God’s Not Dead: Atheist Rebuttal & Review

God’s Not Dead: Atheist Rebuttal & Review

From the trailer to the new movie God’s Not Dead, I expected a dramatization of the current philosophical arguments for the existence of a deity. Instead wh…



MrTweej says:
MrTweej says:
raythink says:

god’s not dead? Which god is not dead?

WildwoodClaire1 says:

America has a long tradition of anti-intellectualism. As for the kid at
UNC, if it only took a few classes with Bart Ehrman to turn her into a
convinced atheist, then I guess GI Joe’s indoctrination was pretty
incompetent. And, the suggested reaction that he remove his daughter from
college is simply bullying. BTW, I liked your description “emotional porn
for the uninformed.”

ozmoroid says:

The “evil intellectuals” perverting the tender minds of young students
cliche is right out of a Chick tract. One of the all-time greatest straw
men. And to answer Turek, if 18 years of Christian education wilts after 6
weeks of study, maybe your religion is skating on some might thin ice. 

aetbhieiils says:

oh my.. that speech from Lawrence Krauss was way too awesome.

Vinícius Panato Osório says:

Good job, man.

MMaximuSS1975 says:

Excellent review sir.

INTERLOPER: Agent X1-0 says:

Hercules is mad at his dad Zeus so he’s gonna be “an atheist.” This is
literally the argument they put forth as the reason for why atheists exist.
Its not outlandish to say this is merely a semantic mistake. What they
meant by “atheist” was ‘disgruntled Christian.’ They could have just done
some relabeling and recieved no flak from the atheist community. It would
still be a bad movie though, staring Kevin Sorbo the adventures of

Dave Stewart says:

I could write a screenplay as bad as this one sounds. I’m sure I’ve written
far worse. Unfortunately, I’ve never sold any of them. Maybe I should be
writing Christian propaganda. Does anyone know an agent who might be into
that type of thing?

Nigel Hornbean says:

“emotional porn for the uninformed” I’m using that.

MrTweej says:
Paul Dickens says:

Great review. You got a new sub ;)

areinholdson says:

…’heavy-handed product placement for The Newsboys – whoever that is.’
Lost my shit on that one! Upvoted and subscribed for truth-telling and
excellent dead-pan delivery on the above. Well done. 

peter strand says:

Delusion , based on dishonesty , is not a phylosophy.
Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those
connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and
language.[1][2] Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing
such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its
reliance on rational argument.
There is nothing rational about superstition,

NativeAlternative says:

Thanks very much for taking the time to make ths video; I really felt
someone needed to sum up all thats wrong with this movie as you did. Im
astounded christian groups online and off are hailing this movie, some
claiming it moved them to tears. Theres many great religious themed movies
that Incan see justifyingly having this effect…really dont think
something as shameless and poorly crafted as ‘Gods Not Dead’ is it.

GuineaPigDan says:

Also I find it interesting on the GND website that fundamentalist groups
such as the American Family Association are backers of the film. That says
a lot about who the movie makers expected their target audience to be. It
might also explain why during the explanation of the Big Bang in the movie
when Josh mentions Georges Lemaître, one of the scientists who discovered
the Big Bang, he was only identified as a theist and not as a Catholic
priest, probably so they wouldn’t offend any anti-catholic Christians
seeing the movie.

sleepyeyeguy says:

“Frank, is there anything I can do about this?” Can I get her

lhvinny says:

I live in Hickory, NC. It does not take 4 hours to drive to Chapel Hill. It
takes 2.5. A four hour drive would be if you came from Asheville or the
east coast.

GuineaPigDan says:

I just saw this movie on Friday and I’ll be posting a mostly negative
written review of it on Deviant Art soon. Also, does anyone know where I
can find the list of religious freedom lawsuits they showed in the credits
they said were inspiration? I’ve been trying to look for them I haven’t
found it online yet. Surprisingly the GND website doesn’t have them either.
I did however find Kevin Sorobo saying on Fox and Friends that the DVD will
have a featurettes on them and you can pause the credits to look them up.
That’s bullshit. They should be listed on the website for anyone to look
up. I shouldn’t have to wait for the DVD to find out more on them.

spirit469 says:

Hey, I’m here from Repzion, thanks for this review! It was intellectually
engaging and enjoyable. Please continue to make videos, I will watch them
if they are of similar quality!

Stephen Bachman says:

God rolled in his grave when he saw this movie. 

bobbytookalook says:

Maybe the young lady wasn’t buying it long before attending UNC. That was
my story — jump through the hoops for mom & dad while living at home (what
else are you gonna do?) and then chuck it all as soon as you are able to be
living somewhat independently. I joined the service at 18, attended two
compulsory church “parades” and went to mass with the folks on a couple of
occasions when home on leave — then just didn’t bother — they understood
I was done with it & it wasn’t mentioned ever again. My church attendance
has been weddings & funerals only ever since.

Kansas Devil says:

In a culture where the method has to fit the conclusion, there should be no
surprise a movie supporting that culture would parallel that process.
Besides, the acting was forced and you could tell the actors really didn’t
believe their characters.

Matt Wolfgang says:

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