My Testimony (How Jesus saved me from a demon)

My Testimony (How Jesus saved me from a demon)

“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of t…



Missy Crabtree says:

So happy to have you as a brother in Christ, if your looking for a Christian friend you can look me up on fb under Missy Crabtree or my email is May God Bless You Always!

Nathalie Alburnus says:

Thank you. This is a true testimony, as all my own christian experiences tell me.

Sherly Massie says:

Greeting of peace,

On December 21, 2006, God revealed the truth that image or statue liken Jesus is idol! This truth is the key to open the prophecy of Act 17:29-31, now God commandeth all men everywhere to repent.

Then in the last of March 2009 through Act 17:29-31, God reveals His secret wisdom that hidden since centuries in the Scripture (Isa 45:3), the secret wisdom that therefore Christ died on the cross (1 Cor 2:7-8), an Evidence (John 18:37).

go to:

maginext says:

Hahaha. Bro this shit bogus

Karoke77 says:

Seek help or face our drones ~~~ATHEIST COALITION

Karoke77 says:

LOL You are an Atheist. Your mocking of the typical Christian way of thought is amusing. Thanks ^___^

JesusGaveMeNewSoul says:

What are you talking about? STOP judging me, judge your own sinful self. JESUS loves you, STOP lying to Him and yourself, STOP doing evil and REPENT form sins asking for the HOLY SPIRIT, your anxiety disorder will not get better until you ask for the HOLY SPIRIT and STOP Sinning…. you will HATE your LIFE More and more and the grief you are feeling now will only get worse, JESUS can free you, repent now.

Karoke77 says:

You are obviously an Atheist mocking Christians o_O Nobody is REALLY as stupid as you seem to be =P

JesusGaveMeNewSoul says:

YOU WILL DIE ONE DAY. YOU ARE EVIL. YOU know you are dark, evil and in love with evil… and cannot stop doing evil. You felt demons bugging you before, you still do, so STOP fearing and loving evil. ASK JESUS “IF YOU ARE REAL JESUS SHOW ME!!” SHOW ME AND I WILL FOLLOW YOU!! I DARE YOU JESUS TO COME TO ME! DO IT! AMEN!

ASK THIS 3 nights in a row…. come on bro, do this and prove me wrong, I dare ya!!

JesusGaveMeNewSoul says:

Why its you who is crazy…….. and you know it!

rattex1 says:

@moeez 1888 search “how to recive jesus” i could tell you the prayer of the gospel but it will be hard to do so, due to the mobile device iam using.

moeez1988 says:

What must I do to be saved? Christians will answer this question Biblically correct.

Karoke77 says:

You are an immature drunk. You are gonna teach me / preach? LOL

Karoke77 says:

Seek mental health help PLEASE!!!! O_O

JesusGaveMeNewSoul says:

Jesus showed me angels, heaven & hell, laugh it up jack, did you ask for the Holy Spirit from Him admitting you’re tired of being a slave to sin? Did you seek heaven to come upon you while reading diligently the Gospels not loving anything in the world walking a narrow tightrope while seeking this hidden treasure that only FEW will find, as it says. JESUS loves you, more than anything, ask Him to come to you now, to give you the knowledge of HIS reality, showing you what the Living Water is.

Brad Brandon says:

Powerful story, bro! It’s so good, I added it to a bunch of other Christian testimonies on our site to continue to let the world know about the power of Jesus! Check it out…

princess brown says:

Beautiful Testimony! I, too have a “True” Testimony, I shouldn’t be Alive, It’s on My channel if You’re Interested, or anyone Else!

ricowashington says:

Thank man for sharing

humptydumptypigman says:

wow….wasnt that scary?

SevenX70X says:

Thank you for your testimony! God Bless you!

Mark Strutten says:

/watch?v=5d7D_VJpQYI <------ Just heard this testimony and it moved me to tears! No Joking Around!!!

chevyrida813 says:

god bless you

nostalgiamelancolia1 says:

All I gotta say,folks,is that God,heaven,Satan and hell are real.many people out there don’t believe,but they will believe once they depart from this earth and meet either with Jesus or Satan,and they’re better be sure they meet with Jesus because if they don’t,they’ll be in big trouble,and Jesus won’t be there to get them out of trouble because they never knew Jesus.

Michael Sifuentes says:

I used to be an athiest too but reading the bible and watching the TBN channel helps me keep my mind on track. Pray for help from God and dont give up.

RandyDarkforest says:

Great my brother I needed this testimony, you stay strong, you inspired me!! thank you.

AstraTurbo2008 says:

Great to hear brother that you have found Jesus. Stay strong!

themsfightinwoids says:

So if you believe in the right god (the 3-in-one perfect loving and merciful god of the bible that is undetectable and often represented by sleazy pervs or con men) then you get to live forever in a celestial theme park, squealing and doting over Jeebuz for all eternity. If you don’t believe in the right god, then he/they get really pissed and send you to a lake of fire where your screams are heard even in the theme park, forever.
Sign me up, dude! Where do I send my money?

Jere9my9uh says:

It hurts me so bad to hear people cursing about God.. I need help though.. I believe he showed me he is real (I used to be atheist) I just need help being more obedient I’m scared I will go to hell

Luisa Mongoy says:

The video cut .. in the middle so i didnt get the full testimony however. Praise GOd!

bigfamily7718 says:

I’m glad you realized God was calling you closer! God Bless! 🙂

wdarryl1 says:

Keep jesus by your side,an never close your eyes,when jesus show you a sign”he will save your soul,an bless your spirit,an let you know your his son to the end of time.

freecounselingonline says:

I am a minister 49, in Texas. There are demons far worse than discussed in this video. I have performed exorcisms. Repent son.

Christian Kelly says:

Ha. Thanks for the laugh.

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