Is There Life After Death? – Adnan Rashid vs Atheist – Speakers Corner

Is There Life After Death? – Adnan Rashid vs Atheist – Speakers Corner

Watch Public Debate in Speakers Corner. Is There Life After Death? – Adnan Rashid vs Atheist. Thank you for Watching.

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kim Domingo says:

Jesus is the only way to go to heaven.Amen

kim Domingo says:

Islam is the source of evil.Christian is the religion in the world.

kim Domingo says:

Muslims are no soul because their soul is in the hell.

M Hassan says:

A Christian guy is interfering for no reason. This is the problem with this kind of debate too many people are asking questions or talking same time.

Moazzam Baig says:

Is brother Adnan Pakistani British?

Moazzam Baig says:

Is brother Adnan Pakistani British?

Adil J Hussain says:

Either Adnan disagrees with classical scholars or simply uses Taqqiya here.

thedriftking1979 says:

ignorance at its best!

MyTuzla says:

Christian fool again. Whybdont these Christians follow the teachings of Jesus instead of their faithless pagan church?

johnbrennan203 says:

Watch the Muslim guys face at around 4:25 talk about angry. Perhaps it's because the athiest had just pointed out that Allah is just one of the thousands of God's and Goddesses that men have dreamed up and that either all are true and or none are true.
Did he actually try the watchmaker strawman ? the more of these videos that I watch no matter what religious beliefs are being promoted they all use the same arguments and they are all based on blind faith with no proof

awais jamil says:

Christianity 3, Islam 1. Btw Im talking about the number of Gods these two religions believe in

awais jamil says:

we worship Muhammad saw? Typical Christian making claims that are false and cant prove smh

Ruby munday says:

true face of evil christianity, see how violent the mad preacher was and how he hit out at someone for touching him. nasty piece of work and a liar who once claimed he had been a muslim and it was proven he never had been.

mohammed hashim says:

guys wr is the next video.. the continue of this episode

Huda Ibrahim says:

Is Adnan married? He is the hottest Asian I've ever seen Mashallah it must be the combination of the Islamic knowledge and broad chest 😅😅

Jameel Ali says:

MUSLIMS ARE KUFFAR-:TAQIYA :;Chop off People Head CRUCIFY People Follow MuhammadExample of VIOLENCE).,;::;

geinee says:

we are told to shave our armpits to adopt cleanliness.

Anthony Thomas says:

piss on your language and your religion and piss on Allah

Anthony Thomas says:

Your tent is full of dirty whores.

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