Millionaire Near Death Experience!

Millionaire Near Death Experience!

NDE of Financial Investor For 30+ years Dr. Rev. Allen had been a successful businessman and private investment banker founding his own firm that expanded from its Seattle head office to the UK and to continental Europe. Rev. Allen excelled in investment sales and gained national recognition as a young man on his way to success. He was recruited as vice president of marketing for dealer development and sales training by Hammond Industries. This was Rev. Allen’s first experience with a corporation formed for the promotion of its products and primarily for the promotion of its stock. At the age of twenty-four, he took the risk and went with the corporation receiving generous cash and stock incentives. His new mentor, the corporate president, taught him the real world of major deal making and capital formation. The Rev. Allen traveled the entire US and Canada promoting the corporation’s products and stock, conducting sales training for distributor salesmen, and directing activities for national industry shows. He married in his late twenties and moved on to earn a living in the international markets for investments and the sale of real goods. He owned several companies, dealing with import-export and financial industries. Rev. Allen became a single parent, raised his three children, and bought and sold several enterprises. He was the key figure in Charterhouse Equities Corporation. The clients of the firm are as they were then, large private investors who



Cartridge03 says:

I had a nde after suffering from anaphylaxis.I was not brought to the hospital so im very sure i was not drugged.Something in me wanted to ask forgiveness and say prayers,im glad i did.The,i died and found myself in another dimension with no relation to time.I heard voices.Then,the voices stop,a wind blew and someone said “Jesus”.I came back to life again.You dont live having anaphylaxis with no medication but the He had saved me. Im forever grateful.

Jesussavesyou4000 says:

You’re Welcome! God Bless You!

Randal Bauska says:

real gospel shared here, thank you

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