My Near Death Experience ~ IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH?

My Near Death Experience ~ IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH?
My Death Experience, Is there Life after Death, Did I know what was happening? Heaven Hell, Bargaining, What Happens when we die?



Team JESUS says:

You sister!!!! you are a true Miracle ❤

Ken McCain says:

Nearly 8 years ago I asked God to help me grow. What he gave me was my health issues, unemployment, a sick wife who had a stroke, and struggling children. Each experience stretched me, giving me experience. I never stopped praying, never stopped going to church, never stopped reading the Bible. It was extremely rough for a long time. I cried a lot, but never gave up. Helpful people from church helped me greatly, helping to get my home and yard looking good again. Then a year and a half ago, two days before Christmas I had a wonderful dream. I dreamed I was in heaven. I saw an angel who approached me and gave me an embrace. Words can't describe the love I felt. Directly behind me was a bright light which I now believe was Jesus himself, his light engulfing the three of us. After the experience I asked him why I didn't realize it was him behind me. He told me because he wouldn't have ever missed it and that he was proud of me. When I heard those words I wept like a baby. I am no longer sad and can't wait to enter his presence. I am now free and have no more pain, mentally or otherwise. I do listen to an awful lot of christian music whenever I get the chance because it reminds me of my special experience. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Ken McCain says:

He is my Prince, my Mighty Warrior and my God, and all of the above for you and humanity also. thanks for sharing. It was beautiful.

Befikir Ephrem says:

3 days is the same time Jonah was in the whale, Jesus in the heart of the earth. God Bless u 🙂

goldy digger says:

It's not that i don't believe these stories if a lot of people have a near death experience
at the same time how can we see or speak to god at the same time?

jmwalker323 says:

Prince of Peace

Melissa Rosario says:

Amazing story

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