If Football Players Were Atheists

If Football Players Were Atheists

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Candy pee says:

What’s wrong with being an atheist, dickheads…

DarkMatter2525 says:

Everyone who has ever thanked God for a touchdown has tacitly admitted that
God cares more about football than all the children of the world He allowed
to die horrific painful deaths without intervening. Fuck Jonny’s cancer,
gotta help the Ravens win the Superbowl…oh, and mysterious ways and shit.

Bobby Carillo says:

All you Atheist heathens will be sorry when us kind, loving and tolerant
Christians are up in Heaven with th Holy Baby Jesus and you Atheists will
be burning in Satan’s lake of fire. Just remember God loves you unless you
are an
believe in evilution
are gay
are transgender
are a woman
practice any religion other than Christianity
are anything other than a white male

Michael Simmons says:

No Emily from College Humor I did not like the video. I’m unsubscribing
cause I’m getting tired of the liberal, god-hating, feminazi empire your
building under the guise of College Humor.

College Humor to me was Badman. Just universally loved, funny, and perfect
timing with Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. you don’t have to make every video
espouse your politics and beliefs about the world and offend a whole group
of people who use to be interested in your material cause it didn’t
conflict with social issues in such a inane and crude manner.

People don’t hate atheist because they are atheist, people hate atheist
because they are jackasses. Truth be told.

Nicholas Perrone says:

if u wanna be an atheist i am 100% ok with that just dont go around saying
how religion is stupid or its for fags

Paulo Seabra says:

Whether you are religious or an atheist, I think we can all agree that
every single human being involved with professional sports is a douchebag.
We can take solace in that.

milkybarkid104 says:

Love this. Atheism FTW.

Sebastian C says:

Wrong. An atheist would never play football he would sit in his basement
arguing with people in the internet.

ionic0 says:

satan rules!

DutchROFL says:

Lol now all of the atheists are raging in the comments, but when there is a
video joking with christians yall are like “Stop whining, its just a joke
man” lel hypocrits…

zangell1 says:

Staying there is no god is a belief… come at me bro

Tom Crotty says:

Here’s the thing. I’m an atheist. *PLEASE* don’t categorise me with the
same people who love to associate God and the Bible with fairy tales. What
people of all faiths and non-faiths need to understand is that spirituality
is about one’s individual journey. I’m not convinced by the idea of God,
and especially not religion, but that’s the path I am taking, and I
recognise it’s not my place to belittle the beliefs of anyone else.

As long as you recognise the subjective nature of your views i.e. that God
nor the Bible can be proven to be correct and it’s therefore unethical to
prevent things like gay marriage and the right for women to have abortions
should they choose, then you’re completely good in my eyes.

We’re all individuals, and we should all be able to believe or do what we
want as long as it doesn’t squander the potential of other individuals. 

DFB Noobish says:

Why is evolution associated with Atheism? I’m a Christian and I believe in

SirAero says:


Haha you clicked read more.

Now THAT’S a real troll 

Carnell Turner says:

I think it’s safe to say that CollegeHumor did this to spark debate among
ourselves. I am a Christian and I am a believer. So reading
“DarkMatter2525’s” comment, I can say that it is just filled with such
hatred. God doesn’t start wars, or allow people to suffer. He doesn’t kill
anyone or show favoritism. All the tragedies we see today is caused by
“Human Error”. When something goes wrong, or tragedy strikes, people are so
quick to blame God because It’s never our fault as humans. Or never the
fault of the greedy rich and powerful. It’s always God’s fault. My thought
is, for example, if God prevented 9/11 from happening, would we have
recognized it? Of course not. We, the people, are so disconnected with God,
that the only thing we see is whats in front of us. Never we that
spiritually. Do I care if you believe in God? No I don’t. Why should I
dislike a person for what they believe in and attack them? They could be
the coolest people ever. you never know. But that’s my thoughts.. and Im
not changing them.

jos9601 says:

Fuck you jesus 

Basilisk Ishikir says:

Anyone who believes in anything or disbelieves in anything or just sits
there like a lump can and will be hated by someone who
believes/disbelieves/stands differently. I mean, the Romans SLAUGHTERED
Christians, the Christians SLAUGHTERED any non Christians, the Jews got
their asses handed to them time and time again, and Christians control a
lot of things, with money slowly becoming a new god of sorts. There are no
“perfect” religious people, because religion itself is made on the belief
that bad things happen for reason but good things are a work of a deity,
like, really? Ridiculous. Religion is the reason we have wars, but humans
(being flawed and fragile and generally weak willed) need a reward system
or a system of blame. So you can kill “righteously” and buy your way into
heaven with platitudes and volunteer work just before you die. In some
denominations a serial raping child molester could get into heaven as long
as he repents right before his death! Hows that fair?

Fuck religion, fuck belief. I’m gonna try and be a good person without the
weight of hell or heaven or nirvana or reincarnation or whatever hanging
over my head.

