Life After Death Dimensions & Preparation with Jurgen Ziewe

Life After Death Dimensions & Preparation with Jurgen Ziewe

EBTV with host Evita Ochel ( and returning guest Jurgen Ziewe ( in a dialogue about Jurgen’s work on life after death — what to expect and how to prepare.

Jurgen’s Books:
1. Vistas of Infinity (
2. Multidimensional Man (
3. The 10-Minute Moment (

Topics covered in the video include:

1. An explanation of non-local consciousness (NLC) and the dimensions of consciousness after death. (2:23)
– NDE’s / Near Death Experiences are not universal, unique to each person
– each person has their own “death” and “near death” experience
– how to collect effective data about other dimensions
– spatial reality is not after death reality
– our mind and feelings will determine the reality we experience after death
– why Jurgen wrote the book

2. Biggest misconceptions about death: it is an eternal resting phase. (12:20)
– R.I.P fallacy
– quote from Jurgen’s mother: “death is simply an extended form of gathering valuable information and experience” (13:09)
– how our work continues beyond this dimension of reality
– how other dimensions provide us other powers and abilities, not available here
– the impact of positive and creative attitudes
– why people don’t “fly” on lower dimensions

3. The importance of preparing for our life after death. (17:54)
– everyday is a first of an infinite future
– we get to continue our mental and spiritual work
– practicing and priming ourselves for greater states of consciousness
– no end in the process of “awakening” or “enlightenment”

4. How much of ourselves, our identity, we get to keep and what we need to shed beyond this life. (24:14)
– we exist in NLC (lower levels) with “identity intact” but to reach more sublime levels of Consciousness we need to transcend Ego identification
– the downside of Ayahuasca and similar experiences
– the pros and challenges of meditation
– how to experience permanent Ego shedding

5. An exploration of why suicide is not a way out, and what may be experienced in other dimensions as a result. (30:44)
– the relocation of our problem to another level
– the challenges and stress created due to beliefs
– why believing something does not make it so, or automatically shape our reality
– Jurgen’s experience in lower dimensions where we have to face our actions, experience what we have created
– how to live effectively for positive experiences here and in the afterlife (39:33)

6. How to work in accordance with the Laws of Nature and balance our “karma”. (41:28)
– the loss of knowing Truth
– the essential components of clarity and wisdom
– what to do if we feel “lost” in this dimension or others

7. Exploring reincarnation in context of life after death, time and space, and our roles, relationships and relatives. (49:34)
– our lifetimes as a “tapestry”; connected energy centers
– the access to understanding how our lifetimes and experiences connect
– experiencing the totality of our being
– the close bonds between those we help and those we hurt

8. Final words on how to deal with fear and insecurity dealing with death and the afterlife. (57:26)
– we cannot control reality, but we don’t have to be controlled by reality
– the role of acceptance and surrender

9. Jurgen’s websites and contact. (1:04:45)
– update on 3D virtual reality project



Adeeba Akhtar MD says:

very vague and unclear . nothing concrete.

Andrea Kilgren says:

He really got me saying that there is only one emotion you can feel at a time : love ❤️ or fear. We all can choose which one ?!

In my life it means to be conscious of myself and others, to be aware of what is real and what really matters.

mark onell says:

I do I contact this man I want to share my near death experience or can I talk to you do yous have a Facebook page thanks for the upload

berta elena says:

Beautiful to listen to ….as always. Thank you!

Jackie Kerouac says:

Very insightful interview. Thank you! Now, what I have to share may not be accepted by some, but it's okay. Some will be open enough to "listen" with their heart.

I have been a "student" of life for the past +50 years. I have learned and practiced astral traveling in my late teens. I felt then that there was "something" higher than the astral level of vibrations. A few years later I came upon a new concept for me called "Soul Traveling". At first, I thought astral and soul traveling was one and the same thing. It took me years to find the difference.

First, one has to know that he/she is Soul inhabiting a physical body. For instance, I don't say, "I have a Soul, but I AM Soul." Huge difference since we have to identify initially with the "I" principle, or the Real Self. Jurgen talks about the many Vistas of Infinity, and he is correct. There are infinite dimensions or levels of consciousness; some call them "planes of existence", or God realms or divine mansions.

