Is the Atheist Movement Dying? (TTA Podcast 352)

Is the Atheist Movement Dying? (TTA Podcast 352)

Seth Andrews offers his perspective on “The Atheist Movement,” its challenges, its opportunities, its evolution, and the warnings about its demise. It’s hoped that you’ll approach the show with an open mind, a respectfully critical ear, and the desire to build a world free from the bonds of superstition, dogma, and magical thinking.

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Harry Gearhart says:

I think Atheism is still growing, and like to think of it as a medicine destroying a disease. As in real life the medicine takes time. I bet in 100 years there will be very little if any religion left in America. And in 100 years when the ocean levels are much higher, JUST LIKE SCIENCE SAID IT WOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe we'll start using our brains instead of living in fairy tale worlds.

MissNorris90 says:

By making a video like this you basically choose to stand with the racists and the Nazi symphatizers, since you barely touch on their behaviour, brushing it off as a "political disagreement" while emphasizing how quick people are to cry bigot nowadays. I have little doubt that this is because your feelings were hurt by people calling you out on your Mythcon decisions, and I find it a little childish. Especially when you have to know that the bigots will interpret this as you being basically cool with them, which maybe you are, I don't know. What I do know is that I cannot stand with you when this is what your platform has become. Just look at this comment section and tell me how many thoughtful comments about atheism there are versus how many whiny alt-righters bitching about the left and SJWs, and then ponder whether you are really making the movement less divisive. Because to me it seems that you've clearly picked a side, and for very questionable reasons. And that is a damn shame.

Xzerkces says:

If that guy who sent you that letter is claiming to be a JW, he is a fake. I was raised a JW and he got a bunch of the critical details wrong. JW's don't believe in hell. They don't use the term "worker", they are called "publishers". Their leaders are called "Elders" and even though they don't get a salary for serving a congregation they are expected to work and support themselves. Elders don't live with families in their congregation and mooch. Just sayin.

John Gault says:

Disbelief is a choice only when you've been formally introduced, or judgement for yourself. Those fighting to prove themselves right and important aren't actually helping anyone but, themselves.

gouk 560 says:

Athiest been duped by Richard Dawkins, he needs to sell his books 😂

xXevilsmilesXx says:

Sure hope you're not gonna make a "my way or the highway" ultimatum like Matt D. did, "I don't want the people who support Sargon Of Akkad here if they watch us both." I dropped Matt like the 3rd Wave Femtard idiot he is that very second in his Mythcon vid. Sargon never made such divisive declarations or requirements of his viewers. I'll drop you just the same.

Vincent Cortina says:

In other news, is disbelief in Santa Claus and the Easter bunny on the wane?

Matthew Hill says:

Until government(s) stop paying absurd and irrational lip service to religion and its adherents, we'll never move on. The atheist movement will thus remain, but it will take many forms, e.g,. The Satanic Temple, and other aggressively non-traditional groups. Member of TST here, and believe me, atheism as a movement is only growing.

FamiliaC says:

I’m a atheist but I talk about GOD every single day. 😂

Francisco Mendoza says:

by the way, I'm an ex-christian preacher atheist.

Francisco Mendoza says:

you rock, Seth. it is a LOT worse in the religious world. at least we atheists are not hypocritical *ssholes like them. we are just outspoken.

David Roberts says:

Atheists: Totally united in their philosophy of individual freedom of thought and their conclusion that there might be no god. "Free Thinkers"

1959xerox 1959xerox says:

The "atheist movement" has been infected by the terrible disaese of "political correctness and political correct thinking"

Jeff84455 says:

An international Atheist organization and Logo needs to be setup. The organization with its membership needs to all come up with a standard description of purpose and basic shared belief. in simple terms when spelled out. Example: "We ask for verifiable proof before we would consider allowing our common judgment and intellect to be pushed aside for any reason of worship or belief etc…." or something. Then all members that are out there around the world pod casting ect… can post the logo that identifies the group. This has more power then the massively fragmented religious groups. These same groups are trying to dismantle the movement by exploiting their own weakness upon the atheists in the media by simply fragmenting and taking statements out of context. With such traits on lookers would be able to go to the international atheist org web site and see the broad statement that is shared by all its members. Also there is a way to protect those identities in countries where they would be killed if found to be members. That method I would not post here for good reasons. Unlike the their needs to be one universal logo that the umbrella groups also display. Don't need to be weakened following the church structure with all the denominations with different views on the belief system. We need to focus on our shared belief in asking for proof etc…

Jeff84455 says:

Let us remember atheist-ism is not a religion as many try to pass it off as. It is the lack of without evidence. Show me proof with out a doubt and testable anywhere in the world multiple times. Then maybe you might have some God or some magician at play. But that does not mean I would bow down to such.

David Kennerly says:

The problem is, being an "atheist," i.e. 'not believing in God' isn't enough to establish commonality, in most cases. Take P.Z. Myers, for example. I detest him because he is as politically correct and gender-feminist as the day is long and because of his association (and ass-kissing) of one atheist feminist, in particular, who I consider to be particularly hateful and vile, Rebecca Watson. I find him to be a nasty ideologue whose ideology I find particularly abhorrent and actually quite evil. The fact that he doesn't believe in God isn't enough for me to identify him as someone whom I could ever like or trust. The same is true for Communists, with whom we have long been conflated, but whom many of us similarly detest. This is, perhaps, the single most common challenge among single-interest groups, not just atheists. I've certainly always found this to be true in the gay community, for example. Combining atheism with something else – in my case libertarianism, makes more sense when one is to engage within the context of an organization. Dawkins is brilliant as is Harris and Krauss. I don't agree with much of their politics as I find them to be far too accomodating of government authority but, in general, they don't insist that their audience embraces their politics as a precondition for being respectable atheists, so I can find much with which I agree and can be informed, and dazzled, by their insights. I guess it comes down to, in their case, finding their brilliance in science and atheism to be so great that whatever political differences I may have with them are inconsequential.

HazeWulfDemonic says:

Great topic and talk Seth! As always.

itsatz says:

Face it Seth, you don't have the balls to take these scumbag church people to court. The Christian church is a proven fiction. Its founding father's have all been caught lying by scholars. Take them to court and you will see your ranks swell.

Mark Lucas says:

Seth, it breaks my heart to know your parents are so distant from you now. They have so much of which to be proud in you – I think somehow they simply must be.

Ken Lee says:

Movement? LOL I realized atheism at 3.75 years old when i rejected Santa as possible, and then smashed the JW's that came to the door 4 days later … My mom just laughed and said "Talk to him, I'm busy with dishes", and walked away. It has been an "interesting" 52.25 years of hearing baseless claims. I feel sorry for them, have helped a few … Still going strong 🙂

outoftheblue65 says:

Great show, Seth. See you Sunday.

Accelerationist says:

The movement may be dying, but atheism itself is certainly not. In fact, it's stronger than ever. It's spreading everywhere faster and faster. Religion being ridiculed is just normal now. The internet was a godsend, pun totally intended. 🙂

Mocha4Man says:

Seth always has the greatest knowledge for young Minds breaking free from this religion!!

Ted Apelt says:

Both Joseph Stalin and Ayn Rand were both atheists, and were also from the same part of the world and the same time in history. Yet, they could not have been more at odds with each other over very basic things.

steveb0503 says:

So many comments pointing fingers and calling names – it makes me wonder how many are suffering with Borderline Personality Disorder: if they're not "with you", then they are "against you". Sounds like "fundamentalism" to me…

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