Life after Death

Life after Death

Is there an experience to be had once the body shuts down? Or are we just lost in eternal “Nothingness.”

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Jane Smith says:

What the fuck did I just watch?

MyUniqueUsername says:

When you die you will remember not only your own life, but you will remember the lives of everybody. That's the moment when you understand that you were all of them! So please make every place on this Earth a good place to live, because you might spend your next life there.

AJ Pretorius says:

the dream is the dreamer and the dreamer is the dream.

Holly Watkins says:

This is really something to me, I've always felt like I experience things different to other people. The way I talk about my opinion of life after death is almost inconceivable to everyone else and only my brain understands it. The first time I smoked weed I came to the realisation that there's so much more to us than what we are capable of perceiving. I watched as all the different dreams span through my brain yet I was unable to actually put it into something I could write down. Everything was spinning around and it opened my eyes to what happens constantly in the bits of our head that we cannot access.

RobynSmily says:

Hey man.
I don't think DMT is the only eay to experience what you have had.
I have had similar experiences and gotten to almost the same conclusion as what you talked in the video from both Acid, Shrooms and weed (not at the same time, but in different occasions)

Matias Mingo says:

Adam trip sit me please!!! I don't trust anyone else.

Hector Lamar says:

Where would I be?? I'd be cruising the universe and travelling the cosmos as a beam of energy as far away from this shithole as possible.

ZonSkill says:

fuck yall im goin to heaven and pop molly with jesus

Christina Michelle says:

Absolutely love this.

nox707 says:

No, we never were dead, we, parts of us physically lived in billions ways in other creatures. Some of them had consciousness, some- not so much. They died and out of their material we were made up and as conscious beings came to existence from never being existed before. Consciousness is just a software of very complex neurone, chemical biological computing machine of organism and brain. When we die, consciousness stops to exist, it does not travel to other dimensions or reincarnate.

People, can you stop this new age and religious bullshit! I know it's a calming blanked to comfort inner terrified parts of your mind. But kmon.

Silveris LT says:

is it just me or do his words not match his mouth movements?

Eric Alan Solo says:

i can relate to pretty much everything you are saying via christianity and cannabis, without the need for dmt, i believe that like in your other video where you say that life is a game, it's not just a self-contained game, it is a VR that we are plugging into. read up on the simulation hypothesis if you haven't yet :)

esrA eloH says:

I really like your description of us as antennas, funnily enough, this is now being taken as a serious path of real research. The only way to know for sure what we all are, is to explore every avenue, I mean, come on, we exist, holy shit, what then, is a stupid question…

There's been a lot of ideas in physics, along the lines of our brains in some way forming our being through some sort of Quantum antenna, blah blah you probably can see where this is going (cany be arsed typing this stuff again), many ideas that we may have a good picture of in coming decades

We are a way, for the universe to know itself. Who said this 1?

Mickey Knox says:

Crazy how spiritual growth works, seems you've been through a journey since your first videos…. or since your other lifes.


doos burger says:

Ur stil high from mdma u dont even get addicted to mdma u sleep that shit of in one dae herion and alcohol is the only stuff u get addicted mdma just make u dum over time don't try any of this shit u are better off believe me plz

Tyler Gradea says:

I see this world corrupted by destruction, hatred and a whole plethora of horrific things. I also see the love, but sometimes it seems it is overshadowed by the evil. I can't fathom thinking this is it. Thinking about all the people suffering. There must be a bigger purpose to this all. There must be something better out there or worse after death…. I refuse to go back to taking psychoactive compounds in order to view the world from different perspectives. Just the thought of placing myself in such a state of mental vulnerability is frightening in this world we live in. From experience, I've learned and grown much deeper spiritually without the use of substances. We are all different, so no judgement if it took psychedelics for anyone else to open their minds to the realities of this universe.

josiah harder says:

Adam will either continue to exist in heaven or hell those are your 2 options people stop confusing yourself with all this Mumbo jumbo. Don't believe me and I will be glad to point to the many evidences why our universe exists only to inhabit us humans for relationship with the creator

Sam Miller says:

the derealization is real

tamris says:

but if you look at it as we live in a matrix, when you die you just unplug from the matrix and may have all the memories of the "game" you sat down to play but while you where connected to the matrix you live this life and have no recollection of your true life outside of this life yet when you leave the game you recall everything. there is some evidence that we are all living in a simulation and honestly everyone around may not actually exist and this is just a game for you

Farrah Reid says:

you're still a gimp

Aidan McMahon says:

If Earth is our mother and God is our dad, and in the end god pretty much destroys earth…so that means that God killed his wife guys, dad killed our mom.

-I'm really baked right now

Rainbow_Ninja441 says:

And i have a question i heard u said something about a pill? i dont realy remember that put u out of ur body and stuff… i actually exxperienced such stuff i am not lying but i want to let this out here… when i meditate lets say i found my own ways to make me feel like i am on the air and end up sleeping and look at my slef sleeping… and litteraly walk… i dont know what that is many people call it in different ways and the thing is that… like when i was 7 i experiensed it without wanting it while sleeping and woke up witha big bounce out of the bed and a big baam on the floor… i dunno creepy? good ? bad? atleast i know that after death there is nothing becuase ive been there i know the theree

Rainbow_Ninja441 says:

can we just hang out and u talk? like talk nothing else xD keep talking ;_; and let me know what i have out there to experiense and find it out as much as early i can to be able to find it and experience it ;_;

Abstract Russian says:

1:30 "My consciousness is no different than your consciousness."

Totally disagree. How did you know what my consciousness is? Yes, we both have legs, brains and speaking language. But your statement is too brave, don't know how to speak it in English. This problem isn't solved by humanity since first primal tribes.

2:50 "Nothing I say should be taken in literal terms"

Ok, but I would add that the viewer should take nothing as a truth.

Just saying, I like your both channels.

Per ankh says:

Gabriel's part of the understanding. Gabriel at works as the being of an understanding being a messinger

Per ankh says:

Arcangel is said to put his two fingers on your lips & say.. shhh or wishh, as to say.. dont mention your past life. An ancient understanding

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