Life after Death: What Happens after we die? Signs that Our Deceased Loved Ones are still with us!

Life after Death: What Happens after we die? Signs that Our Deceased Loved Ones are still with us!

What happens after we die? Is there life after death? If so, then is it possible that our deceased loved ones can send us signs they are still with us? Is there evidence that our deceased loved ones send us spirit messages? These are prevalent questions among Baby Boomers dealing with mortality. No matter what you believe, one thing is likely. If you admit that you believe it is possible to receive spirit messages and guidance from loved ones who transitioned, you must be crazy! Right? Not so, according to Paige and countless others whose mind-blowing experiences prove otherwise. Evidence that our soul form lives on is all around us. We just need to be open to the possibility and not concerned with potential ridicule. Let’s talk about it! The stories are amazing. You are NOT crazy!! In today’s segment, we share our personal experience, and hope that by doing so encourage others to share their stories to start an enlightening conversation filled with hope and comfort. I, for one, take great comfort in knowing that “this isn’t all there is!”

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Find more information on Paige Valdiserri click here. She is a great resource for Baby Boomers.

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