GAMERGATE! Gamer’s fight back! Guest video by TheInvestigamer!

GAMERGATE! Gamer’s fight back! Guest video by TheInvestigamer!

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TheLoneWolf247 . says:

ALL Feminists just need some real fucking good sex and thats all, get a
good hard dick inside of you and then you will stop complaining,..its
sexual tension thats all… games MUST be turning these two girls ON

Dane Ilario says:

One of the big problems is the spin that is being put on Zoe Quinn and
Anita Sarkeesian. They have both been harassed and threatened to the point
where they, at times, feel unsafe. That’s not right. No one should have to
suffer that just for voicing their opinions; however, this is NOT the whole
of the story. This story is being spun to make Quinn and Sarkeesina appear
to be helpless of victims of an entire community hellbent on their
destruction…and that ain’t so.

While we in the gaming community should be doing a better job of policing
ourselves, let’s set the record straight: it is a tiny minority of trolls
and assholes that have been harassing Quinn and Sarkeesian. The vast
majority of the gaming community opposes such tactics and is vocal about
that opposition. The unfortunate truth is that it is fast becoming
impossible to criticize Quinn and Sarkessian without being labeled as
sexist or a misogynist…and that’s bullshit. Nobody, and I mean nobody,
should be beyond criticism.

I’m hoping that the gamer community comes together and does a few things:
first, make the world completely aware that we do NOT endorse threatening
or harassing anyone you disagree with; second, make the world completely
aware that this is the work of a tiny minority of haters, which is usually
present in any community…including feminism; and three, get this back on
to track to the real issues which are presented here by The Investigamer.

RedBlockVideos says:

Im a male gamer I want more females in gaming, we need female players. 

Emmanuel Scrive says:

People are getting their head chopped off in Iraq right now… Their are
more important matters in the world…

HumanRights4Everyone says:

Wikipedia stated definitely that all allegations against Zoey Quinn were
proven false… Is Wikipedia biased? Someone should look into this.

Fisk742 says:

I like the idea of criticising the game-journalism, but you CANT conceal
the terrorism our brothers and sisters in mind let down on Zoe Quinn and

that shit´s disgusting and many of this comments below are also despicable!

danny ackerman says:

I love how the mainstream media is borderline propaganda, but it’s only
game journalists under the microscope for corruption .. hmmm 

Secular Merica says:

Well yet another fucking feminist video. Goddamn, when are the male
atheist going to leave this mother fucking subject alone ?


DaCamponTwee says:

So I guess it is safe to say the gamergate will be going out of business
shortly. :p

Rex Huff says:

Unlike most people on here, I actually have empathy for her (Zoey). Nobody
should have to feel unsafe because of some cunt-holes threatening them and
their family.

Even if it’s a minority, it does put off an awful image. The people on
4chan/reddit are fucking pitiful about this shit. People are seemingly
TRYING to get this girl to commit suicide.

We are better than this, as gamers. People who are attacking these women
are only perpetuating that gamers are lonely neckbearded jackoffs who are
sexist cunts, that will likely never see a cunt in their life.

Instead of being a misogynistic asshole, debate the points that actually
matter. Because bias in gaming journalism is pretty fucking bad. 

AnotherVolvoxFan says:

Funny thing is, I agree with basically everything (although I don’t know
shit about gamergate or Sarkeesian, and don’t really care), but the blatant
hypocrisy of bitching about game reviewers being biased while completely
obviously having theagenda if bashing “social justice warriors” (as the
several-minute conclusion shows) and preventing them from “radically
chaning the games you love” is enough to make me believe I should change my
agreement with you. Seriously, that’s some above-Thunderf00t level
intellectual nconstistency you got going on.

Ps: how onearth did social justice come to be a bad thing suddenly? This is
an honest question – why do you use that as a pejorative? I presume you
would not go so far as to say you are against social justice?

InternetAristocrat says:

Really good video. Covers everything from the last 4 weeks and explains
the key points of why people are upset. 