UndeadCookieMonster says:

I love it when people try to prove that Darwin’s THEORY isn’t real when
they’re too stupid to understand the THEORY part. It hasn’t been 100%
proven but there is real physical evidence of the subject out there. In
other news, religious people still think it’s more logical to read a book
and believe every single word in it as if it’s verified to be absolutely

Inb4 ermehgerd ignorant atheist… I never said I was an Atheist. I could
be Christian for all you know or… Bapti- PFAHAHA. I can’t say with a
straight face. BAPTIST. PFAHAH

zh11147 says:

I love themiracle of atheism. No other peoplecould be so beliegerent as to
watch a comedy video, go to the comments section, bellow insults towards
everyone else, and feel satisfied with themselves. Reddit, youtube
comments, and itter truly show us the fact of this belief. If
athristscaused magnetic fields, my computer would have been wiped out as
soon as I scrolled down to the comments here. Seriosuly though, how do
these peiple not fall down more?

Noah Weisbrod says:

Two kinds of comments in this video:
1. Atheists bitching and calling religions fairy tales.
2. Christians (most likely Southern Baptists) saying rather bigoted,
uneducated things that are backed by unsound philosophy, if backed at all.

*Hides behind Aquinas and Dante.*

MyriadesusTV says:

This comment is not offensive.

Adwi Iwda says:

Someone still believes in god? Who would be so naive :o

teed says:

yes! that’s EXACTLY how atheists behave!!!!!1

Pineapple2407 says:

Sorry but

Nigel Thornberry says:

Everybody, stop saying that God is or isn’t real; it’s just instigating
wars because people on both sides are bullying each other over the matter
(although I see more comment saying that god isn’t real and Christians are
dumb faggots and that even though he doesn’t exist in their mind, he
somehow is the source of all of the world’s problems)
Just pretend this is a video about gay people so nobody voices their
opinion about hating on gay people even though it’s supposedly ok to make
fun of Christians too because tolerance only applies to gay people now for
some reason

Oh, and I liked the video :)

KriegsMeister27 says:

And the Great Religious Comment War shall rage on for many moons and many

JoeWillCritt says:

I’m confused, can someone tell me which view is pissed off because I’m
Christian and I don’t mind this video (I believe in evolution though) but
some other Christians are getting annoyed 

IveGotToast says:

See what happens to atheists. Defy god, and he’ll strike you down with
cheap effects added in post. 

Joe Marley says:

Im a Catholic. Yes, I believe in God and that Jesus was the son of God. I
think that you shouldn’t let anyone influence you to believe in a religion.
Everyone that tells me they don’t believe in God or are agnostic or
whatever, I still respect their opinion because its just right. I don’t
care how large you’re IQ is. Emotional Intelligence in my opinion is
largely more important. And if you were actually smart you wouldn’t argue
with someones saying something you think is fake or stupid. You don’t care
that I believe in God, I don’t care (but still respect your opinion) on you
being an Atheist or Agnostic. If you really didn’t think God was real then
that would be like arguing whether unicorns actually do exists somewhere.
Why do you argue with shit you know is false? Because you don’t or because
you’re trying to convert someone to atheism. And honestly, you would be a
real dick for doing so. I don’t care who you are, I respect you if you
respect me. 

Marble144 says:

Look guys, If your curious about Christianity JUST READ THE BIBLE FOR
You can see what it’s actually about instead of just believing what you
hear from haters or extremists (“christians” with no tolerance)
ALSO!! know the context about the people encountered as you read (if you
will read), it will give you a better understanding

SantiFRV says:

I found this hilarious even though I do believe in god xD and I’m not
uneducated, or naive as some may put it, I also still believe in evolution.
Oh and BTW it’s hand egg*
(Will I receive more hate for my religious views or for the hand egg

Ricardo Lutchman says:

Give credit where credit is due. If the Flying Spaghetti Monster didn’t
have his noodly appendage over him then he wouldn’t have made that catch. 

๖ۣۜBeyond Earth says:

Lets all just calm down ok? Religion is needed to have a meaning in life.
So let those people belive in it.we can find our own meaning.

Fera Lig says:

Anyone who ever thanks god especially in a sporting event is a moron.

Mr T says:

youtube is a vicious cycle that sucks highschool students into never doing
any homework. fuck you youtube and youre suggested videos!!!

Andrew Denney says:

Pretty well thought out video if im honest. I’m an atheist and found it
funny, what he was saying was appealing to me so i liked it.Then at the end
he gets struck by lightning ( by god ). So god wins and people with a
religion would see that and find it funny, so everyone enjoys the video.
Well done collegehumor! :)

The Optimist Vibe says:


Naedekar ohgosh says:

There is no god and I didn’t burn!

Joe Marley says:

Also, stop looking for the literal meaning in the bible. Yes, there is
literal stuff, but alot of it is meant to be read in the moral or
allegorical sense and sometimes even the anagogical sense.

thesheepthatwentmooo says:

Looked like Adam Sandler from The Longest Yard in the thumbnail, aha :P

Jeremy Foster says:

I don’t know if this belongs in this community or the meme community but
OMG this is a must watch

Bryan David says:

Haha, Check it out guys

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