Is There Life after Death? (What Really Comes Next)

Is There Life after Death? (What Really Comes Next)

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☯ Today we will be talking about life, death and if there really is an afterlife! Many of us wonder what comes next so it’s important to explore the possibilities of what is to come in the next (potential) realm of existence after life! This video will break down the two main ways we come to understand an afterlife and more! ☯

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Koi Fresco says:

Hope this helps 🕉️ make sure to turn on notifications and share this with anyone you think it might assist!

Shadow Ling says:


Read the Thiaoouba prophecy!



Forgotmynamelol says:

Congrats on 420K subscribers!

billybob joe says:

The background song brings back nostalgia from watching your old videos! Thanks Koi for all of your insight over the years

Andrea Chis says:

I had the thought that maybe we just wake up in bed and realize that every life to ever exist was us. And then we gotta get up to go to work.

Zatch says:

So it's like an ego death experience. Where nothing and everything co-exist as one thing.

Noah says:

420k subs lol

Aaron Shippey says:

Koi.. I love you!

Redwood Mystic says:

The Church doesn't promote the ego self. It is said many times let Jesus grow in you. I think it was St. Paul that said "I die daily". Afterlife isn't the rebirth of our sinful selves here on Earth. It is union with G-d. I and I. One with I Am.

Dankatine The Emporer says:

Im facsinated by this topic. I always wondered about ghosts and if we can contact them to find out.

Dead_Outsane71 says:

Stoner talk

larz vahamaki says:

throwing a bullseye and hitting a dart 😀

william dryer says:

Well, that's a new way to play darts for sure… Throwing the bullseye at the dart!

Tahj Apex says:

Your videos has helped shaping me as a person, I am forever thankful. Love you Koi! Ram Ram

Dante Uchiha says:

420k subs lol 420

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