Life After Death

Life After Death

A balanced view on whether there is any Life after Death.



Puneet Handa says:

Dear Mr. Prakash Shesh, I heard your horrific speech and was dumb-founded.
Idiots like you are only produced when you come from rural areas deprived
of any goodness and get into institutions like IIMA. Shame on you! Shame on
your speech. You talked such trash only to make people laugh. You have no
concept or idea of NDE. That is what the talk was supposed to be about.
NDEs reported and documented all over the world. The talk had nothing to do
with Hinduism or any other religion. You are a shame to my institution and
a piece of dump. Dr. Puneet Handa

Chetan Kewalramani says:

The underlying theme of the discussion sir,was the effect of conditioning &
the basic instinct of humans of trying to relate to something which
corroborates to this conditioning & their own thought.Empirical &
unquestionable as it is,it works both ways.It can make u a believer or a
non-believer.The part that caught my attention the most was the part about
“objective thinking”, about retaining that 1% chance but being careful
enough not to take decisions which override the 99%.

Nitin kumar says:

Excellent interpretation of the eventuality before experiencing it ! Very
captivating and interesting speech. It gives us enough food for thought
that we should celebrate natural death just the way we celebrate birth of a
child. I feel that if we treat ourselves as tourists on this planet; then
we will live our life to the fullest and death would be just a transit to
the next destination…. Thanks for stimulating the processing of the mind
Prakash Sir….!!!

Prakash Shesh says:

Vinay, I am glad that you liked the speech. Forward it to anyone you like.
Yes others have also told me that I should record more such speeches and
circulate them. Let’s hope I am able to do this. Incidentally, your parents
and I think your in laws ( I may be wrong here) had attended this speech of

Ajay Bhonsle says:

I don’t even know what will happen to me tomorrow– so really don’t care
about the next life! But if you can hold the attention of Rotarians for 48
mins then it is really creditable. All the same a good & entertaining talk,
but frankly I think all those scientists & Ph Ds were wasting their own
(and our time). I totally agree with you when you say that all those ‘near
death’ experiences were a result of conditioning.

Chetan Kewalramani says:

My view: i want to try past life regression just to be sure & really wish
that you do it too. All in all it was a great watch. Captivating, thought
provoking, unbiased and with a good message right at the end. Whether for
reincarnation or otherwise, donating our bodies for research is as good a
deed as we can do. Truly the best way of “surviving after death’.

Tarun Patel says:

Sir, you are always interesting to listen, & each one who listen to this
speech would enjoy listening your views on this topic. Tarun Patel

Mahesh jagdeo says:

Excellent explaination and analysis… I wish you had also posted the
debate after this speech which could give more insight to this situation…
thnx for sharing

Saghir Ansari says:

The lecture was superb, excellent, admirable,first class, notable, the
delivery was also superb, thanks.

dilip sutradhar says:

The lecture was admirable…………….

vinay laddha says:

Would like to listen to more such speeches. Found it really interesting and
have shared this with my friends.

Kaustubh Maynil says:

Nice 1 sir.. especially the last few lines!! It proved out to be a brain
storming speech.. Pls keep coming more. A pleasure to listen!

Prakash Shesh says:

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