Joseph Prince – Imperfect Faith Not A Barrier to God’s Grace – 22 Jul 2012

Joseph Prince – Imperfect Faith Not A Barrier to God’s Grace – 22 Jul 2012

You don’t need perfect faith to receive from Jesus! Even if you have doubts, if you reach out to Him, He will forgive your doubts and reward whatever faith y…



Brian Hashimoto says:

Thank you Jesus

Trudy Whitley says:

Praise God!

yamillahlovestony says:


Kevin Basil Magnus says:

Preach On Pastor, SHALOM & BLESSINGS!!

Paul Gundrum says:

I’m so thankful for this teaching…..because my faith is often imperfect
and weak….but Jesus loves me anyway!

owolabi afolabi says:

Joseph Prince on the God. God’s love cannot be limited by the size of our

Hyacinth Campbell-Daley says:

Listen to His interpretation about imperfect faith?

Frances Gonzaga says:


Ally Smith says:

This is the best message I’ve ever heard!! I needed this 😀 Thank you
Joseph! I love you!

Barry Hansen says:

It’s all about Jesus performance, not ours. IF we have faith as little as a
mustard seed, we can tell that mountain to throw itself in the ocean. Our
little faith, can do great things through Christ. Jesus said ask anything
and it will be do TO THE GLORY OF THE FATHER.

Rain Cawili says:


Scott Spellman says:

Thank you Joseph.

xingyulovemj says:

Does it apply to prayers as well. It does right

lannister000 says:

What an amazing man Joseph Prince is. How explains God’s Word and the
meaning of Jesus’ teachings. He puts everything in context.

Goose Neck says:

Thank you for explaining this message to me. God forgive me my sins and
know my heart, I pray in Christ Jesus’ name.

Lindsey F says:

I love that the date is the 22nd; 22 is the number that represents
revelation. We now have the revelation of His love. We don’t have to
qualify for God’s grace and redeeming love! Hallelujah!!

Roy Takome says:

amen! Amen!! AMEN!!!

Aaron McWan says:

Amen. This was for me, Joseph! I really needed this now! God bless you, May
He make you to be a blessing to other people like me!!!

OnimeNoRice says:

This really spoke to me because of where i am today. Nice one man, and
thank you God! 😀

HoodMinister says:

Praise God for His Wonderful Grace-JESUS ! Thank you Pastor Prince.

missdweeby says:

Really? This is the God that we serve?? AMAZING GRACE!!!

Beverly Woods says:

Hallelujah. He is altogether lovely our Jesus.

ActionStarRealty says:

Awesome Word of God!

Jojo Varghese says:

Absolutely Love your interpretation. Such a Graceous God

Evelena Armogenia says:

I am so blessed with all your video sermons which enlightens me. I love to
hear it, great and interesting….

Ladykyra101 says:

AHHHHHHHH!! My God, this is just crazy love!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!
Hallelujah!! :-0

dboyakaproverb says:

Amen! God is Good!!

peacheslovesjesus says:

Thank YOU, LORD, for this. I needed to hear this.

BluCurry says:

Praise God

jcjs95 says:


Caleb Lambright says:

Recently my heart was broken by a girl i love<3 i asked God to let me Have
favor with her and his answer was apparently No. pray for me that i might
be able to endure this...

Roy Takome says:

Amen and Amen! Thank you, Lord Jesus and Pastor Prince for sharing this
sermon on my Birth-date! God Bless Pastor Prince and his family… Shalom!

ryzel garcia says:

Thank you God

chynaphotogurl says:


akissonthecheek says:


verginJK says:

Good msg Pastor Prince

Nalini Ratnayake says:


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