Need a Breakthrough? Fasting is the Answer!

Need a Breakthrough?   Fasting is the Answer!

Fasting is a powerful tool in the Christian’s Spiritual Warfare arsenal. Do you need healing? Are you praying for someone’s salvation? Need a word from the Lord? Fasting is how you make…



M Rodriguez says:

I have never fasted before but use to watch my grandma do it. It worked for
her so I got to thinking. I have an addiction and no matter how hard I try
to stop doing it I have trouble and just get worse. So I remembered my
grandma and I really want to follow Jesus and be ready spiritually for the
warfare that is ahead. I love the Lord and I do have a personal
relationship with him, he loves me very much and because of his love I want
to surrender my all for him and pick up my cross. PLEASE Help me, how many
days should I fast and what do I read of the word. What book in the bible?
Do I speak in tongues or regular prey. If anyone knows the answers to my
questions please tell me. Thank you and God Bless you I felt this video was
perfect for me. bye

We r One says:

I pray and fast regularly. I’m not saying I do it perfectly but I’ve found
that you have to obey some basic rules that firecharger is talking about

1. Plan ahead and prepare for the fast. Find the spot where you will
pray. Plan on the water you’ll drink. I’m not kidding. Will you be
drinking tap water, purified water or distilled water?
2. Obey your body. If your body runs out of electrolytes you’ll feel
pretty awful and tired. How will you replace them? Juice and broth works
but (real) MAPLE SYRUP mixed with warm water works best. If you’re sick,
don’t fast.
3. Purge your body from the past. What I mean is that fasting is a way of
separating yourself from your old life, habits and thought patterns. A
good way of doing this is helping your body expel (or empty out) the
colon. Drink a lot (of water). Walk a lot. Pray a lot. You’d be surprised
how much you digestive system dominates your life.
4. If you fail, don’t worry. Expect set backs and LEARN from them. You
are not perfect. Nobody is! Use setbacks as a learning opportunity and
change your strategy next time.
5. Eat at least 2 protein meals the day before the fast. This advice is
mostly for beginners. Protein digests more slowly than carbs (rice,
potatoes, yams, etc…) and will keep hunger pangs away on the first fast
day. Don’t include carbs in your protein meal! I’m not saying to stuff
yourself with huge slabs of meat the day before! Eat sensibly. Chicken
breast with a salad is a good idea.
6. Shut off the world for a while. Create a private environment that’ll
help you quiet your mind and get in touch with your spirit and the
Creator. Turn off the TV, the phone, radio, the internet and all your
social media gadgets. Don’t let anyone bother you for a while. It’ll all
be there when you get back. I promise!
7. Break the fast with a SMALL MEAL. If the fast went on for 2 days or
more then your digestive system may have shut down. You need to restart it
GENTLY! Fish and a salad is a good idea.

This is my own personal advice to you based on my own personal experience.
As far as I know there is no right or wrong way to fast and pray. Please
don’t let anyone lecture you on this subject. I encourage you to find the
way that is best for you.
May God guide you!

Jesus' bride says:

wow, I really needed this video! It is like a confirmation from the Lord
that what I need is fasting!!!
I need healing, and I need the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I don’t know how
to pray, I have to find out God’s will for me and I have to love God more
and many problems more!
I am confident that fasting will help me to solve these problems!

Red Spaniard says:

I am a 38 year old hard working man, and I am so sick and tired of living
with an anxiety disorder and having a spirit of fear constantly! I have
suffered 15 years of my life as a Christian with panic attacks and I pray
everyday and every night for God to please look down on me and heal
me…..this problem is causing some strains now in my family life because
they have always seen me as a confident man , and I feel that every time
that I am getting better,the devil throws another “anxiety bomb” in my
face worse than what I had dealt with before…It seems that if one
anxiety does not work.. he does his best to find another chink in my armor
! Despite my relationship with Jesus….I feel tormented with fear thoughts
and dread about something bad that could happen to me or someone I love and
common people….I have a loving relationship with a good Christian
woman…and she really understands me well..but I can’t put her through
this in our future marriage. I am getting to the point where I don’t care
about anything else in this world and just spend some time with God right
now…. I don’t care about what I saw on TV last night, or what is
happening in politics, or what my favorite college football team is going
to do this year….I don’t care about these worldly things right now
because I am spiritually tired ! I am very seriously considering this
fasting and praying! I need to be healed of these things because I know
that God does not intend anyone to live with a head full of irrational
fears! I want a closer relationship and walk with my creator God! Thank you
for this inspiring message and may God keep blessing you!

MyJamie says:

And i have to say, its the the hardest thing ive ever done

Ryan Locklear says:

Can you fast to quit the smoking habit

clutch318money says:

thanks man

Cortney Birt says:

Can you do a fast if you’re on medications?

Maureen OLeary says:


Web wizard says:

very resourceful

Melanie Renee says:

Thanks for sharing. Fasting is different for many, the scriptures you
shared are helpful and the reasons why we should fast, you covered pretty

MyJamie says:

Hi, thanks for your Message. Ive Fastet 40 Days last yeah and i experience
so mutch healing.

mike kurasiewicz says:

Bro, ty for sharing this. When you conveyed about your 2week fasting was it
pure water fast or did you have pulse during this spiritual process like

Anthony Borgoyari says:

Thank you brother! I believe the Lord led me to watch your video, I have
been praying for numerous breakthrough in my life and your advice inspires
me to truly seek Him with all my mind, spirit, soul and strength.

skyflowers says:

I fasted to be forgiven, praise God, He did! From greivious sin! Now im
fasting to be delivered from, well, demons. Lol…

My motivation is correct, becuz its to make me break sin habits to be
effective for God. But, i have no one to help and pray for me. I feel the
demons, but they don’t come out.

