John Kasich Is An Anti-Atheist Bigot

John Kasich Is An Anti-Atheist Bigot

Ohio Governor and former Presidential candidate John Kasich was in New Hampshire recently to endorse fellow Republican Chris Sununu for Governor. But a strange thing happened after his announcement…

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Rob Roy says:

damn, that Daniel does believe in evolution, and the earth is far older than 10k years…..please note my sarcasm…

cali correa says:

I think overall John is a nice guy that unlike Bernie, he doesn't sells out.

forgotten redemption says:

I'm a proud atheist fuck that dude.

Idiot atheist says:

How moronic to compare a race to nonsense like atheism.

Thomas Doyle says:

Ahh, I knew Atheism was a religion.

Joe Koch says:

Come on we never started a war

White Libertarian Atheist says:

Daniel Radcliffe is Jewish

Jeremy Imm says:

What if it were… a unicorn? what? they don't exist? so tired of the what if it were argument.

ochre138 says:

I'm not an atheist, although I admire Kyle"s dissection of this subject. Worthwhile ! Not a "liberal'' neither. Insightful food for though. LIKE :)

Mayhemm007 says:

Can someone tell me what the 7 states are so I can never accidentally go there? I'm not giving tourism dollars to a state that discriminates against me by law. I already have an idea what they are, but it would be nice to know for sure.

Enrique Godinez says:

So Kasich thinks Daniel's success was because of God? Lol

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