When a black magician dies, are they cursed to an underworld? What has soul travel revealed to me about the afterlife? Learn to astral travel right here:

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Ty Keller says:

Haha! Secret handshakes! Your ex-Mormon is showing ;)

Warren Hailes says:

your re inserted back into another mundane reality..if your balanced and in control of your soul you can travel anywhere you want. once you learn the paths….

Jeesus Hitler says:

my beliefs are gonna make the afterlife fucking awesome for me… Oh man. This life has given me experience I can now duplicate on the astral plain in various forms.

Warren Hailes says:

Who says this life is actually A life or living Life??

Truthseeker says:

Pourage burns

Kevin Pickford says:

Astral projection, once you have projected request to be sent to a location of your choice be it on earth or where ever and you will be taken there.

Vermilion says:

This has been my exact belief since I was a child. I have experience with lucid dreaming and thought that it's similiar to your after life… it's created by your thoughts experiences. I want to learn to astral travel

BARNEY says:

Very Interesting

BoBbo6665 says:

sorry to ask you this but based on what you yourself believe and what you practice, what will happen to you when you die. I'm not saying you are a bad person or do mean things, you seem very intelligent with a good head on your shoulders but based on  the "company' you associate with, I was just wondering.

Bronson Gorham says:

Thanks for confirming my beliefs on the afterlife. Looks like I'll be wandering Middle Earth for a while after my body is done. I almost can't wait. :D

rbolo29 says:

I don't know Matthew. Us black magicians will be horrified if there's life-after-life and if we go to hell. I'm an atheist. The Vigilent Christian would tear this up!

amara Sensourinh says:

OMG…the secret hand shake. Hahaha!!! YESSSSS…I LIVE for the secret hand shake. This was a great video. Thank you.

Erzebet Hexubus says:

what if when I astral travel I don't want to come back

MrDannyLaRusso says:

I want to do what Franz Bardon did, and leave my physical body days before death to prevent the dramatic shock to the mental body.

MrDannyLaRusso says:

your explanation about what happens when you die is from Manly p. Hall

A. M. says:

I had not watched you in a while, your eyes look different somehow. I appreciate you making these videos. when I'm in the astral and see only darkness it feels alive somehow I feel like I'm in a womb. When I'm in the light it's all white fire with different flames each doing it's own thing:) I find a lot of wisdom from the bible too, in that I believe a lot of it was taken from pagan traditions.

William Brooks says:

What happens to suicide victims and murders?

Daniel Samberg says:

Koetting you're so wise and well informed. Kudos!!

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