OfficerJeffrey says:

Great video, I think it’s also worth mentioning the Dina incident with
Mighty No. 9, a game that’s widely anticipated is already being affected by
the cancer that is SJW’s. InternetAristocrat covered it in a video.

Omoiyari23 says:

im getting real fucking tired of these fucking feminists

Joseph F says:

It’s interesting that game journalists ignored all of the men who were
critical of their narrative, but, as soon as Christina Sommers challenged
them, they went ballistic and started a smear campaign against her. If I
didn’t know any better, I’d say they have a problem taking criticism from a

Rognald666 says:

The more I hear about this shit the more I feel like playing games like
Catherine, Rumble Roses and DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball…

plaubel28 says:

I would write a good story about a woman who gives me a good blowjob. Who

Joseph Fernandez says:

You got one thing wrong, the american enterprise institute IS a
conservative think tank not nonpartisan. That doesnt make her argument less
valid but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to agree with a right wing
group on anything…

joeshadowman says:

Calling Kotaku journalism is like calling whipped cream ice cream. Sure,
there look alike and taste alike, but underneath it all, whipped cream is
mixed up with air and is only good as a topping and little more. Ice cream
on the other hand, can be enjoyed all on its own. You can add things to it,
but it’s not needed to enjoy.

My problem with Kotaku is that they have never had a journalist work for
them. Hell, there really isn’t much of a journalistic society in gaming. No
offense to those who try but, when games are reviewed by the people who
star in them, then you have a problem. (I’m looking at you IGN.) In the
end, what we really need are people who are willing to look at both sides
of any giving story. The sad thing is that most people in Kotaku, and any
giving website that claims to be journalism in the gaming world, is that
they are in it for the money. So if someone pays them well enough, they’ll
do what ever it is those people want.

Renegade Zed says:

it’s not about gaming journalism, it’s about journalism in general. you
probably heard about the “main stain media” expression.

Justin Howell says:

I’m sorry, I just don’t see how this is important or worth caring about.
Maybe it’s just because I’m not a gamer.

Kyle Morrissey says:

Wait, what? The American Enterprise Institute is definitely a Conservative
leaning group. That doesn’t make Dr Summers wrong, but there is no point in
making stuff up. 

dav3fk says:

The gaming industry is ready to get rid of gamers.

Microbreweries have a lot more to worry about in the way of quality, than
the makers of natty light.

Feminism gets to claim gaming, and game companies get to claim massive
popularity and market share, and no longer have to worry about the whole
“gamer” thing – so they lose the negative press that has been heaped on
“gamers” (and can themselves decry gamers), and also no longer have to deal
with real criticism of their titles – other than by anita.

GipTukeMan25 says:

4chan fucking died because of this.

Rainb0w Dashie says:

ok, I get that everyone is pissed off. I’m pissed off too.

What are we actually going to do to stop it? I’m not speaking
hypothetically either. What can we do as a group to stop this new wave of
feminism and corrupt journalism?

Seems like the next logical step to coordinate our anger into a
constructive way to solve the problem. 

Thomas Shaw says:

This is some intense idiocy over something as trivial as playing
games.(Note: I like the video it was the events described I take issue
*Mean while Isis, Ebola, Cancer, Russia, and natural disaster shits all
over humanity*

Abdullah Kenerly says:

This video is a joke. This channel is a joke. The very notion of GamerGate
is a joke. Can you people just grow up? Come on. You’re repeating the same
positions ad nauseam. You can go on and repeat all of these silly points.
You will never, I repeat, *never* get any ground in this “scandal”. You are
a bunch of keyboard warriors. Find the people you have an issue with and
talk to them — don’t resort to making these stupid videos that serve
absolutely no point other than to rile poor sheep up. 

Bonjour Tristesse says:

They’re just videogames, grow up…

alexmackness says:

this is unabashed propoganda.

you make no mention of the fact that nathan greyson and zoe quinn only got
involved AFTER those articles? despite the fact that both eron and kotaku
have clarified this?

yeah you’re not pushing an agenda. at all.

anoldcrow says:

Gamers are a niche. If you demonize them and can still appeal to the
masses, you win. Don’t say the obvious Hitler metaphor out loud. Don’t
embrace the victim role you feel cast into. That is their way and, frankly,
they have been doing it longer and are better at it than you. Be strong,
just take it in stride. Will the gaming industry really suffer?
Millionaires will still make millions. Feminists will rise and then fade.
The ornate castles of sand they construct will eventually be worn, leveled
and forgotten. 

