I’m the Wrong Kind of Atheist?

I’m the Wrong Kind of Atheist?

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Bill Smith says:

NFP went full AIU shill dipshit recently. He was honestly ok before when he was just doing his thing with hagbard, but now he's trying way to hard to be edgy, way to into AIU and his new atheist tripe, and just generally being an idiot. The least skeptical kind of skeptic. Pretty sure he's not a poe. Just an idiot.

0ovidio0 says:

Yeah! You the wrong kind of atheist coz you got schooled by logicked in an EPIC STREET BATTLE BITCH!!!

fishbass says:

Is he really a clone though? He just has a suit on; I don't really see what's so similar about his avatar.

Rational Shitlord says:

You now the last person I heard accuse others of being the wrong type of atheists was P.Z. Myers, mister Atheism+

Ivo Domani says:

Go to R&S of Yahoo answers and you'll find numerous militant atheists there.

A Sealion in Orange says:

What Right winger Christitans got pissy about that video? If you can't make fun of yourself, you're a fucking dumbass.

Emperor Of Known Space says:

Everyone in to the echo chamber for the circle jerk.

Cheesie Pizza says:

This is the first video of yours I have watched that's not an Armoured Skeptic one and thus the first time I can put your voice to your face. It's so weird. Your voice just goes too well with a medieval helmet.

yes please says:

Gas 'em all.

Terminator Rants says:

So you don't want to murder every religious person in the name of Christopher Hitchens? Ha! You're not a real atheist like me.

Ethan, Just Ethan (Former Deity of Yoshi) says:

Also I enjoy that this guy is spouting the same "Feminist or you're sexist" but instead "Atheist anti-theist or you're fucking retarded".

Rummy says:

I agree with your arguments but dont you dare try to seriously compare character creativity. Your characters are both rather average on the originality scale.

Cameron Hendricks says:

This guy is 13 year old me, and skeptic is me now.

Ethan, Just Ethan (Former Deity of Yoshi) says:

Well honestly if you can't convince someone who is religious with your arguments, the best you can do is to help take others off the religious path, or drive others away from becoming religious.

Ocazzar says:

in regards to what skeleton guy said on the effects of popularity

skeptic I'm a long time subscriber I've been watching your stuff since you had 3 or 4 videos on your channel and I can confirm while some of your opinions have shifted slightly the way you get there and explain your position has not I can tell you put a lot of effort into remaining objective

Double_Anarchey115 says:

7:30 could we get a gif of that please

Brian Stevens says:

I miss the Nolanverse…

JustAplysia says:

Pop filters need to be at least six inches away from the mic, and your mouth should be about six inches away from the pop filter. Otherwise, there is no space for them to diffuse the pockets of air that cause pops.

Also, that isolation shield you have behind the mic is going to cause (and seemingly already is causing) unwanted reflection right back into it. Assuming it's capable of any sound absorption whatsoever (a questionable proposition given its thickness), it will need some more distance for its absorbing properties to outweigh its reflecting properties.

Uzi Knesset says:

This dude's gonna pull a muscle reaching for intellectual superiority.

Imre Fabian says:

this guy isobviously a PO.

AcanLord says:

Nice computer tower.

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