Near Death Experience Is There Life After Death? [FULL VIDEO]

Near Death Experience Is There Life After Death? [FULL VIDEO]

There are many possible components to near-death experiences (NDEs). The fact that many of these components are unique to NDEs and can be found many NDEs is evidence that NDEs are not merely random hallucinations or dreams. However, not all NDEs have all these components; and not every component can be found in all NDEs. Generally speaking, the more transcendental an NDE is (or the longer the experiencer is near-death), the more it will have these components.

A near-death experience (NDE) is a personal experience associated with impending death, encompassing multiple possible sensations including detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of a light.

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J Walk says:

Many of the NDE's are manipulated by malevolent Beings. There is no death. It's a transition from the soul leaving the body and finding the next suitable on depending on your Karma you create. Also, this is a prison planet. We keep reincarnating on this planet until we unlearn the conditioning to not go towards the light. The light is the trap by malevolent Beings to zap your memory of past lives before sending you back to Earth. Turn your back on the light.

Jade Haggerty says:

I literally JUST watched Miracles from Heaven. It's about a little girl who had a near death experience.

Eddie Seymour says:

My goodness Critical Point. Calling other people idiots because of "empirical evidence". That is so one way. So, I'll just join the other 10 million people and come to the conclusion that you're a close minded idiot. Nah nah! Sounds childish doesn't it, Critical Point?

firas zuriekat says:

is there any message that encourage us to become vegetarians and extra kind to animals. love to hear from the other side.

trovid1 says:

its sad that she not have a memory like a NDE explorier, she is changing the stories from intervju to intervju :(

Habtamu Kassahun says:

critical point:- how does the mind brought message from the other realm to our world to people other than NDErs, how does a mind brought feature events happening the future, how does a mind play with people by telling true but unknown information for third party… NDEers telling us information from the spiritual world not today but so many years ago

Michał Opalinski says:

co za ..gady!! fejki jak siemasz!

Critical Point says:

Illusions generated by a brain in crisis. It is all very easily explained but people are just to dumb to figure it out. You people are stupid, really, really stupid.

Professor Polymath says:

I notice the audience is all older people. Young people don't think about death.
Funny how people wait till the end of life to give death a thought. If that paradigm were reversed, young people might live more meaningful lives instead of waiting to the 9th inning to have their "ah-ha" moment. Not much you can do with this wisdom in the 9th inning of life. How much better it would be to have this wisdom in the 2nd inning of life.

Mark Hanson says:

intresting in a few days im haveing major surgery yes cool very good thanks

Trish Dimmitt says:

I believe in this

Cassie R. Henderson says:

interesting stuff

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