God Judges The Amazing Atheist

God Judges The Amazing Atheist

Finally, The Amazing Atheist meets his maker. Who do you think God should judge next?
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MrMegaPussyPlayer says:

Ah crap … I tell you what I think of this … once i got back into my chair … and keep staying in it … because then I have stopped laughing.

* air *

Now my face and chest hurts …. and my bum which I fell on.

Simon says:

We didnt subscribe to this channel for comedy

Yoseqlo Yoseloq says:

Oh my god, I see demons! I see demons, are coming!

Corvus says:

TJ is alot like Rick

ImmortalKing2020 says:

holy shit it's fuckin Zeus

ImmortalKing2020 says:

TJ's a pretty good voice actor

Chris says:

He is there and He loves You. Jesus is the Son of God he died on the cross for all of our sins, he was buried and he rose again. He is alive forever more! Believe on him and have everlasting life. When I die I will be with him forever. If you don't believe on him before you die, when you die you will burn in hell forever. Please believe on him before it's Eternally to late. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Ahmet Selim Karaca says:

can u make a video spesifically about islam?

J Spiel says:

Is everyone in heaven so short?

A Drawing Guy says:

No Jeffrey just axed himself seriously dude u killed him off he's the best part granted he didn't die he just got bad brain damage than god fixed him XD

The Lighter Side Of Life says:

This was honestly so funny! This was a fantastic idea.

〰Cig life〰 says:

Why do u make fun of god like make fun of allah that dude gets people's heads cut off and little girls and boys raped…

Chin Nation says:

Don't all Atheist go to hell didn't that what's they all say? Same with everyone else… Only Mormon goes to Heaven because they got it right.

don7777s says:

TJ is a huge fat fuck, and sucks much more than this cartoon.

David Frigault says:

Jeffrey's injury seems to go from one side of his head to the next at the switch of a new shot.

Fukenzan Fukashada says:

Maybe god should judge Hugo and jake <.< >.>

Tanner Bills says:

Brilliant. Coinsidence that this video has 420 dislikes? I think not.

Yoleen Lucas says:

Any chance Yahweh could visit modern day Detroit?

Lord Angus says:


TJ eating fruit? LIES!

Silver Hoof says:

i love you darkmatter!

cjsik says:

Please do God judges Undoomed. You don't even have to do facial animations on him! Win-win

.Blackened says:

when jeffrey shot himself, is that the moment when he escaped from jahwe and woke up in the "real world"? :V

religiousabuse says:

tj is not racist or sexist, he just found out he could make loads of money being anti sjw and pretending to be a gapping asshole. sometime around 2010 ish he sold out

Red Blaze says:



R. Jonesy says:

to the guys from The Bible Reloaded

תומר שאשא says:

Do Kyle Kulinski! I cant stand the dumbass

Renna Marie says:

Someday, very soon, you'll remeber this and be terrified and on the edge of death forever. You're disgusting.

Gunnar Liljas says:

Why do this with TJ? He's an idiot.

TheLifeOnHigh says:

Isn't TJ fat?

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