It’s Finally Over! – Atheist Bible Study #114

It’s Finally Over! – Atheist Bible Study #114


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CheetosForBreakfast says:

The end of YouTube at least

rocky balboa says:

Fuck Oakley's guys, look into some Maui Jim's. Yeah the name is hella hokey, but they have the highest polarization out of any sunglasses you can buy. They make colors pop like fuckin crazy and it feels like you switched to an HD version of your life every time you put them on.

Light Yagami says:

I used to have a dream that I was in Japan and could summon Godzilla whenever I wanted. All the people would ask me to summon him and he would show up destroying everything and the sky turns blood red. They ask me to get rid of him and everything goes back to normal and then they ask me to summon him again. This would repeat over and over all night and I always woke up crying from it, had it tons of times growing up.

Edward Unlikely says:

Jesus Christ! I thought I was the only one having dreams about forgetting locker combinations, roaming the Hallways of the past, freaking out because there was a class I was supposed to be taking in order to graduate, yet realizing,within the dream that I am more than ten years beyond this. This is more universal than I had originally presumed. I hope that the next time I dream of such things I have it in me to say,as Hugo did, Fuck This!,and move on from such nonsense.Wow! What a breakthrough.Keep it up guys,you're doing the Lord's Work.

David Ray says:

Okay so I was really stoked on learning ear anatomy and I paused the video and there is no part of the graphic you guys posted that has anything labeled "anvil". I know that it's a part of the ear, I vaguely remember it being mentioned at school, and I know this is super nitpicky, but man, I just wanted to learn about ears :(

Mictian says:

The difference between a Jew and a pizza, is that the pizza doesn't scream when you put it in the oven.

jbenvenga says:

I haven't had any dreams for about 5 years since I left the seminary (at least I don't remember having dreams by the time I woke up), but the other day I had my first dream in a while. I was dating Simone Biles. That was pretty cool.

dtoyking1 says:

I worked in that airport you just showed it's Washington Dulles airport.

Vadium Black says:

and most my dreams i am either lost and forgot how to use my phone or running from demonic enemy, and almost dying

Vadium Black says:

10:25, i had a dream like that only it was a sentient severed hand, it killed me once but i destroyed it by ripping it apart

Samuel Bernstein (beefcake311) says:

I have vivid dreams of me in the passenger seat of a car with someone I know driving (the driver changes each time I have the dream). Then we get into a sideswipe/head on collision where the front corner of the car catches the front corner of another oncoming car. I'm flung from the car and can taste blood and asphalt. People are standing around and I reach out for help but I can't say anything because I can't breath. I try crawling towards some of them but I can only move one of my limbs. They all just stand there and watch me as I start to die. Then I wake up.
….Ah I bet that's normal. Don't even get me started on the spider dreams.

Ian Hartman says:

So some guy tried to understand the world and after his death people used his wisdom to empower themselves?

Conor McIntyre says:

My dreams have interested me for a long time, and so I have been paying close attention to them for many years. I don't remember most of my dreams (and perhaps as an insomniac I am just not getting to REM), but when I do it is always the same. My dreams always involve a wide verity of what you might call "scenes." These scenes are a seemly random and innumerable assortment of scenarios that play in loops with slight change every time. They can take place in any time or environment (sometimes even in barren landscapes with truly nothing in them) and ANYTHING can happen. There can be sound, not everything can be mute. There can be living things, or everything could be lifeless. There could be images to see, or only alternative ways of experiencing things. The time it takes for each scene to be reset changes every time, but it's always close to the length of the previous scene. I can be a character in these scenarios, or I could simply exist as a completely unnoticed, and incorporeal observer. I become incorporeal whenever I die, and when incorporeal I can change scenes at will by moving in directions I do not think I can properly describe in words. I migrate this strange state of consciousness until I awaken.

Joseph Gonzalez says:

I have a reoccurring dream where my dick falls off.
P.s. I reattach it but it's a hassle

itstartedinmud says:

raw almonds are poisonous.

itstartedinmud says:

ear rape! triggered!

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