The first time I realized that I am Soul and the astral body is just another sheat protecting me, as Soul, was during a conscious out-of-body experience (OBE). One day, as I was doing my daily contemplation using a special mantra, called the HU, I suddenly found myself out of the physical shell, looking back at my body. The "air" around me had a sort of bluish aura all about the room. It was very interesting to see myself as such, and I was not afraid because I was prepared for that experience through the daily contemplations I began many months before. Suddenly, I heard the voice of my spiritual guide beside me. He said, "Look closely at the body lying there!" That certainly got all my attention. Then, I saw "another me" raising out of the physical shell lying on the bed. That other self was sparkling with countless little bluish stars, as if that body was only made out of twinkling light. My spiritual guide said, "This is your astral body and you, as Soul, is looking at it." He was in fact teaching me about the difference between Astral traveling and Soul traveling because I needed to move beyond the astral plane of existence to learn about the many other divine realms of creation. At that time, I was caught up in thinking that the astral level was the only one.

To make a long story short. Either through NDE, OBE, meditation or contemplation, astral traveling is the process of moving out of the physical body in full consciousness to simply enter into another shell protecting Soul. The "Astral plane" of existence is only one area very close to Earth, and in a way, it's very limited. Beyond that level, one can find other fields of knowledge, like the the akashic records (past-lives repository), or the mental/intellectual worlds holding the knowledge of all mathematics, logic or rational thought, beyond that level one can find the source of most religious teachings on this planet, with their heavens and cathedrals or worship churches. And, much beyond, behind some sort of what seems to be an impenetrable darkness or void, lies the Soul plane. That area marks the passage between the "lower" and "higher" vibrations (for lack of a better word). The lower worlds encompass universes affected by positive and negative vibrations, and subject to many spiritual laws, like the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma). The higher worlds are not subject to karma or reincarnation. When Soul reaches that level, it is no more compelled to be reincarnated.

Over the years, I learned through experience that Soul is a divine eternal being, beyond matter, energy (as we know it), space and time. I also learned that this physical world — and all its billions of stars and galaxies — is an illusion (maya) created by highly evolved beings as training grounds for Soul. Soul incarnates again and again in different classes to learn about the millions of lessons life has to offer. Those many classes (lifetimes) could be about dominance, power, control, egotism or compassion, self-giving and the most important one, love. Since it's quite impossible to learn all those lessons in one lifetime, Soul comes back again and again, but always going forward, always progressing. Once in a human body, Soul rarely regress into a lower state of consciousness. That's why I only laugh when I hear people say that so and so will reincarnate into an animal, a flower and alike. Soul always move forward.

In all of its thousands of incarnations (and more!), Soul has to merge with a human brain. This process is done during the first few months before a baby is born. For Soul, who is an all-conscious being, this is usually a difficult process since the baby human brain is like a clean slate, or a computer processing system that needs to be formatted for that particular Soul's vibrations, and according to what Soul has chosen (with its spiritual guides) to learn down here below. Sometimes, Soul will take on some incarnations with not too much physical problems, within a healthy body, in a wealthy family. Those are the "easy" incarnations! Other times, Soul may choose a more challenging body, with disabilities, or incarnating in a very poor country or warlike country.

All of these incarnations are only for Soul to learn, to find and to answer key questions such as: Who am I? What am I doing here? Is there life after death? Is there a God? and so forth.

I was fortunate enough to be able to remember who I am as Soul early in my actual incarnation, and about my spiritual mission in life. For me ALL religions are valid and I respect each one of them. As long as they teach about high principles of charity, altruism and love, then all of their followers are learning good points.

This is a long reply, and to shorten it, here are some basic "entrance points" for those who wish to step beyond their comfort zone: Jurgen Ziewe's references, Michael Newton's first two books (Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls), Harold Klemp (The Secret Teachings, The Dream Master, among others), Paul Twitchell (The Key to the Secret Worlds). And, lastly, a contemplation technique, the "HU song" (just Google it!)

AutumnleafMind says:

Pfffff more misunderstanding around ayahuasca. Of COURSE ayahuasca isn't 'permanent'. We are responsible to transform our lives minute to minute but this does NOT mean that ayahuasca is at fault. I am very very greatful to ayahuasca because it saved and transformed my life…..and yes I worked my ass off…and this goes for everything. EVEYTHING, meditation, psych-therapie…no free handouts folks.

galadhlinn says:

Yay! : )

Buster Brown says:

I use to wonder if our universe was a hologram. Now I spend my time on the hugelbeds.

