Neil de Grasse Tyson on the afterlife. Very moving.

Neil de Grasse Tyson on the afterlife.  Very moving.


mr zed says:

We will all be killed by death. No one gets out alive.

Sean Collins says:

eternal life or reincarnation does not counter what he said, regardless if its a one time gig or an eternal one we should all do our best to make a difference in a positive way.

AcidGlow says:

Fascinating. ✅😎

Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead says:

Neil Snake in the grass Tyson

Jim John says:

To all of the people saying consciousness is not dependent on brain functioning.. I don't understand. Why do people think there is some mystical quality that makes us so special? And please don't give me the "energy can't be created or destroyed" Energy isn't equivalent to consciousness.

JOEB955 says:

When you ask a scientist a spiritual question!!! I would ask Tyson if he has a soul and watch the bewilderment on his face

Lightbringer says:

Unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to achieve, such as someone born in a war-torn country, a handicap, or an incurable illness. The idea to live forever will always outweigh the idea to die for me.

Austin Jantz says:

I hate larry

Brian Willis says:

Wow. What an intricate design we have. Praise God

Skiller Cruz says:

I had a good lol. Neil De Grasse Tyson has explained death the same exact way that I do almost word for word except I preface his do you remember thing before you were alive with "the matter that comprises you right now came into being 13.1 billion years ago. do you remember the time you were in the center of a star? the time you drifted as a suspended mist through the cosmos for a billion years? the time you were in the center of a star again? Nope. do you remember being the corn your mom ate while she was pregnant that eventually assimilated itself into you? After that careful arrangement called the human body no longer supports consciousness, IT NO LONGER SUPPORTS CONSCIOUSNESS. Your matter rides it out in various other "roles" until the death of all matter in this universe. afterlife fags are really reaching I swear

Allen Cohen says:

Religious people have deluded themselves into believing there is a heaven and a hell, etc.  Whether there is or not, is not material.  What is important in my most humble opinion, and it is just my opinion, is what we do every day that makes this life worthwhile, each and every day, and makes us wish to begin anew each day !

Rom cas says:

Mr. tysoon theres always nothing wrong with the words hope and faith is part of hope thats why when i die i hope that the promise of God will come true to the believer…

The Foxy Irish Canuck says:

Lol this comment section is full of people who don’t fear death yet have never even remotely experienced it or anything close to it 😂😂😂

Michael Davis says:

Thank you for this.

yo gotti says:

except the cycle makes no sense because there's no meaning to it. you're not correct Neil if you were smart you wouldn't waste your miniscule amount of time talking to a retard in suspenders.

and he fears not accomplishing things that don't matter…

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