Interview an Atheist in Church Day (Jackson, MS)

Interview an Atheist in Church Day (Jackson, MS)

In conjunction with National Interview an Atheist in Church Day (May 5, 2013), the pastor of the Meadowbrook Church of Christ in Jackson, MS interviewed Neil…



TheNebraskapithecus says:

do you teach your children that great great.. x1000 grandpa was a Fish?

Tim Ballentine says:

They went out from us to make known they were never of us,for if they were of us they still would be with us.Jesus will never tell anyone”I used to know you”,only,’i never knew you.”

joe bobson says:

I think that includes many evangelicals as well. But I could be wrong. It’s my experience that as long as you don’t talk negatively towards their religion they are nice even though they know you disagree with them. But it’s kind of hard to be yourself when the other side gets to say whatever they want and expects you to respect the nasty things they say towards nonbelievers.

MrRationalist Li says:

I think he means that you have chosen a rational lifestyle.

Neil Carter says:

Did you actually watch the video? I already explained that my experience with Christianity was positive. I also explained that it is insulting to be told that you disbelieve because something bad happened to you because that implies something about you is now damaged. But perhaps you didn’t watch the whole video.

Colli T says:

and I’m not saying that to sound more righteous than other people, I’m saying that because I was raised Christian but am married to a Buddhist, and I’ve been driven away from God by CHRISTIAN PEOPLE! (o_o) Man has twisted every single truth in this world and seeing this in action turned me away from God. I’m finally coming back to Christ recently and ironically I had to be separated from the church for that to happen. Keep that love in your heart Neil and let no man deceive you.

Colli T says:

You make good points. I prefer to call myself spiritual because to call myself Christian would be to put myself in a box with a group of people that I believe have misrepresented God in such a way that it’s almost embarrassing. I spend a lot of time trying to do damage control for people who TRULY follow Jesus Christ. I don’t assume anything about Atheists, save for one thing: you’ve all had bad experiences with religion and religious people that have hurt you in some way. For that, I apologize.

Neil Carter says:

One more question: What “lifestyle” have I chosen?

Samuel Liu says:

Great speech Neil. Living in Kansas, I find my belief challenged often, and by verbal fundamentalist classmates (there’s not that many, thank… GodXD). I try to explain to them what I believe, but it’s been difficult as they denounce even the most basic concepts of most science and logic. I wish I could have intelligent conversations like you.

Jrsc5ive says:

It’s the one and only creator because YOUR book says so right? WEll guess what buddy, everyone else’s little book says theirs is the one and only too. Reading your comment only goes to proves the ignorance of creationists.
“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours”

Khemist82 says:

Awesome Job Neil Carter. As I’ve been struggling with my non-faith, you describe the human interaction I’ve personally been missing with my conversations with believers.

TheMovieEditor says:

I don’t know, keep watching and it could be a ironic 777

TheMotionChief says:

@Captian Yossarian well said

Killswitch197 says:

lol don’t worry, 1992, he has a lot to learn

KeinenUnsinn says:

I can’t speak for others, but I don’t feel “threatened” by it. I just think the New Testament is clear that church is not to be a platform to have non-believers share their non-belief. It IS a place to preach the gospel and welcome all to attend. Obviously you don’t agree. But I’m not saying that it’s not good to know what non-believers think, obviously. I just don’t like the context or manner in which this was done. That’s all I’m saying. Over and out!

Neil Carter says:

There’s plenty of that already available. What was unique about this was that a church invited someone not from their faith to come and talk about what it’s like being a person not from their faith. I think that’s great. But some feel threatened by this. Fortunately this minister did not.

Captain Yossarian says:

No Gods, no masters. We only have each other in this universe. The majority of our ancestors have toiled to give us the world we have, for better or worse. They deserve our praise, not the philosophies they created. They wanted life to be better for their children and their children’s children and look what they’ve accomplished and we are also part of that. We should not fear, we should aspire…for our children’s future, for more peace, for less violence, for fancier gadgets. 🙂

KeinenUnsinn says:

You didn’t read my comment very carefully. Of course atheists claim lack of evidence as a major reason. But I was giving you an example of RELIGIOUS people who saw Jesus perform miracles and proof that he rose from the dead and STILL they did not believe. So obviously lack of evidence is not the root issue. Spiritual deadness is. Only God can change that, not physical and historical evidence (which we also have, but of course people find excuses to dismiss it).

KeinenUnsinn says:

I know THIS wasn’t a debate. I was referring to the context in which I made the “equal time” remark, which was the context of a formal debate (the one that I would rather see than an “interview”)

Neil Carter says:

You don’t know me and yet you tell me you love me. That’s a bit creepy, dude.