Also, after a short fast, i recieved the gift of tongues. I tested the
Spirit. So folks, yes!! Fasting works! God honors it. I guess my next step
would be fasting until theres a break-through. This demons DO NOT want to
go, but Jesus is bigger than them. Blessed.

Ryan Locklear says:

I’m having difficult time understanding it all so fast and don’t smoke?

TheTripstraps says:

I am not a practicing Christian, it just comes from our past. in our
country our grandparents were mostly rural people and they killed their
teir last pig for Christmas. that meant that for spring there just was no
more meat left. also it was too early for chickens to give eggs and cows to
give milk. so phasting was not a choice… but actualy that makes sense for
nowerdays, its good to eat little bit more light after winter, clean the
body while the nature starts to come out of snow and will wake up once
again… that makes also sense for non christians

bridget kyei says:

God bless you brother ! I learned a lot

Zaahida Ansari says:

thankyou please put more videos Godblessyou :)

ladyspain says:

Thanks for the encouragement.

Rose Andray says:

Thank you for sharing!! May God bless you!

Jenny Washington says:

Hello, can y’all please pray for me. I just turned 29 and am married with
two beautiful small children. I have been very sick since February 2013.
First, two episodes of pancreatitis where I was hospitalized for weeks.
Then had gallbladder removed in April of 2013 because that is what caused
the pancreatitis. Every since then, I deal with 24/7 crippling back pain.
It never stops. It feels as if someone is squeezing and burning my insides.
I also recently had two surgery for endometriosis as it was growing on
several organs. But this did not stop the pain either. I can’t hardly take
care of my 3 and 7 year old. I pray for healing all the time. I also went
before my church for prayers of healing. I didn’t grow up in church, as my
family didn’t attend, and just recently formed a real relationship with The
Lord. All prayers are appreciated. Thanks in advance. God bless!

Dee Chaney says:

Hahaha I loved the ending. Thank you for this message. May god bless you

TheWhislerTeam says:

Thank you for the inspiration!

Peter Van Bysteren says:

“Serve the Lord and then seek the tools to be equipped for service. Jesus
ROCKS. Ha ha!” I really like what you said there.

Josh Amburn says:

Thank you for this video

Texmex89 says:

Explain a hunger strike and fasting ???

Trisha Perry says:

I need to be restored spiritually. I feel flesh is over powered and I want
Jesus. I was baptized and holy spirit filled in 1991. I am praying and
fasting for the Lord to deliver me from willful sin. tired of being this
way and want power and love. Please pray and give me some advice. Thanks

swood0110 says:

Thank you so much for this video I really want my relationship with God
back every time I fast I always feel spiritually closer to God I’ve been
fighting a lot of demons and I need this… God Bless U 

Eternal Odyssey says:

how long between each small fast?

phantom2k10 says:

i needed this

gigthejig says:

I enjoyed every moment of your video brother!

kimberly j says:

I havent been baptized by water but if I fast will it still count ? 

warwick170 says:

Praying and fasting is a powerful tool God has provided for his children

Toni Parker says:

Very humble & sincere video… thank you & awaiting the next one of yours.

David Trujillo says:

This is a great vid thank you for sharing. God Bless

arnibah vanst says:

Jesus said we would do greater works than Him.So the Power that He had is
the Power we will have if we submit to His Way.

Richie Lopez says:

Acts 2:38.. thewordprophet channel on YouTube for teaching on the word of
God. please share 

juggerhaulic says:

I had coffee this morning but I’m gonna give it a try anyways…. Only
water now on…. Gonna try 24 hours

Cheney Alex says:

is it wrong, that when I fast I drink only liquids and I mean any kinds of
liquids (but not bad liquids/ alcohol ) like, water, sodas and juices, 

Pramila Thapa says:
Lucinda Castillo says:

This is soooo awesome! Like the best video EVER!

darrick fast says:

nice!!! Jesus rocks

Mandy Kasson says:

I hope it is understood that fasting is not required to be sanctified.
Fasting is a personal decision that should be made on an individual basis
in times of distress. I’ll quote John MacArthur from his website on
“The Scriptures sanctify us. We are transformed by the renewing of our
mind, not the restriction of our diet.

The Law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul (Psalm 19:7).

Sanctify them in the truth, Your Word is truth (John 17:17).

All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof,
for correction, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may
be adequate, equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Don’t look for external fasting to do for you what God has appointed the
Scriptures to do. Fasting is not designed to put righteous desires into
you; it’s meant to be a means to express urgent desires that already exist.
Fasting is an effect of a spiritual urgency, not the cause of it.”

Also, evidence from scripture and history indicates that the gift of
tongues has ceased.

pray714 says:

thank you for your video, Praise God!

Custom Viewier says:

Really great message, I haven’t been fasting much and never really
understood how to effectively fast. This made it clear bro! Praise God

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