Life After Death: Pathway to Heaven Caught on Camera Pt 2

Life After Death: Pathway to Heaven Caught on Camera Pt 2

This is the 2nd installment of “Life After Death”. Does human life transcend this physical world? Many doctors and scientists have been convinced that there is life beyond the grave. This view is consistent with the biblical teachings of Christ and all the prophets.

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redneck renegade says:

Jesus is our lord and savior god gave his only begotten son i love jc and ill never turn away from him

Bobbie Dunn says:

NOTHING ABOUT YAHWEH, NOTHING ABOUT YASHUA, NOTHING ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT…Not Real…Our Creator would be Ever Present…the Presence of God everywhere…

Pernilla Hansson says:

Jesus, there is no one like you! Praise be your holy name.

Sabrina Taylor says:

Susan – well I was about to respond but you took the words right out of my mouth….God is Not the cause of all the hell in this world – we have what no other creation has and that is the ability to CHOOSE right or wrong and because since the beginning of mankind the choice to do wrong was made it caused sin to enter into the world and because the majority of mankind chooses to partake of sin so willingly then judgement comes into the picture. If everyone would do but the one thing God simply commanded us to do which is love our neighbor as ourselves then there would be no one starving or dying from diseases there would be no killing it raping no stealing no adultery or fornication there would be no wars or the mere possibility of it even happening – and there would be no need of the question WHY is there suffering because there would be none. I'm not attacking anyone's belief or the fact that they ask these questions – I even wondered at one time in my life until I came to know God for myself and seen HIM work in my life. HE IS NOT the blame HE is love HE is life HE IS the cure not the problem.

Nola Roden says:

Praise God! He is alive!

Henk Koppelaar says:

Who is the fool who has the camera in his hands voor shattered paradise?

john says:

So apparently "God" called her a Silly old cow..ok then.

john says:

Funny thing that most likely these people wouldn't believe anything unless they see this light coming down and all of a sudden Bam! They believe fully…sorry people but a camera glitch is not proof of anything. Fucking Morons… Simple things are proof enough for small minds I guess. Btw- "religion" itself is a belief based on total faith with no proof whatsoever. And NONE of these simpletons believe anything unless they actually see something that in their minds is proof. And so the whole basis for the thing they claim to believe in, is null due to the fact that their lack of belief without proof is the whole backbone of any religion. Since they need the "see to believe" point is they don't know what they are talking about at all.

dragondiva306 says:

orange and navy blue in CO Springs? You mean like the broncos? LOL

Elbert Derf says:


dimk05 says:

Just a second! That picture was proven to be a glare from the sun. The person who took the picture said that it was most likely a glare, and then professionals analyzed the photo and also concluded its a glare. Hoax.

Gordon Annison says:

it is written in the bible that there is no thought or feeling once you die you are in GODS care till judgment day

Gerry Wood says:

There is no god. There is no heaven or hell. Once you die, you will not even know that you have lived. Knowing anything is the essence of life. One should not be afraid of oblivion because one has to be aware of being for it to make any difference. If there should be an after life, which is an oxymoron, then you would still have to cope with the universe that you would find yourself in or you would just die again if you couldn't. Just be happy that you have had the time of consciousness that you have, now is all you have.

Koakoa45 says:

It's a lens flare LOL brainwashed Christians are so funny.

ray kreger says:

god is amazing and awesome

Julia Burton says:

As concerning that baby she is innerdon of sin. When I hear of little children dying I feel As If God take them out of this sinful world to escape them from hell, so that they will have eternal life with him

Ruthless Red says:

hope they really did go but it was prob the baby

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