Inside the New Age Nightmare: Testimony of Randall Baer

Inside the New Age Nightmare: Testimony of Randall Baer

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Nicola Webber says:

“I woke up a few hours later”
Could it all have just been a dream? I’ve been known to drop off while meditating, it happens. Also, when I was a kid, being raised in a seriously religious Xian school, I had quite a lot of nightmares about the wrath of a vengeful and jealous god, the god desribed in the O.T.

Andrea Firth says:

The man died in a car ‘accident’ …sad , but interesting read ….there doesn’t seem to be any photographic evidence of Randall Baer on the Internet …

Butter Cheeks says:


artsychic2000 says:

because you don’t realize that satan is the god of this world. He comes for naught but to steal, kill and destroy. All religions, except christianity are based in satanism. Do the research.

Liz Darianne says:

Thats one of the things that dont make sense. Why wouldnt he just save everybody if he loves everybody?

Liz Darianne says:

my god all this shit is ugly and creepy, all the religions, all the new age crap, all is creepy, weird, nonsensical. Why do people give credit to christianity but not to the other religions? There are older ones, newer ones. I dont get it

Liz Darianne says:

Thats awful. You sound ike a nice person, why would you deserve punishment? everyone does and performs to the best of their knowledge, nature, wisdom and abilities. Always. Why then you would have to punish flowers and animals too for not being baptized, or because they hurt other beings since they are their food. Or a child for not knowing how to talk, or a teenager for not knowing what it means to be old. It makes no sense

Liz Darianne says:

how did he know it was Christ? are animals saved? How does he know? This was just creepy. Why all religions come up with this creepy stuff about monsters that want to eat you, and angels, winged light, holy man that wants to save you?

Musicistwowords Mu says:

Me too! I am suffering because the new age had me thinking “christ consciousness” was the way… when I learned of Reiki, it was being pushed as the way Jesus healed. I was also into crystals. I am now a victim of psychic attack from humans and God knows what else!

lambsaved says:

The book highlights where the trouble begins. The disinterest of the Chaplain in explaining the young author on Christianity, and made to look bad for asking questions that seem to offend fellow Christian brethren (who always are offended). This is where the churches lose out. If one can’t question, ask or have clarity in a Church – where do they go?

Sadly, there are many deceiving spirits out there who seem to have the time for the youth when they are searching for the truth – Wake Up!

Butter Cheeks says:

I knew that. I mean the judging.

Butter Cheeks says:

well it isn’t the most enlightened thing to do for sure

Butter Cheeks says:

spiritual pride- or – i feel insecure so I make others wrong so I can feel better about my beliefs.The only question is do you judge them and see them as a threat and return arrogance with arrogance, or see you in them (as a spiritual brother/sister) and offer love to them because they are in need of healing?

Butter Cheeks says:

“I have very different views on things I See too ie religious bigotry and etc” what Jesus called “White-Washed Tombs” 

Butter Cheeks says:

Nobody prays to Jesus to clean their room for the, but they expect Jesus to clean up the mental garbage they picked up in life for them.

Butter Cheeks says:

I think every person has the personal responsibility to themselves to be honest and look with in. To pass the responsibility to Gods and Demons, and wanting some one or something else to fix your problems for you, is only asking to go through life feeling lost and frustrated. It is one thing to trust and grow spiritually in what ever path that is, but it is another to be lazy and complacent.

Butter Cheeks says:

After many years of soul searching I find the “devil made me do it” argument annoying. I did back then as well. The Buddha lays 100% of suffering on the mind. In its own way the Bible says the flesh. Personally if there is a devil it prays on the thoughts, doubts, and fears. All devout Christians I’ve talked to won’t even take a minute to consider that their own thoughts are their own problem. I think the Bible agrees, but they want to pas the buck and their own personal power to Satan.

Butter Cheeks says:

People can say that I have been influenced, but if Jesus is all powerful and more powerful than the devil then no devil could get in the way. If the devil tricked me, then Jesus/God is either impotent, or didn’t care enough about me to intervene in a way that I would find believable.

Butter Cheeks says:

I used to be Christian. I guess I could use the label of New Ager, but to me it is only a label. I see the Bible as metaphor and analogy. I also see the persona God of the Bible as a reflection of the mindset of the times, the people, and the culture. It is a truth in its own context, but I never personally bought it, or felt the way I was told I should feel even though I sincerely asked for forgiveness. Odd. I only feel God’s presence after walking away. I feel peace and trust now.

Butter Cheeks says:

I used to be Christian, but felt nothing that so many faithful proclaim to feel. The Bible never made sense, and God never spoke to me in prayer or life experience. If it is true, then why was it never true to me?

Butter Cheeks says:

what were their answers?

Morgan MacIntosh says:

My apologies for the lateness of my reply. Throw away anything having to do with Spiritism and pray for forgiveness.  Things will work themselves out in time.

