Life After Life: Near Death Experiences – (Full Documentary)

Life After Life: Near Death Experiences – (Full Documentary)

Interviews with people that have experienced NDE (near death experience) and lived to tell about it. Please like and subscribe.



Laling Nyc says:

Start talking to God as soon as you wake up each day – He is waiting to
hear your voice!

Susan Lindwall says:

This is just outstanding!

Gabor Korom says:

Life afrer Life documentary all over the internet. I seen some. Non of
those documentary movies back it up with any scripture. Who died does not
come back to life! It is interesting people who attend church regularly
dont read the Bible. i did not read either until My Girlfriend died and i
know what happened with her. She is sleeping just like the Bible tells us
in many scriptures. People need to wake up and study the truth ! It is
written thousads of yers ago. Most churces messing up peoples’ minds,most
churhes dont teach the truth and people listens some man what says on
stage. Read the Bible the truth is there. Most people who go to church
believe God created man from dust because that what they teach. The bible
tells it in (Genesis 2:7) That is well accepted among christians. Well the
Bible clearly tells us what happens when we die. just few scriptures of
many : (Psalm 146:4) His spirit goes out,he returns to the ground,on that
very day his thoughts perish , (Job 10:8,9) (Ecclesiastes 3:19,20) forthere
is an outcome for humans and an outcome for animals,they all have the same
outcome. As the one dies ,so the other dies,and they all have but one
spirit. So man has no superiority over animals,for everything is futile.
all are going to the same place.They all come from dust ,and they all
returning to the dust. (Ecclesiastes 9:5,6) For the living know that they
will die,but the the dead know nothing at all,nor do they have any more
reward,because all memory of them is forgotten. Also their love and their
hate and their jealousy have already perished,and they no longer have any
share in what is under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 9:10) Talks about Grave where
the dead goes (Psalms 13:3) (Acts13:36) (1Corinthians 15:26) (Deuteronomy
2:15,16) (Romans 8:2) (2 Corinthians 5:14) (Romans 6:23) (Colossians 1:18)
(John 11:11) Jesus said Lasarus our friend has fallen asleep but i am
traveling there to awaken him. (John:11:12) The disciples than said to him.
Lord if he is sleeping,he will get well. (John11:13) Jesus however had
spoken about his death,but they imagined he was speaking about taking rest
in sleep. (John11:14) Jesus said to them plainly Lasarus has died. (John
11: 23) jesus said to her,Your brother will rise. (John11:24) Martha said
to him. I know he will rise on the last day. According the Scripture back
than Martha knew her brother will resurrected on the last day. If i die i
wont go to heaven when i die. Not on my last day i will be resurrected. On
the last day !!! I go to heaven when i die beliefe kind of foolifh and that
is even more who believes the dead keep living in the spirit realm. I did
not make this up,the Bible tells us. When i die i return to dust as the
scripture say. Resurrection is on the last day. In cemeterys i see rest in
peace that is truth. Sleeping until than just like Jesus Christ said. Jesus
is the First One who went to heaven (John 3:13) Moreover,no man has
ascended to heaven,but the one who descended from heaven,the Son of man.
Jesus had the statement he was the First one who went up to heaven,than
what happened with God’s loyal people in Old Testament ??? That’s
Right,they are all sleeping and waiting on the Last Day.
(1 Timothy 4 : 16)
Pay constant attention to yourself and to your teaching. Preserve in these
things, for by doing this you will save both yourself and those who listen
to you.
(Acts 17 : 11)
Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica , for they
accepted the word with greatest eagerness of mind,carefully examining the
Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.

TefnutUaRaet says:

I truly appreciate the making of this video documentary. It’s the best NDE
documentary I’ve seen thus far. This information is a big help on my

Leo Marcel van Leeuwen says:


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