Life Beyond the Grave ~ Real People, Real Stories – Part 2

Life Beyond the Grave ~ Real People, Real Stories – Part 2

Is there life after death? CBN’s new DVD documents real people who died & then returned back to life after experiencing, “Life Beyond the Grave.” Video courtesy of CBN. DVD Available at CBN.COM.



Javed Yusufzai says:

horns? HORNS? Liar on drugs maybe? Or a good man on drugs. God knows.
You know its a lie that we thirst for Jesus; we thirst and wonder at our
creator god. Please help yourself and stop the mindless worship of a
man(Jesus). Your life is serious, you will eternally go to hell if you
decide not to read the bible. The bible never claims Jesus is God, Paul
made up these these things.

Mrcheekymonkeyisback says:

This is weird.. I tried to commit suicide multiple times throughout my
life…..and all these people died from suicide attempts and went to
hell..and I am still alive and didn’t go to hell..yet DX I feel like god
has well prevented that from happening

Rogelio Acevedo says:

I love you Jesus Christ you’re awesome and so good to us…

Joan J. Clear says:

I have had encounters of both Heaven and Hell, they are very, very, very
real places, I don’t need anyone’s convincing me! I thank God for the Cross
of Christ because that alone is how I will make my entrance into God’s
Eternal Heaven. 

Carolyn Norton says:

All addictions are a spiritual problem. Once that is accepted and
resolved, no more addiction.

Mrcheekymonkeyisback says:

That’s quite scary:/ I hope my name is written in the book of life!!:(

MsSINMAN1 says:

Live for God!

Isabel Porzio says:

Thank you for posting this, certain things I can relate to proves that
these people are speaking the truth, especially Tamara Roux, and there was
another person that mentioned there was no colour in hell except gray. I
acknowledge that as well.

Sabina Soto says:

My Jesus my Savior!

s0d100 says:

I have faith but I am still confused with how the system works cause the
bible can be to harsh at times

Becky XoXo says:

If god loves people so much, why would he send people to such a terrible
place? Why does he want us to give him so much praise if he is so humble? I
lost my filth a long time ago. I have been thinking about it a lot lately
but the bible seems so cruel to me. As a women the bible kind of offends
me. So I find it hard to try and get my filth back.

confused3257 says:

is just simply lying going to send me to hell?

joseph Kevnu says:

rebecca clayton. u said the word filth about 3 times. what do u mean?
perhaps faith? u dont have to read the bible to get da point. why not
ask jesus into ur heart rite now? just say this prayer. dear Jesus, pls
come into my heart, forgive me my faults n sins. amen, thank u jesus. and
just read the book of john. ie, one chpt a day or perhaps 2. try it!
hasta pronto …from peru

Kristine Sandvikstrand says:


Thabang Shadrack Molebatsi says:
KenSandy actOFkindness says:
GetaLifeMusic says:

I am glad that you are a believer & you do not need to fear or be afraid of
going to that terrible place of torment. It was created for the devil & his
fallen angels who rebelled against God. Your name is written in heaven…

FSUfanatic11 says:

I’m sorry but if you believe a God will allow his children to go to this
hell of torment and fire then there is something wrong

CrazyJay says:

i am 12 too but my family is not the most best family.and i saw a video
about a son and mother in hell climbing up a rock wall and PUSHING each
other down to get to jesus.there was no love between them and my stomach
was in knots for a week imagining if that was me and my mom.i hope that it
isnt true but if i did go to heaven,is there a chance that there will be
not much of my family there for iternity?;(

GetaLifeMusic says:

Although many states have legalized medical marijuana, its use is still
illegal according to federal law. Paul exhorts us to obey the law of the
land under our government.“Everyone must submit himself to the governing
authorities for there is no authority except that which God has
established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.
Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what
God has instituted & those who do so will bring judgment on themselves”

caleb still says:


TheKMmm8907 says:

Be about your Father’s business so that when He finds you, you will be
known as a good and faitful servant and further if you resist the devil, he
will flee…don’t make him bigger than he his. Our Lord and Savior has
already defeated him and therefore we have been made more than conquerers.
Walk in the faith and you will be just fine….God bless and I hope this
finds you in good health. <3

Aaron Zweig says:

If you try to be a good person and you always intend well, then why would
you go to hell?

GetaLifeMusic says:

Child, God loves you more than you know.There are many many friends &
family members in heaven that will greet you when your time comes. Eye has
not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man the
things that God has prepared for those who love Him. IF you ask God, He
will help you & lead you to the true things of His Kingdom. He will come to
you & show you how much He loves you & your family. They are praying for
you know in heaven…

Odin_NtR says:

Do you see how that sounds like the use of religion to control the masses?
There is much to be questioned in your government my friend. Simply
submitting to a criminal government because the Bible says so is not very
smart. Secondly, the gateway THEORY is also not logical. It depends upon a
persons environment, interactions, and character. Alcohol and tobacco are
far more harmful than weed. Jesus drank wine… Truthfully, no one should
tell you what you can or cant put in your body.

