IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH? [Gloria Polo’s Testimony]

IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH? [Gloria Polo’s Testimony]

Doctor Gloria Polo was an orthodontist living in Columbia when she was struck by lightning and had a near death experience in which she was judged by Jesus and condemned for mortal sin. Fortunately…



Sanctus Vianney says:

Before this video I never contemplated what joy there is in going hungry so
another may eat. The hunger pangs in ones stomach are pains of joy when
offered to our Lord out of love. Penance Penance Penance! Must atonement
must be done for our sins and the sins of others! Make sacrifices for the
holy souls in purgatory and you have that multitude of holy souls praying
for you until you reach heaven!

milas1212 says:

Thank you Jesus Christ for sending us the testimony of Gloria Polo. I wish
everyone knew Spanish so they could understand her better. Her testimony
has helped me a lot. 

leinad azonipse says:


Zampan0 says:

I had to mute the sound and just read. You really should remake this with
better sound, a human being would be best i.m.o.

Natalie Williams says:

Wow!! This is amazing, and so true. More people need to watch this. God

wjllman says:

All Glory and Honor be to Our Lord Jesus Christ! Thanks for your words,
Brother !! I don’t speak English, But God always puts the tools !!! God
Bless you !! 🙂

Amanda Nguyen says:

Thank you for the English translation. God bless you. This is like a
miracle to me that I’ve found your video clip! Praise the Lord! I thank the
Lord for Gloria Polo. Without a doubt that Gloria got send back to earth
from Jesus. God bless her and her family now and eternity.

Fe M says:

This is an eye opener for all of us. The real to her eye experiences that
she encountered can be a guiding torch on how we should live our lives.

Brian Fuentes says:

Please watch this video for enlightenment.

Spirit Filled Hearts says:

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