3VOLution3NO says:

upon researching the truth about 9/11 on the internet, I somehow got into all this cosmic bs, thinking I was a ”light worker”, believed some of us were about to evolve; “Ascend” in Dec 2012. Luckily I came across a film called THE NEW AGE INFILTRATION OF THE TRUTH MOVEMENT and found out all this ”love and light” and ‘we are one’ spirituality is inspired by Lucifer/Satan himself. May God give eyes to see and ears to hear to those still stuck in this DEMONIC NEW AGE. God bless!

Shazoolo says:

Sounds like you have a lot to say! Would love to hear your story. Please let us know when the book is out. Would be great to hear a YouTube video on it as well. What lead you out? I was into the occult and had horrific experiences with demons in a girl I knew who was demon possessed before I came to Christ.

memama2 says:

Watch YouTube: …..Church Of Oprah #3

81nugglebunny says:

i just ordered this book n im excited to get it. i read that he died in a suspicious car accident on may 5th b4 the book was released

Marcus Berkeley says:

Many false gurus who promise rich rewards if you follow their path are fortold in the bible, including people who say they’ve seen Jesus, (we won’t see him like that). Hell is real and many are going. Bible prophecy tells us many things that are coming true. The path to righteousness and forgiveness is narrow, and few are getting it right.
Christianity is not something to be taken lightly, it IS THE TRUTH and must be accepted as a child accepts. Please turn to the truth, NOW.

paisleyyama says:

good video

TheLavish99 says:

No religion is true nor the “only way” to salvation. But I still agree that New Agers are a bunch of liberal, fruit cake, hippy, queer, & tree hugging freaks that have their own mysterious agenda and their own version of history set up to degrade morality. China, Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Israel, and Eastern Europe are some of the LEAST RELIGIOUS places in the world and THEY HAVE CHAOS!! France, Britain, Portugal, Germany, Spain, and Japan are less religious than U.S but are just as corrupt!!

NowYouSeeTV says:


Frank Bushman says:

in the end we’re all wondering down the same windy road together
and when all said and done, it is love that conquers all things
love wait’s patiently, boundlessly, unconditionally, love heals, love set’s us free
the path is wide, but the gate is narrow….
it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle
than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven
your riches are your thoughts and beliefs
surrender them all unto God
and Enter unto the Kingdom Within
love is The Way

zipfreer says:

What is the world? We’re not talking about the planet, we’re talking about the kosmos, the opposite of kosmosis chaos. And there is an order in the world. There is a system in the world that is run by Satan. It is a sinful system. Demons work in that system. That system basically operates by demonic power through human agencies. The Bible is not a self improvement book, as Book of Miracles would like people to believe. It is a Survival Manual to getting out of here by the narrow road

witchcraft3328 says:

….. when some have actually had good experiences with whatever it is that they are doing. And, how do you know that your own God is not a deception of demons, that the God that you worship isn’t the creation of something evil, huh? You believe it because it is written, and I can think of alot of people, including myself who are creative enough to make the good bad and the bad good. So, maybe it is you who are wrong and being deceived.

witchcraft3328 says:

I would like to say that, using your own religion to speak against another is not the way to go. Many New Age Movements, I have come to believe, are based on paganistic concepts that predate Christianity. Also, saying that God is the only way is a really ignorant way to approach the subject. Though some have bad experiences in things of this nature, it is most likely because of inexperience. I have had no bad experiences in witchcraft and paganism, so it is unjust to say it is wrong to everyone

Luke Riedesel says:

I’d like to know how he concluded it was “Jesus,” and how he believes he could perish while meditating. If you find a documented source of someone dieing from a bad meditation experience i’d like to see it.

Shazoolo says:

Hi, thanks. I can’t remember who performed it as I got it off a channel that isn’t up anymore. I could send you an email of it attached file though if you want. PM me your email.

flytunes says:

Dear Shazoolo,

I love the video!! In the video, at approx. 5:04, you included an absolutely beautiful instrumental version of “Amazing Grace”. Can you tell me who performed this track and where to find it please?

GOTTshua says:

Angels of light can deceive. I pray that you are NOT deceived and that you may know the truth of God’s love & the battle that is being waged over your very soul.


I think there are quite a few Christians & former Christians who´ve had horrible experiences in Christianity with sexual abuse, fraud & general unkindness that they could write something like “INSIDE THE CHRISTIAN NITEMARE”. I feel that actual physical abuse & the stealing of actual money is a far worse crime than imaginary ‘spiritual’ experiences & waking nitemares. Christians, take the log out of your own eyes then you may see more clearly to take the splinter out of other’.

WilliamTapley says:

You’re on the right track. I think we’ve all done things, and we all need to suffer to learn. But luckily we will receive the same mercy we show to others. Be merciful to everyone who wrongs you and it will be likewise shown to you. Help those in need and in your time of need you will likewise be helped. Once you understand how the system works, you’ll be amazed.

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