BlackSnakeHQ says:

hi i want to ask for a prayer and thank you may jesus bless you

Illusion Intelligence says:

Hell is not real. It´s the soul that creates this stare for a time. God
loves unconditional. So after a time God always saves the soul from doom by

GetaLifeMusic says:

Your point is well taken. But 1 thing you said is not correct. We don’t get
to heaven by doing good deeds. If that were the case then God would not
have sacrificed His Son on the cross to redeem mankind. God is holy & we
become holy thru faith in Christ. He says”we have all sinned & come short
of His glory.” Romans 3:23.6:23 says”the wages of sin is death,BUT the gift
of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Jesus paid the wages
for our sin. The only way to heaven is thru the cross

michael stewart says:

we should al die then kum bk to beleave in god

GetaLifeMusic says:

Good point…

curvbyb5qua3 says:

The Bible says whoever calls upon the name is Jesus will not peish, but
have everlasting life. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and
Savio in your heart, and have been baptized. You are definately saved. You
must have faith in Jesus. Satan will come along and always try to tell you
something else. Fear not Jesus has got you. If you sin…..and we all do
and will. Repent!!! and turn from your old ways. Jesus is always there for
you, and he will never leave you.

TheKMmm8907 says:

However, don’t let that be your reason to go out and sin, rather that
should be the time where you run to God in prayer and get into His word and
really begin have these written on the tablets of your heart. Not to say
that you can continue to live in sin because you repented, for Hebrews
10:26 clarifies that if we continue to deliberately live in sin after
coming to know the truth, then there no longer is a remission for our
sins…” Even in Revalations, of all the churches memtioned, only one

chrislitmen says:

Having constant thoughts of if you will reach heaven or not . Is not the
way to live…cause you are not living if you have that in your mind 24/7
…every one has a reason to live do your share and when time comes make
your god proud by starring in his eyes and say i made you proud .

No THiS Is NOT PUDDiNG!! :D says:

nothing is certain until death. So, God is waiting for you, go to him. btw,
there are children that don’t believe in him that are in hell that’s the
sad truth.

GetaLifeMusic says:

There are many other reasons why you should not use pot. You body is the
temple of the Holy Spirit & smoking pot has been proven to be harmful to
your body. God has commanded us to “not be drunk but to be filled with the
Holy Spirit.” It is also addictive & He has commanded us to have no other
gods before Him. When you are under the influence of this mind altering
drug you can open yourself up to other spiritual forces. Not a good thing.
I would ask God to show you how He feels about it, He will

baybladingsinger says:

I love god with a passion but I still don’t want this to happen. Also I
have a friend who’s Jewish. She’s practically an angel she rarely sins I’ve
never heard her use the word hate or talk about anyone in a negative way.
Is she going to hell?

MrChico384 says:

With JESUS CHRIST you don’t have 2 try my friend…

Kennsie Domersan says:

Even if someone isn’t Christian they can go to heaven. A person can decide
to not have any religion at all and be a peaceful loving soul then, they
can go to heaven. However, if they are not Christian but they constantly
sin carelessly, they will go to hell. It’s the sin that matters.

GetaLifeMusic says:

Revelation 20:15 declares, “If anyone’s name was not found written in the
book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.” The Book of Life is the
set of names of those who will live with God forever in heaven. It is the
roll of those who are saved. This Book of Life is also mentioned in Rev3:5;
20:12;&Philippians 4:3. The same book is also called the Lamb’s Book of
Life because it contains the names of those who have been redeemed by the
blood of the Lord Jesus (Rev13:8; 21:27). The Bible

Lukewarm Films says:

you are wrong. hell is a real place and if a person goes there they never
get out!

gwmadhatter says:

There is no hell it’s a thing to install fear people it’s a void what hell
is in order to get out the void you need to realize it’s the concious mind
that is thinking this.Hell is a void the light is god and he shows you that
you shouldn’t take your life and that you shouldn’t do certain things but
evertually everyone will find the light.And I am a christian and had an nde
and saw no hell heaven is real hell is not stop fearing it.The devil is a
lier and religion is out of control.

fred wilson says:

so is smoking weed against the bible? please answer.. thanks

DV Jacob Jacobs says:

Amen! Praise God! He is good and we can look forward to living with Jesus
in Paradise for eternity! We have to stay in prayer for this world and
people who don’t know Jesus! Amen

357MagnumBob says:

Mark, Neither of us are qualified to answer the “existence of hell” Q. One
would need some pretty amazing credentials for me to believe they knew the
answer to this critical Q. To prove they knew what lay beyond the grave,
they would need to prove they had power over death. To my knowledge, only
Jesus Christ demonstrated power over death, raising Lazarus, Jairus’
daughter, a widow’s son and finally Himself from the dead. He said there
was an eternal burning hell and that few would avoid it.

racpatrice says:

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If you haven’t then
simply talk to Him and ask Him to come into your heart and forgive your
sins and help you to be the person He wants you to be.That’s the main step.

Brandon Willis says:

People can call themselves Christians, but are not. The people who truly
are, go to heaven.

TheKMmm8907 says:

What you feel may conviction and a compelling to repent and turn away from
the sins that you commit. If that is the case, the rightful thing to do is
to repent and to return to your first works when you loved God. Alot of
times we depend on our emotions about how we feel; at the times we feel
great joy is when we feel saved and right with God. At the other times when
we feel down or depressed, we tend to question and that allows Satan to sow
a seed of doubt and discouragement…

Sammy Sam says:

I agree with you Yet it would be remiss of us if we simply neglected the
possibility and have a burden for ALL souls including the not so Little
ones. I have seen many embrace the gospel and unfortunately many other 8
year olds who would rather do other things than embrace Jesus. When the
Jesus stated ‘little Ones’ I wonder what age group he was referring to, or
was he referring to one’s ability to understand and embrace scripture? I
have chosen to remain vigilant for the sake of my kids.

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