I’m An Atheist, But I’m Not…

I’m An Atheist, But I’m Not…

“I’m atheist but that doesn’t mean I’m being disrespectful when I ask the question, ‘Why?’”

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Julia’s Peace
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Jaclyn Glenn

Cody Ziglar

Dartanion London


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Immortal Fate says:

Jaclyn Glenn YES!!!

Jasper Cheeto says:

OMG, Jaclyn

Jessica Crowe says:

This made my day.

redstoneowiec says:

i watched this after readning

Hurricane Amanda says:

This video really speaks to me because I always feel awkward when people ask me, What religion do you practice?" Because I'm always afraid that they will judge and get the wrong idea of me from what I've experienced in the past. I personally don't practice a religion but that doesn't mean that I am against religion or look down upon people who do. I believe that it's important for people to have an open-minded and nonjudgmental attitude towards others because no one should have to deal with unnecessary prejudice just because of their spiritual beliefs or background.

Raiden Browning says:

Atheists are usually kind people with hard lives.

viola/amy martins says:

why are people so tide to us just because we don't believe in gods and godess I don't like how I have to hide it or else my friends might not like me

Ava Jackson says:

You don't get an f-Ing bless you!

Ava Jackson says:

😒this is pathetic

animemenga125 says:

it's even wielder when u say ur Wiccan. people legit back away slowly cause they think I'll curse them or something equally stupid.

Tessel van Dijk says:

Where I live, most people are atheist. (Not that if you´re a christian there you get left out, we do have churches for those people I think)

Johnny Liu says:

I'm an atheist and I'm eating right now

Ricardo Lins Souto Pellegrini says:

Make I'm brazilian but I'm not…

Emma Cunning says:

In my class it's very awkward, the teachers religious the students, everyone but me is religious, and mind you were not a catholic school. Now there all nice and kind, (well most of them' stereo typical school bullie) but they force there religion on my, like if I'm stressed and I say oh my god, they all stare at me and honestly I feel left out, and since we're not a catholic school it pisses me of when teacher starts talking about God all the time, I didn't mind it but he knows I'm an atheist and picks on me when it comes to these things, I really don't know how to react so if he asks me something like: do you have faith, faith in God, I just sit there staring at him. Majority of my family is religious so I still love religious people it's just don't force your way of thinking onto others, it's just like trying to change an opinion, sometimes it's rude, annoying and not right and then sometimes it's open mindedness but if a person has told you there an atheist don't persist. 😣☺️

Emma Does Games says:

People who say aethiests are satanists are idiots because satan is part of religion. Religion started satan. So if im an aethiest that means i dont believe in satan either

Zahire Coates says:

I'm a atheist but I'm the friend of the people

Zahire Coates says:

I'm a atheist but I'm the friend of the people

Rava says:

I think i do despize religion.

Katastrophic from the beginning says:

I'm an atheist and I still want people to say bless you when I sneeze………Shut up you just contradicted yourself

TiFFerzZehNiNjA says:

the guy with the pink bandana surprised me with his voice lmao

Sophia Hayes says:

I'm an athiest, and I won't get offended when you say "bless you" or that you'll pray for me :)

Kellconn says:


Cincade Drudge says:

its blesh you not bless you

Life Is Good, You Should Get One says:

Jaclyn Glenn shouldn't even be on here, she's made SO MANY offensive videos towards religion.

Marschmallow Girl says:

In an athiest becouse i belive in norse gods ( this does not exist anymore😭😭)

ThatAgChick says:

I would love to see "I'm Catholic but I'm not", but I'm glad you all made this video. Needed to be said.

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