MILO vs Kind Atheist

MILO vs Kind Atheist

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brendan balanced says:

I love this guy, but science came from Romans, and Catholics passed through Roman culture.

Firestar123 says:

Science explains that love is merely a chemical reaction in the brain, and religion/spirituality tries to romanticise this.

Anthony Perez says:

Can't say I agree with milo here

79uhakaoT says:

I agree with nothing that questioner said, I have looked into a bit of what Milo has said. But that guy was so f-ing respectful! He didn’t interrupt unless I missed a few seconds cause I was washing the dishes and had it playing next to me, but every time I looked HE looked at Milo, kept his mouth shut and accepted everything Milo had. THAT is the kind of people I want to have a discussion with. The kind of people I would love to share my lecture theatres and bus stops and even bars with. Although ideal, you don’t have to find common ground, but you do have a sort of moral obligation for the sake of society to at least try. Milo probably never changed this guy’s mind, but they both come away enlightened and have things to research in their own time.

Herr Wagnerianer says:

All of that doesn't make the claims of religious true, though, but that's the only thing that matters.

Nathan Frey says:

I love how Milo recognized the question as soon as I think it became clear. Took a while for the guy to spit it out.

friend form long ago says:

Nope, don't have reason and scrutiny anywhere near religion because then it's a little hard for the anti God side to he the smart side…which is all it matters because the anti God side doesn't need to be right it just needs to sound d smart…

Anthony M says:

Christianity produced science? Ancient Greece would beg to differ.

Jason Cougar says:

Na with or without God gay is wrong. It goes aginst every living things purpose of reproduction.

Miss Piggie says:

From the first few seconds, you can tell this guys was going to try to sneak something in like a snake, for fuck sake

SilentSk8er says:

Alright I'm a christian. Which idiotic athiest wants to tell me God doesn't exist

J4YB1RD says:

I could say something political, but this is much more important. Just what in God’s name is Milo wearing? He looks like he ran out of clothes!

Huxxy says:


The L.A. Explorer says:

God is the foundation for reasoning. Christianity is the only worldview that can ACCOUNT for universal, immaterial laws of morality, science, and LOGIC.

Tell me, according to an atheist worldview, how can you JUSTIFY an immaterial/universal law in a universe made up of matter?


Ignorant atheists are the saddest of all who are devoutly religious. This fool thinks that the Bible was written by God. I'll bet you anything he is an ex Moose Limb. They believe the Quran is the verbatim word for word transcription of sentences spoken by God and then copied down by a companion of Muhammad who could read and write.


Group think attracts the low IQ, lazy thinkers and cowards. Why bother going against the crowd if you might have to back up your position with facts and/or have the capability to deal with negative responses ?
If you have a spine or the ability the answer is because you don't suffer fools.

ZilchNilton says:

I guess Milo likes Christianity because he gets to be the bride of Christ at the end.

Joshua Eaton says:

I think you were both being very respectful to each other. This is the type of conversation that Milo should be engaging in. When you put all of the vulgarity aside and speak with logic and reason my low is much easier to get along with and for people to understand his point

john johnson says:

The religion thing is one of the big disagreements i have with Milo and Shapiro. I agree with MOST of Shapiro and Milo's views but i just can't wrap my head around the suspension of critical thinking from such intelligent people.

Adam Stevens says:

Even if reason was a product of Catholicism, which I don’t think it was, that doesn’t mean that Catholicism can be a product reason.

Cosmic Puke says:

You don't need to be an atheist to be a genius.

Rando Lander says:

his answer to how Christianity can be arrived at with logic and reason is to say Islam is stupid. Genius.

HoopLah clunk says:

i bet 90% of the atheists got triggered even before watching the video lol

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