Life after Death- Died at party then met god!

Life after Death- Died at party then met god!



Amanda Garcia says:

This was articulated so well. Let's all get the message: don't buy into the MATERIAL PURSUITS of this earthly planet we inhabit. Let's all show some love for each other and help one another.

dolce gabanna says:

This is true!!!! I experienced the same after a car accident the black place and light

GuyLaz1 says:

Congratulations on both, your awakening and spiritual elevation. May God continue to bless you <3

major Hollis says:

Got bless her amen

Jason Thomas says:

I wasted a lot of time watching this. people see a lot of wild visions when they are in traumatic experiences. it's nothing more than a comforting dream. not to mention she was no where close to death.

God's own daughter says:

Thank you so much. I have been a Christian since I was born, but wasn't devoted till sometime last week. I have been so devoted and I realize that there is nothing sweeter than having God in your life. I realized everything in this world is vanity. Money can't buy you gate fee to heaven, rather sins can buy you gate fee to hell. The fire is eternal. Thank you so much.

Nel Kitten says:

Thank you for sharing. Really.

Bob Adams says:

You got it exactly right. Good message and understanding of the way to live your life while here. Thank you. I appreciate your sharing.

Contra Bullshit says:

What a bunch of bullshit. Your brain is capable of all manner of delusions and hallucinations.

What a fucking twit!! People are so gullible.

zzur4u says:

There are many testimonies of people that have been to heaven and hell.When a person dies it's their physical body that dies ,but their spirit lives for eternity either in heaven or hell. JESUS paid the penalty for our sins on the cross.

TheAyanda1988 says:

Amen! Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ… People wake up and make the right decision. Your life depends on it. Jesus loves all of us. Just accept him as your Lord and Savior so u can have eternal life… I pray The Lord forgives me of all my sins and never gives up on me. Through His mercy I wish to be with him in paradise. Thank you Jesus Christ. Amen.

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