Tosca Z says:

I consider this his best talk, as though he has somehow expanded, and whatever insights he has gained flow through him so easily. He is saying nothing that has not been said before, but he is saying it with such lucidity, such simplicity that for me, it is like drinking in pure light. Please thank him, and thank you very much, Evita, for this very important dialogue.

bailey says:

This is the second time I have watched this one and found it very enlightening and extremely positive. Thank you, Evita Ochel.

Joy of Creativity says:

Jurgen is a beautiful man. He speaks what my heart feels. Thank you so much Evita, you are an amazing interviewer.

Hanniffy Dinn says:

It's worth reading the Seth materials channelling from Jane Roberts. It explains in more detail the fabric of reality – which is multi dimensional. Jurgen is learning all this himself.

Buster Brown says:

I just wanna be buried in the garden so I can come back in the plants. Then I can grow in the sunshine and someone will come and eat me. Then what's left over will come out as poop…. I wish I could pick who eats me – maybe the Pope or Trump or Evita.

Pierre Larochelle says:

Between (38:00)and (39:35) of the conversation, I just had an idea and thought I would like to bring up another perspective. I would love to hear Jurgen's perspective on this, as well.
Those who really control and manipulate the planet have most likely found a way to circumvent their extremely bad ‘Karma’ in the afterlife, so they don’t face the unspeakable horrors that they’ve inflicted on the world lifetime after lifetime and generation after generation, when they give up their physical vehicles.
So, how do they avoid a hellish afterlife?
This is my hypothesis based on what I have studied, and am fairly confident of, so far:
At Bohemian Grove, the ‘worst of the worst’ on this planet, all partake in what is often called a “Cremation of Care Ceremony”. I think they use this Ceremony in such a way as to transfer their subconscious (extremely low vibrational) mind patterns / Karma onto a sacrificial victim or host.
They do this by terrorizing the victim into such a low state in order to match the victim’s subtle bodies [vibrational frequency] to that of the cult members partaking in the ceremony. Then through specific rituals, chants and their [black] Magick, the transfer of negative energy from cult members onto the victim’s subtle bodies, is complete (almost like a type of degaussing through electromagnetic entrainment).
Thus, the victim takes all the bad energy (Karma) into the lower astral realms where it congregates with similar energies. It becomes so dense it cannot move.
This then allows all the cult members to continue holding a hideous agenda lifetime after lifetime in this 3D reality.
I think the 'elites' can pass over into the astral realms, and then through electromagnetic entrainment using tuned frequency signatures, with advanced technologies, they can easily possess another body (ready made clone, perhaps??) with full integrated memories of the previous lifetime's events, and keep the same agenda going on this planet.
Dr. Peter Beter and the late Dr. Karla Turner spoke extensively about how easy it is to make human looking clones and integrate holographic memories (electromagnetic imprints of the subtle bodies) into them. They look and act like a real human, but they are far from real ensoulled humans.
I think much more could be said and investigated about the topic of ‘Karma’ and how it's transferred to another host, as the ‘elites’ commonly do. But suffice it to say, they are masters of the astral realms and they know how to get out of ‘Karma’.
Karma is directly proportional to lack of consciousness or understanding how the flow of energy works in this Universe.

Insanity is Sanity says:

You're such a wonderful speaker Evita, im so glad to have found your channel and am very grateful for the great information <3

LamentoAbsurdo says:

Evita & Jürgen: I cannot say more than simply thank you!
I am going to bring this video to the attention of all my own viewers for the sake of spreading this wisdom. Namaste

Houman Dehdashti, DMD says:

Excellent. Been looking forward to this.

Lotus says:

Wonderful interview. Thank you both so much. Gratitude…

Farrah Lily says:

I love how the bottom line is just to appreciate and focus on the wonderful things in life and that knowing that there is so much more out there beyond this physical reality we are currently perceiving. This has made a huge impact in my own personal happiness and acceptance and love for myself. I love the quietness of nature and watching animals and a simple walk outside brings me so much joy in my daily routine! Just finding awareness and "magic in the mundane" is so wonderful. Clarity is the best feeling in the world. I can't believe he was able have all of these amazing experiences! "Love is everywhere and you can never get lost." I love that! What a wonderful perspective and interview and thank you for bringing it to us. I can't wait to read his book! Thank you again ❤️

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