Life after Death Documentary ( Full Series )

Life after Death Documentary ( Full Series )

Host Tom Harpur discuses varied topics regarding the Afterlife

Ep 1: Near Death Experiences [0:00]
Ep 2: Contact with the Beyond [22:25}
Ep 3: Children Experiences [42:41]
Ep 4: Dreams of the Dying [1:03:53]
Ep 5: Visions of Hell [1:24:25]
Ep 6: Visions of Heaven [1:45:05]
Ep 7: Reincarnation [2:05:36]



gemstarstation says:

I hope so… 🙁

Osama Jawad says:

after all these comments I realized how difficult for the vast majority of the people to admit that DEATH is the END (medical Dr from Iraq)

talitakoomi says:

Imagine yourself standing in your home after a very long tiring day wherein you worked hard physically- as if digging holes all day in a desert- and your clothes are filthy, torn, and smelly as you peel them off and cast them onto the floor. There they lay in an ugly heap…your underwear, a grimy T-shirt, a holey pair of dusty jeans, two filthy socks that used to be white but will never know that state again. You look down on them. Do you feel a sense of sadness that you are not wearing them anymore? Do you miss their stench as your sweat made them cling to you in the baking sun? Hell no! This is the same way we view our bodies when we leave them. Our clothing is not US, and neither are our bodies. Anyone who has peeled off their clothes and shoes and jewelry and hats and jumped naked into a cool, delightful lake or pond on a hot summer day knows how wonderful it feels to enter the "dimension" of water and be free! It's similar to what it feels like to leave behind this heavy, clunky, limited and often sick or broken body behind. To function on this material planet we need a material body…..but when we go HOME to the LORD- Yeshua- it is time to put the material body aside. Oh, and by the way…..the only way to get home to this God who dwells in perfect Light and Love is through His one and ONLY begotten Son Yeshua. Accept the Son as the master of your life…. receive the God who created you and chose you before the foundations of the world. So simple! And yet our own inner demons fight against it with all of their strength and cunning…..stop listening to them and choose Life. Choose Light. Choose Hope. Choose Love…'s up to you.

Viknesh Jay says:


Portsmouth Possessed says:

I conducted many spirit box sessions via a psb7 that kept mentioning 'baby' and i was also filming orbs every night and there was one particularly cheeky one that would come straight up to my camera and when i asked who it was i heard an immediate reply via the spirit box that said 'baby' and it dawned on me, it was my future grandson.

My sons girlfriend was pregnant…I then went back through the sessions and in nearly every session i heard a high sweet voice talk…I picked up on him clearly saying "You will hold me" and "I'm happy." I treasure that contact…

exussupremebeing says:

where are the black people, latin people, asian people, indian people, hindi people, arab people, all the people!?

Tsering Dorjai says:

I don't have any doubt about life after death and reincarnation. It my own hundreds of experience and that of my son, who is a reincarnation of a noble lady, who I knew.

Phillip Daniels says:

I feel the Scientific views are dreamed up hypotheses with no intrinsic basis, thought up by these refuters, because they feel they have to say something

Soulbrother Heuck says:

Awesome, I love it.

EndofUSA says:

I wish to God that Susan Blackmore be given a superb experience of NDE so that she could realize how wrong she is about NDE!!!

نادر الی راحمان says:

"North American Shaman" now I'm more skeptical.

Suz Kawasaki says:

I had an experience that defies scientific explanation.  No hypoxia involved!  In 1985 I was sitting in my typing class in grade 9 at a table with other girls, all facing together, typing on our machines.  The room had no windows, just cinder block walls.  The class was full, about 20-25 girls, and all you could hear was the tremendous noise of keys clacking heavily away and internal mechanisms banging around  (this was 31 years ago so old, manual type-writers.)All of a sudden, while typing, a feeling started to come over me, and gradually expanded.  Within seconds, I literally felt like I was being lifted upwards, and like a presence enveloped me!  It just got more and more intense, and I did not feel like I was in the room anymore.  All I began feeling was an incredible Peace, and love, beyond any description, and nothing like anything which could be experienced on earth. And I could see sort of a field of bright light –  I felt like some invisible being was communicating with me,  sending me such love — but then I became aware that there were other beings of light – thousands or millions more – all sending me love, but we were all One in this field of love… it was the most amazing thing that can be experienced – and nothing at all like our existence here..  It truly was not of this earth.Then, the feeling started fading and I felt myself in my chair — I had to realign myself for a few seconds..and then – the girl adjacent to me ( a rocker-chick) said – "You know what, I just felt really good – it was so weird!"   I said to her, "so did I!!"  I wonder if I will ever know who/what came to us, or why  – but I recall this experience as such a privilege/blessing to this day!  And it comforts me to know that our loved ones who have passed on are truly in this indescribably beautiful "place" – feeling eternal joy and love from a divine source.