NormallyScott says:

None of this will matter in a year or two. They aren’t going to change
anything that we didn’t already stop caring about. Their just going make a
bunch of crappy indie games and move onto something else to be mad about.
Maybe it’s just a phase. Like Grunge, only this time it’s a bunch of snobby

zackdoom says:

link to the Christina Summers video. Can’t seem to find it

Mike Galosi says:

What a twat. Get rid of this guy holy fuck look at that scarf. You’re
passionate about games for almost your whole life? Wow, who the fuck isn’t?
That makes you qualified as fuck to talk about shit!

pHappyfeet says:

Ooookay, 4 minutes in, I’m out. But I have something to say, *Who the fuck
cares?* How does any of this matter to each individual gamer. Most of my
friends and I don’t even go to review sites, and what’s a good or bad game
is determined by word of mouth within the gaming community. Some guy got
his rocks off and decided to praise the person’s work as reward, or
whatever? *So what?* In the end it’s up to the players, most of which don’t
even bother listening to what a review site has to say.
Anyone that is a part of this so called “movement” is giving so much
attention to this apparently bad thing these *few* people have done and
making it seem so important, you’re basically a part of the problem. And,
all of this seems so petty. 

Shawn McRoberts says:

Wait I’m lost. How does corrupt journalism connect to sexism in video
games? Is the implication that feminist game critics sleep their way to
favourable articles? 

6oodfella says:

It’s pretty obvious why other games journalists are taking Quinn’s side,
it’s out of fear that they too will be found to have favoured “developers”
in the past who sucked their dick.

icegaming111 says:

I think gamer gate for gaming journalism is kind of stupid. I’d get it if
gaming journalism was like normal journalism, but it’s not. It’s more so
enthusiastic press, written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. They’re mostly
opinion pieces, which are inherently subjective not objective even when
writing what should be objective pieces. It makes sense for them to all
post storeys on one popular topic near the same time; after all it’s what’s
relevant. If every news station reports on a movement it’s not some planned
attack, they’re just reporting on what’s popular at the time. Ya, if people
are using methods such as sex or money to essentially pay for better
ratings that’s bad, and it is something that needs to be dealt with, but
this doesn’t quite seem the way to do it. Also, a lot of the ‘proof’ I’ve
seen from this seems more like conspiracy crack-pot theories than actual
proof. I also fear the corruption lies more in the gamers themselves than
in the journalists and writers, and a thing like gamer gate will just
silence legitimate complaints and problems in and about the industry. But
that’s just my opinion…

Béla Gulyás says:

Most game journalist today are nothing more than con artists and corrupt
liars who vomit shit all over the place…

Mary Leigh Lear says:

How can anyone be angry with such irrefutable evidence of corruption within
Gaming Journalism? These “feminists” (who are just as sexist as any
misogynist) are attempting to create biased media for their cause, yet,
hypocritically, they are typically the ones to point out a sexist media
agenda that effects our culture and youth. They want the ball in their
court rather than amicably discussing their opinions as well as staying
open minded to their critics, who are to quickly dismissed rather than

MajorBrons says:

aaaaaaaand Unsubscribed.

The Amazing Atheist says:
CravenTHC says:

While I don’t disagree that the primary focus of this movement has been the
questionable ethics present in gaming journalism, I personally feel the
more pressing issue is the potential that Silverstring Media has been using
these same questionable ethics to influence award shows and the market
itself from the inside. Even if they can dismiss the accounts of bias and
character assassination against specific people for not towing their line,
I don’t really see them just explaining away their involvement in what
amounts to grand theft and fraud. It is my humble opinion that these are
the more pressing issues beyond the lying, media bias, and professional
victim acts coming from the indie and media scenes.

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