Man Sees Satan In Hell And Realizes There Is Life After Death! Near Death Experience

Man Sees Satan In Hell And Realizes There Is Life After Death!  Near Death Experience

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PizzaPal says:

So this man claims he went all the way to Hell and saw Satan personally, but humans were able to pull his soul away from Hell and put him back into this body? Great to hear that we're that young of a species but already able to thwart god's plan for this man. Can't wait to see what can be accomplished with science in the future.

B NYCe says:

He didnt mention jesus once….

B NYCe says:

you gotta know how to swim bro

Doug says:

I also know for fact there's a spirit world, because something hit me on the back and woke me from a dead sleep, then I felt a very evil presence and I denounced it in the name of Jesus and it went away immediately.

Justine Calderon says:

what did he do to deserve to go to hell

Andrea Whalen says:

better come to christ or that vision will be a permanent reality, the face of the devil is indeed an ox.

IrishBloodFrench-GoldLife says:

Ok listen.If you saw Heaven you are free you can fly you are in joy you see your brothers and sisters but if in Hell there will be Demons,Some good things but yet lots of bad things…

Daniel Dougherty says:

2 grown men and not 1 of them can swim?

REVELATION 22:13 says:

Thank the Lord, someone was nearby to pull him out the water.

Lex Rokk says:

God is good always! God bless us all! Amen.

Sean Kehil says:

I forgot to mention that my friend was in hell for two days the 5 minutes he was laying dead on the operating table..

Sean Kehil says:

OK first off this is a fabricated story satin does not look like that..I had a friend that died on the operating table he was dead for exactly 5 minutes with in the 5 minutes he said when he passed he saw a water fall and an angel met him and told him that God wanted him to show him something the angel took him down into a deep dark tunnel it was pitch black he said he was scared so he ask the angel were they wore the angel said they were in hell..he seen a bright light it seemed it was looking right at him but he couldn't see a face so he asked who it was the angel told him saint in the devil himself chained to a thrown like it says in the bible not sitting on gold..he said as they approached saintin his back was turned but had beautiful wings but his head was a big ball of light..he asked the angel why he couldn't see his head and the angel said it's his punishment the light you see glowing so brightly is the light that shines from heaving.. his head sits in God's thrown room so he can see all the wonders he missing out on in heaven..I believe this because as a child I dreamed of that angel with the big shinning ball of light on his head..when I heard his story I belive it to be true..then he said the angel took his hand and from his shoulder and waved it across the room and a lake of fire appeared he saw people screaming and asking God to help them he saw celebrities preachers and folks you wouldn't think gone to hell..

Night Rose says:

11:52 she says "I felt Marcus leave me". Isn't his name mesiah?

Teresa Blosser says:

Satan us roaming the earth, and is the Prince of the Power of the Air. He isn't in hell.

Rossman Solano says:

not even one thanks to God smh

Mike Lawrence says:

this scares the crap outta me

0xygenIsOverRated says:

Ugh these comments are all written by peasants.  Shouldn't you people be drawing horses in a cave somewhere?  21st century and you people still basically believe in dragons and wizards.  Don't preach your caveman bullshit to me, I've heard all the threats and cons that make your dumb religion even possible.  You're idea of "God" is so simplistic.  You best dun believe in jebus or you're gonna burn for eternity.  That God sounds like some dumb shit west Virginian huffing diesel from a period rag.

Vilma Gonzales says:

Plead in the blood of Jesus

Al Mighty says:

Im confused… The girlfriend started calling him Marcus halfway through…

bleach drink me says:

satin comes in all shapes and forms he looks different. but god could reck that scrub.

Emjay MGTOW says:

I LOVE THE EDITING!! Such an amazing job.

Richard Hamilton says:

Amazing story bless you and yours brother

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