Is There Life After Death? After Seeing It U Won’t Sleep Tonight. Afterlife – Best Of Haunted Earth

Is There Life After Death? After Seeing It U Won’t Sleep Tonight. Afterlife – Best Of Haunted Earth

After watching this video you will be 12 min closer to your death.
But you will learn something so stunning – you won’t sleep tonight.
So you want to know what happens to you (if anything) after Death comes for you?
You came to the right place. I died twice and death is not that bad.
It’s like someone removed a battery from your soul
Once I died 1991 and once in 2015 – twice my heart stopped for over 5 min.
Maybe that’s why my videos are so weird. Nonetheless, you shall find out the truth here.
Death is very similar to birth. You will see light once you are coming out of the body.
Both times you change the worlds you live in after you coming out of the body and seeing the light.
It has everything to do with time, expect the time itself does not exist.
Imagine the endless loaf of bread. Cut in pieces. Each peace is the moment of your life put together.
Time is our brain artificial construct to restrain you and keep you from going mad
Esker Effect proves: Every year you live your brain significantly speeds up time
ESP, Déjà-vu, Premonitions, Dreams are possible because you have already lived though them
In other words, your brain just making an illusion for you of straight time flow to keep you from going mad
In reality, you are constantly jumping back and forward from past to the future and from being dead to being alive
If you ever played Sim game, you can return your Sim Human or Animal to the past of fast forward to the future
In this game of life you are Sim Human and you cannot jump time but your Player-Creator can
So one day you die (at least in the eyes of other Sim Humans). What’s then?
Remember I told how good your brain paying with time so it has one final play for you in store
The brain will stop your time perception
And you will be stuck for a very long time in heaven, hell, underworld or any other place you think true
For Christians it’s – heaven or hell, for pagans – it’s Valhalla or underworld, for atheists – earth
And whatever you are – you will be forced to relive good and bad moments of your life over and over
Without actually remembering it
Believer or not – if you tried to make life happy – it’s good afterlife, and the sinner will be stuck in sin
That’s what all religions intuitively trying to tell you but they luck the scientific base I have
That’s also the concept of singularity and full circle.
As they told you – the choice is really yours.
The same final brain time trick works for animals too
They will also relive all happy moments of their lives over and over again without remembering it
And so will you. Take it from me who was there
The more humans and animals you will make happy – the better your eternity will be
And the more misery you caused – the more your afterlife look like hell
If you want to learn more seek this book: Creator’s Riddle: Darwin Vs God Book by Igor Kryan
Also don’t miss episode: Can You Change Your Fate & Destiny? – Coming January 2017
And as I told you at the beginning: You are now 12 min closer to your death. Tik Tak



nazra7 says:

Time is not just a mere construct of our brains. Its been proven that being near mass decreases time. The atomic clocks inside our satellites have to be recalibrated every so often to keep them matched with the clocks here on Earth because time flows a little faster in space than it does on Earth. Time also flows just a minuscule amount faster at sea level than it does on mountain tops. Time is a real thing.

Brian Workman says:

but you were correct at rhe end the video was 12 minutes long guess the video was a little longer than you first thought

Brian Workman says:

lol you lied to me at first you said i would be 10 minutes cl9ser to my death at the end you said 12

Marj Rimando says:

Scary & weird but really great info – something to seriously think about

Old Enough says:


Christina Fitzpatrick says:


Christina Fitzpatrick says:

No disrespect, but u hardly make sense

Dorothy Wegner says:

not going to lose sleep over this one

Lisa Myers says:

It'll actually keep me awake at night. But thanks for the post – it's unlike anything I have seen

Simon Shaw says:

Usually i hate your videos but this one is great – life changing & mind altering. U might be – I might have hard time falling asleep after seeing it

luis contreras says:

I think you can see if you die and came back alive I see them all time that's why I lift nyc but there here in miami like crazy open your eyes and mind for its let ppl

luis contreras says:

hi have die over 5 times and came no ppl when I was a little kid I die when my mother was having me 3 other time drowning and I'm not going to say the other 1 but all those 4 time I seen something different I even drew a few of them when I was a kid…


first off if anyone has actually died for awhile and cane back then I might believe it BUT I would have to c with my own eyes and if there's a better place then this I surely would have been dead year's ago!!!!!! thanks for some more bullshit information!!!! BUT I'm not EVER watching a video that shows a picture that is not even in the video EVER again so until I am actually so bored and have nothing else to watch I just might watch this. probably not!!

Mr Itachi says:

so is it our mind that makes up the world we go to in the afterlife

Ella Sprivakov says:

what a great video about life and death concept. probably the best i ever saw

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