Scenic Shores says:

Ok this is gonna sound a bit weird but anyway here goes:I just had a dream in REM, during the day for about 2 hours, after suffering with pain from 2 car accidents.My ex-partner visited me in familiar forms but not her in 'real life'. I met 2 people from the same family, who I haven't seen for a long time, and confided in them about my apparent misdeeds towards them. I was having a shower one minute, the next flash came when I went to bed to rest-in my dream. This seemed to mimic what I had already done today. Then my mums dead dog came sniffing and licking my face and snuggled in behind me. This was all vividly real but I couldn't wake. I was in pain all of a sudden when something grabbed me and started pulling on the stitches in my back. In actual fact I'd just had stitches removed from an op in my arm. The pain was intense and still I couldn't wake. I shouted out "show your face" as I started to fight back and free myself from her grip. Eventually I did slip out of her clutches breathing heavily and cold. I needed the toilet. Also a strong coffee and cigarette after that experience.In 'real life' She is apparently dying from cancer but has the ability to enter my dreams. She also said once to me "If I die before you I'll come back and haunt you".So now she knows vaguely, by scrying or astral planeing (which she said she can do and had reached level 4 in Reiki), another bit about my life. We were separated a long time ago and have a son. Call me fuckin mad, call me whatever but that dream was more than a nightmare and like the buy bull says of god, she has a vengeful spirit. Wow. I had to write that down. Phew.

willibill c says:

gonna catch a West bound when i die!

holace benton says:

I just think how can they're not be life after death? Why are we all here in the first place? Are we just communicating to zombies? How do we know joy or happiness? How can we find joy or happiness with people, and with nature? Is it a biological trait? Maybe. But, where does it all come from?

angela jakob says:

Hell is not a place but a state of mind.

savedfaves says:

Blackmore, back for more of her incoherent emotional diatribes.

Elsa Swenson says:

It would be a nice feeling

Shotdown satellite says:

I don't know what u all think but for me when I was sleeping and maybe 25% awake I was like a shooting star I don't know what this means then back to me body.   what u all think?

Christ Believer says:

the little guy is a puss

Death by Gamma Rays says:

I have heard so many "NDE" testimonies. One person could fabricate a story sure, just like in science a once occurrence is referred to as an anomaly. But there are far too many stories of NDEs to just call them all rubbish.

Maranatha Quickly says:

I really had to struggle to keep watching when It got to about 20:00 with the "soul traveler" I believe in NDE's but the soul traveling and ghost stuff goes against scripture.


God I miss you

joe jones says:

That British female psychologist is incredibly arrogant with her whimsical explanations

D Mann says:

Pam Reynolds' case defies all scientific and medical explanations, or attempts at explanation.

Miah Leissa says:

The last few days of my father's life, he was in the hospital, and yes, he seemed to have one foot here and one foot there. Sometimes, he was "lucid" and others he was not, but what we found interesting is when he was there, he would lay in his bed with his eyes closed and say "uh huh… uh huh…. uh huh…" as if he was being told things, and occasionally, he would sort of giggle. He was obviously in a happy mood while acknowledging what he was being told. We feel that he was being assisted in his transition, and that made it a bit easier for us to be there and experience his death. Later, after he was gone, he came to me in a dream. He wanted me to see how beautiful it is wherever he is. We were standing up above or on clouds. He was smiling and pointing down below us and all excited. I looked down at what he was pointing at, and it was a big, beautiful rainbow BELOW us…very neat. The message he gave me was that he was having FUN exploring where he is and is very happy. He wanted to share something of it with me and also, to reassure me. 😉 just wanted to share that experience with you all.

Miah Leissa says:

a lovely video…thank you

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