn’t necessarily consider himself intelligent on many subjects, and his lack of faith is based on just one thing- no good evidence.

eazzy40 says:

Bill Nye is awesome!

Vlado S says:

Is there any theological debate where the ugly arrogant jews don’t throw their tantrums in?

Tyler Crohan says:

Absolutely not! Do you think that human “intelligence” is some kind of higher form of evolution or possibly in your case being? One of my favorite Einstein quotes exemplifies what I believe to be a view of many…”Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Hemi2050 says:

Correct, Switzerland has 0.01% of the worlds billionaires.

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