(Leonard Nimoy) In Search Of.. **Life After Death** (Season 1 Episode 19)

(Leonard Nimoy)  In Search Of.. **Life After Death**   (Season 1 Episode 19)

Life after Death: A visit to a soul research institute for firsthand accounts of people who claim they have died and come back to life.



atam mardes says:

God/heaven/hell/etc. are primitive delusional man’s idea who didn’t realize the idea of god deciding heaven or hell afterlife based on their faith in god makes god look like a psychopath with a vengeance who craves attention & wants to take out his frustration on humans.
Carnivorous like lions or poisonous snakes that kill purely for survival are expected from an evolutionary process but not from god. If god created them then that makes god look like a psychopath who enjoys animal cruelty.

IAmTheEvilMonkey says:

Spock ‘died’ in Wrath of Khan.
You know the answer to this one Nemoy!
I’d come back to life too if Scotty was blowing bagpipes at my funeral.
Was that a big funeral tradition on Vulcan?

illinoizrichy1 says:

and at the end of the light,,you heard dogs barking? that don’t sound to bad now at all

Kim Brenner says:

Leonard Nimoy’s voice is amazing. 

Rick Sheaffer says:

I remember seeing it on t.v. when I was a kid and seeing the pic of Amelia Earhardt and it is like burned inside of me!

WhatBurnsMyBacon says:

No, that’s a myth.

David A Morse says:

I watched with my mother as a kid.

Lola0555 says:

Ok isn’t it common knowledge that someone constantly looking to the left, is usually lying or trying to make up what they are saying???

Heather Goodwin says:

i can’t take my eyes off that pink collar…!

Luke Johnson says:

thank you for posting these. Loved these as a kid

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