My Testimony (how I became a born again Christian and my walk in purity)

My Testimony (how I became a born again Christian and my walk in purity)

This is a very personally video for me, but I am more than happy to share it with you! My goal in life is to please, serve, and bring glory to God the Creato…



Hannah C says:

He sure is!

ScottyBeelieves says:

amen Hannah!! beautiful story thanks for sharing. God is Good isn’t he?
feel free to also check out my testimony 🙂

Amir Rosli says:

If i do any wrongdoings like stealing or lying i will have sin, I should ask forgiveness and repent to not do the wrongdoings again with God. God is all forgiving and Merciful. If I do good deeds then I will be rewarded. We will enter heaven or hell base on our actions and faith in God while living on earth. please read the Quran the last revelation by God and do a video of what you think. Thank you.

Hannah C says:

Wether you believe it or not, it is the truth. God sent His son to Earth to die for our sins so that we don’t have to. Blood is required to forgive sins and I am so thankful that Jesus gave His blood to cover my sins! I have the assurance of Heaven! I pray that you will come to be saved as well!

Amir Rosli says:

We muslims also believe in God. God is one, unique, All Mighty and Powerful.
but Jesus was not begotten son of God or he himself God. God should’n have weakness, get hungry, thirsty, feel pain, and cannot be killed. we also don’t believe he died for other’s sin. We believe Jesus is wonderful man, a prophet sent by Allah (God) like abraham, moses, muhammad.. Appreciate you read the quran which have additional info about God, Jesus and Lady Mary mother of Jesus and tell us what you think.

john doe says:

Love this.

AndreaLee356 says:

Loved hearing your testimony, and thanks for sharing your faith journey with us!! The Joy of Christ shines thru you! 🙂

Korina Froese says:

Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate your openness, it’s very encouraging, God bless you for that

Hannah C says:

I have done different things in the past. Currently I am reading out of the Jon Courson Application Commentary Bible. I like it because the scripture is in bold print and the commentary comes right after it. So you will read a couple of verses and then read the commentary; it flows nicely. I am also trying to get into the habit of reading the daily Proverb 🙂

LVG4GOD says:

I love you videos 🙂
I was wondering.. when you have your daily devotional time, do you have a certain devotional book you use that tells you what to read (as a giude) or do you just pick out what you are gonna read in the bible each day.

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