Neil Carter says:

If it makes you feel better to assume that my experience was substandard, I figure there’s not much use in my telling you otherwise. Besides, from my perspective, neither of our experiences are with anything outside our own heads.

Neil Carter says:

As with most who tell me exactly the same thing (I believe you are the 84th), you do indeed assume too much. I did not grow up in a legalistic Christian tradition. Mine emphasized personal relationship over “religion.” They call this the “No True Scotsman” accusation.  It attempts to invalidate my experience and my testimony by accusing it of being less authentic than your own.

But you say you have revelation. So what am I to reply to that? We have just left the realm of logic and reason.

Neil Carter says:

Good thing I have alert people like you to tell me about my “true inner most being” otherwise I’d be totally ignorant of my own self. LOL

As for the necessity of a moral law giver, I’d reply that morals are subjective and yet they are sufficient for constructing a social contract, even an entire legal code (see U.S. Constitution).

geek97301 says:

Oh, you’re talking about Odin, right? I agree, he’s a pretty kickass god. Plus his son, our savior, protects us from ice giants, so that we may live in peace! How cool is that?

asphaltman1992 says:

The one and only Creator.. The one you too will one day meet, and bow down to. The one who died, so that you could live in eternal peace with him.

geek97301 says:

Which one? Zeus?

asphaltman1992 says:

. 5.)It is never too late, never lose hope, nothing we can do could ever separate us from the Love Jesus has to offer the blood has covered it all so if infact one thinks they are too far from the Love and joy and TRUTH God has to offer, they are wrongly mistaken.. With great love and respect for your life; Dean.

asphaltman1992 says:

4.)and to live with that guilt and still call yourself a Christian would have been unbearable, because you would have known in your walk that God is infact alive and well in your life.Whatever it may be Neil I love you and will keep you and your life in my prayers, and if it is infact due to the lifestyle you have chosen I would suggest you also share that critical point in your speeches to others my friend, or one could consider it deception and or misleading.

asphaltman1992 says:

. 3.)And as an Atheist I know Logical rationality is to respected, Fourthly what could be another logical explanation for your we will call it “de-conversion” wasn’t because you didnt have a personal relationship with the Lord and let’s say that you walked with him daily. One would suggest that you had a different idea in your mind or change in your life that wasnt in agreement with what the Lord was putting in your heart or what he has taught you through his word,

asphaltman1992 says:

. 2.)We all have it, and from whom? Thirdly; Neil I have to assume that what you had in “Christianity” was a religious experience rather than a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as he intended, or what is called a “legalistic” mind-set. Now I may be wrong in that Neil; It is my assumption not accusation. I’m not telling you who/what you are just simply assuming with the knowledge and revelation the Lord has given me to share with you and previous experiences.

asphaltman1992 says:

1.)I want to first say this Neil; You are an extraordinary speaker, however words alone dont show the true inner most being so to judge or comment as to say that I respect, and or disrespect your views would be ignorant in my position. Only you and God know the true layers/motives of your heart/mind. Secondly to have morals implies that there is a moral law giver, in which to determine the origin/meaning of good/evil which is branded in our mortal being and genetic code.

asphaltman1992 says:

I am a very mighty powerful individual who fears not to superstition, and or any man or anything in the natural/spiritual realm. I have one fear, and its that of God.

anthonydrv says:

Im an Atheist, but I do respect what this church is trying to do

Neil Carter says:

Certainly, although I would ask for two things:

1. Be specific about which aspects need to be addressed rather than making blanket statements about the whole of theism or Christianity. Just as anti-theists hate to be “lumped together,” so do Christians resent being judged for things they don’t advocate. And…

2. Don’t be ugly about it. Withhold the name-calling and personal insults, even if the Christians are doing it to you.

michael kearney says:

this really gives me a lot of hope for the closed minded gay hating christians who seem to riddle my school.

Blase Leverett says:

Neil, you mentioned that certain aspects of Christianity can be harmful. Based on that notion, do you think that opposing views are are legitimately justified from those non-theists who are vocal against it? If Christians can practice spreading the word of God, can’t non-theists openly denounce it?

Dean Martins says:

The Atheist community needs MUCH more of this. Instead of attacking Christianity, speak to them openly and honestly. Show them that Atheists aren’t people to be feared just people who don’t believe in God. Did everyone change their attitude, based on the pastors closing comments, probably not but he certainly challenged them as well. Even if one or two people leave there and change how they treat an Atheist in the future, then that’s a step in the right direction.

geek97301 says:

Are you also terrified by black cats? How about ladders? Are you worried about accidentally walking beneath an open one? 

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