“Is There Life After Death?” Leonard Mlodinow Answers Reader Questions

“Is There Life After Death?” Leonard Mlodinow Answers Reader Questions

In WAR OF THE WORLDVIEWS, Leonard Mlodinow and Deepak Chopra battle over the cosmos, evolution and life, the human brain, and God, probing the fundamental qu…



surfingthechaos says:

Leonard Mlodinow and Deepak Chopra have some significant disagreements, but they have shown that they are perfectly capable of debating each other without tearing down the other person’s self worth. They even collaborated on a book together. They set a valuable precedent that the general community of people who leave comments on youtube videos, are in desperate need of.

stephen k says:

Something that exists cannot go from existing to non-existing. That is my opinion. We all exist as part and parcel to strange cycles. Cycles that we do not fully understand with our feeble minds. NDEs are absolutely evidence there is some transition from this life to another reality. The reality of pure consciousness. In my opinion, all things arise from that pure consciousness. All matter, all beings. Every thought comes from it. Every action comes from it. Every quantum action arises

FreeWillOrPerfection says:

thanks for posting!

If were being honest we don’t exist if we are in deep sleep…. such as under heavy anesthesia…

if we have ever existed once we are on the dice…if such a crazy thing like life can be on the dice with all its beauty and imperfections it seems like it wouldn’t be too crazy to think that we may have to do it over and over..

But maybe the truth is that we die FOR EV ER and the one who can appreciate how sad that is is the one who knows how valuable we are to each other.

George Brown says:

The smug sarcastic tone tells you instantly that he has contempt for any view outside of materialism.

Desertphile says:

“Is There a God?”

Wrong question.

“Does it matter if there are gods?”

Correct question.

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