Is There Life After Death? ft. Gina Darling

Is There Life After Death? ft. Gina Darling

Is there life after death? The JK Crew discusses this unanswered question.

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Gina Darling
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OK DK says:

Honestly we humans think of us self as special and everything. But our species excluding the neanderthal have only lived for 15000 years i believe. And who of you thinks the human race is going to live hundreds of millions of years without self-destructing like a lot of species has? We are too smart for our own good.

Elusified says:

I really like what I'm seeing in the comments. Everyone is just expressing their thoughts and respecting each other. If you were on any other channel you would see a whole bunch of immature people going at each other.
Edit: never mind just saw a dickhead being disrespectful.

Rick Sanchez says:

I honestly don't know what I believe happens beyond death. On one hand, it seems logical to believe that there would be nothing. On the other hand, we still don't even know what happened before the universe, if there even was something before the universe, so how are we supposed to know what happens after the universe? What if we can't imagine there being nothing because there never was nothing, and there will never be nothing. For all we know, once we die, we're going to go on a mind trip like Doctor Strange and live in a mirror dimension.

eraserH says:

Go watch GHOST ADVENTURE, and it will change your idea of life after death

Stincky Games says:

If people actually read there Bibles then they would know that there is no after life just an eternal sleep.

NAWAf fahad says:

الله يهديكم يارب الى الاسلام

incubusLive says:

life is just a game called reality.

Christon Han says:

I find it sad and a little disturbing whenever I hear someone say "we become nothing after we die." I wonder what makes them continue to live if they know they will cease to exist at the end. If you can't enjoy your life result, or see how your life has impacted the world, why bother?

For the record, I believe people will either go to heaven or hell.

Puto Pato says:

sorry bart we are not special at all. we are very comparable to the other species. death is the end of the organism's experience as that organism, the matter continues but that subjective consciousness vanishes, ceases to exist

Dante Cortez says:

I am terrified of death it's the idea of nothingness and darkness that terrifies me

EnergyPotato says:

what was the movie portrayed in the first minute of the video?

Agustin Ramirez says:

They should make a video of what they think the illuminati is

MTN117 says:

whats the song in the backgrounds. beats is fire!

Silver Mirai says:

I'm not religious whatsoever. What makes sense to me is that hey, at some point I wasn't conscious, then I became conscious, at some point I will die, so not being conscious again. But I see no reason why not to become conscious again since I've done it at least once. Makes sense ?

Not existing > existing > not existing, What prevents us from going to "existing" again since we'll be in the same state as previously to existing ?

It makes sense to me that actually we might've kept existing and dying over and over, perhaps as other life forms, on other planets, maybe even other universes. Who knows.

GvdieR XV says:

What if someone from the future is simulating to be us to see how our period of time was. when we go to sleep they disconnect from the simulation. so every person has someone, so our brains aren't really ours but someone else's, that's simulating our lives because we all going down on history one way or another by Gov. documents or just being successful; people from the future could find us easily by being family or just some random

Decode Cod3 says:

imma roll a joint and rewatch this to have my mind blowin

Ring Rong says:

I hope I can just live forever :/

peterj724951 says:

New channel: JustKiddingPhilosophy

Jesschica says:

Nice edits , fellow new editor! Welcome to the JK FAM

Dean Winchester says:

deep thoughts with the Jk crew

Drop Dead says:

I just wish that when I die, I can come back as a ghost and fuck with people

Randomly Funny says:

Glad im early…before the comments turn cancerous

FonfonJoe says:

Yo, I'm diggin the background music

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