I Know I Don’t Know – Hamza Myatt vs Scientist+Atheist

I Know I Don’t Know – Hamza Myatt vs Scientist+Atheist

Br Hamza vs Scientist + Atheist.
Full disscussion will be uploaded by EFDawah InshAllah.

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Boxing Facts says:

The time came where the crazy tries to convince others that they are crazy and not him, the fairy tale believers are now using science to justify beliefs and mythology, wow, its just sad. Smh.

Daniel Alexander says:

This whole conversation was a typical cringe worthy display of ignorance and feeble logic skills. Has anybody heard of Bertrand Russell? The term falsifiable? I readily admit that Hamza Myatt may understand some of these basic principles, because there are times when he says things that are correct. However, the idea that ANY religious position is on equal logical footing with atheism is a profound misunderstanding of basic logical principles.

Ok, does the sun rise from a muddy pool in the east, set in a muddy pool in the west, and rotate under the flat earth at night? No? Oh this passage is allegorical? Ok great. So, if I can't use falsifiable statements (statements that can possibly be proven false) in your holy scriptures to disprove your religion because it is allegorical… then your god is unfalsifiable. Meaning there is no POSSIBLE situation where I could observe some fact the would disprove your god's existence. Science deals with falsifiable claims only. Science can not possibly disprove your god.

Here is the atheist position. The fact that science can't disprove something…. Is this good evidence to believe in that thing? If I claim that there is a teapot that orbits the sun. Can you disprove this? No. Is it therefore, logical to be agnostic about the existence of the teapot? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If we are to remain in the logical realm, the burden of proof is on the person making the extraordinary claims.

Faith is the belief in something beyond that which is supported by evidence. Atheists simply do not have faith, because to do so you must leave the realm of logic. When an Atheist says "I believe in science." They do not mean "Science can disprove your religion." They mean "Your religion is not supported nor is it disproved by science. I choose to only believe in things that science supports. I do not presume to know anything that is unsupported by evidence." There are an infinity of things that are possible, and nobody can disprove them. To pick one of these things and say that you believe it… that is faith. Faith abandons logic. Religion requires faith.

Soma noma says:

I really hate those new haircuts

Soma noma says:

Guys please be nice about the people in the clip

BlackSheep13 says:

Thank God the video ended when it did.

Adnan Rashid says:

The fact that you believe in Islam shows that you don`t use the power of logic
Atheist Crushes Hamza and he spends the rest of the video RUNNING LIKE A BITCH


Sean Armstrong says:

Hey Muslims, instead of trying to convert more people, maybe first fix the extremists in your own religion??

Your religion has the most terrorists (both in volumes + per capita) out of any other religions on this planet. Seriously….CLEAN UP THE MESS IN YOUR OWN RELIGION BEFORE CONVERTING MORE.

steeven coogan says:

Lol the way he dressed and talk doesn't make sense Sissy atheist

Hashirama Senju says:

I hope we all meet in jannah everyone! I love all those who follow the guidence of Allah!

sabar zarda says:

Is the second guy pissed 😂😂

mary jane says:

from USA God bless your knowledge my brother humza I'm sorry but you're talking to a guy who looks gay who has no belief whatsoever who is corrupted by the devil

sharon brown says:

Why so Argumentative?? Give them Dawah in ways which are best for them, this is putting the guy on a defensive stance from the start!!! Educate him about your God!! The guy asked WHAT IS YOUR POINT????? THE ANSWER IS …….,,………

Abdurahman Omar says:

Brother keep posting more videos tonight brother especially of Hamza debates. May Allah reward you with paradise.

Zayd Berkani says:

May ALLAH guide them.

Abu Muhamed Alee Al Ansari says:

I know that I don't know does that make sense ?

James Nuxoll says:

he doesnt know how to descibe whom ALLAH IS "ALLAH didnt discover it" loool

Nour Eddine says:

just to wish you all Ramadan Mubarak.

Jaiyana Noor says:

"Whats your point?"……… 👏🏻 Alhamdulillah for islam and no confusion in my life 🌹

Irfan Samo says:

Nice job brothers…

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